With everything that happened over Labour Day weekend across Saskatchewan, a lot of folks are concerned.

With fires breaking out in Cypress Hills and near Waldeck, a massive car crash along the Trans-Canada Highway, and a spree of knife attacks up north in the James Smith Cree Nation area, it was a stressful weekend for many people.

Swift Current Mayor, Al Bridal, addressed the events of the weekend at the end of last night's city council meeting.

"These murders and the attacks up in the James Smith Cree Nation by one or two brothers, we're not sure which, has rather shaken me and I think shaking quite a few people in Saskatchewan," said Bridal.

Bridal revealed that he had called the Mayor of Melfort, Glenn George, and discussed the possibility of the remaining suspect possibly hiding in his city. Bridal spoke about how he believed it important that it's understood that there is solidarity between people during these times. That while people can't do much from so far away, they can still offer hope and prayers for those affected.

"We feel a great sense of loss for the ten lives taken for no reason," said Bridal. "Other than someone was in a, I don't know, a drug-crazed state? Who knows what it was, but I just would like those people in the James Smith Cree Nation to understand how much it does matter to us."

Bridal also spoke about how it seems like there has been a lot of senseless crime, with things being crazy the last few days. The shooting in Spiritwood yesterday, and reports of gunfire in Lloydminster and down east in Maidstone.

"I just wanted to make those comments and thank the RCMP for putting their life on the line," said Bridal. "Texting with the mayor of Melfort, he said their EMS was out too and their firefighters made quite a community effort so you need to keep them in your thoughts and prayers and as a community, we need to do that."