Continued growth in Saskatchewan's building permits is one more sign of the economy's strength said Trade and Export Development Minister, Jeremy Harrison.

The value of building permits in the province increased by 38% year over year, reaching $178 million in May 2022, that's a jump of 38.2%, seasonally adjusted, compared to May of 2021, and an increase of 2.8%, seasonally adjusted, from April of 2022.

Also in May 2022, residential building permits grew by 48.2% compared to May of 2021 and non-residential permits were up 26.2% during that period.

Saskatchewan has also led the country in a number of other key economic indicators.

In April 2022 month to month retail trade grew by 1.4% and year over year wholesale trade increased by 29.4%, both of which are the highest increases among the provinces.

In March 2022 year over year manufacturing sales rose 44.6%, also the highest increase among the provinces.

Trade and Export Development Minister, Jeremy Harrison, says the growing economy, combined with significant private sector investments are creating jobs and opportunities for Saskatchewan people.