Travellers heading out on Highway Four can soon make use of a new cardlock option when refueling. 

Pioneer Co-op has announced that they have started work on their newest card lock location at their Springs Drive location, just off the northbound length of Highway Four in Swift Current. 

Construction is currently underway and slated to finish this fall. 

Ed Saufert, energy division manager for Pioneer Co-op, is excited to give card lock users an option in Swift Current aside from the one off the westbound end of the Trans-Canada Highway. 

"This way here, whenever these trucks or the guys bringing in their grain and going to the elevator just east of town, don't have to come all the way out to the West side of town," said Saufert. "It's just going to make it convenient, even for the people in town when the other card lock is busy."

Since the beginning, when it opened in 2022, the plan for the Springs Drive Co-op has included a cardlock. With its completion later this year, the service station will include regular self-serve and full-service pumps, an automatic car wash, a liquor store, the regular convenience store, and card lock pumps.