Wednesday night community meals are back for another year at the Salvation Army Church in Swift Current.

Arlene McKenzie is the meal coordinator and says ESL students, including those from Ukraine, will be volunteering at it to give back and thank the community for being so welcoming to them.

"It is a class that is taught by Candice Fontaine Horning and she is a regular volunteer with the army she was volunteering one night and said this would be a fantastic opportunity for her class of students from Ukraine to come because they want to give back to the community in some way."

In addition, McKenzie went on to say, 

"We've had three or four students who were at the meal last week, maybe just to get a feel of what it was like and they seemed to enjoy the meal. So, we are excited for this and were going to do some extra decorating in the colors of their flag and make them feel welcome."

McKenzie says the community meal program is free and open to absolutely everyone who'd like to attend.