Mother Nature appears to have ordered up a toasty long weekend for southwestern Saskatchewan.

Daytime highs starting today and spanning until at least Tuesday are expected to be 31 C or warmer according to Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Natalie Hasell, a warning preparedness meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, said the warmer weather can be attributed to a high-pressure system moving into the region.

"Once it's over you, you're going to be in it for a while," she said. "Nighttime temperatures don't get much cooler than 14 or 15 C, so we can expect an extended period of heat."

A heat warning could be on the agenda for the southwest, with the required maximum temperature at 32 C and a minimum low of 16 C for multiple days well in play.

"Everyone is affected by heat," she said. "There are however members of the population that are at greater risk when we talk about heat events, these people include the elderly, children, pregnant women, those who work outside, and people who exercise in the outdoors."  

Even a potential brief rain shower tonight or tomorrow in the Swift Current area won't budge temperatures much.

"That isn't much of a system to really change the air circulation so the ridge will slightly dissipate and then re-establish itself rather quickly," she said.

The warm and dry conditions could also increase the risk of grass and wildfires.

"This is probably a good time not to light any fires," she said. "Furthermore, there is an increased risk of forest fires."