While 2022 was full of success for the provincial government, they are already looking ahead to 2022.

For Swift Current MLA, Everett Hindley, last year's exit from the pandemic and many steps ahead with mental health infrastructure in the southwest is paving the way into 2023.

"We, as a provincial government, have made record investments into the area of mental health," said Hindley. 

Hindley noted that over the last couple of years, the provincial government has put forward nearly half a billion dollars into developing mental health supports here in Saskatchewan.

"Some days you look at it and you wonder if that's enough because there continues to be increased pressure in that area," shared Hindley. "We're going to continue to do that."

In 2022, Saskatchewan's population grew to over 1.2 million people. Hindley thinks that number can continue to blossom, helping to push Saskatchewan even higher.

"We're going to continue trying to encourage growth in this province, both economically and from a population side of things," stated Hindley. "That means we have an increased tax base that allows us to provide and support the programs, services, and infrastructure that people in this province count on."

As for projects, the government's continued implementation of the 'Health and Human Resources Plan' is a keynote for Hindley in the coming year. With a budget of $60 million, the plan seeks to incentivize and train healthcare workers across the province.

"That includes in Swift Current and southwest Saskatchewan," noted Hindley. "We've created more permanent full-time jobs in the healthcare system, but there's more work that has to be completed, and that is underway right now as we speak."

In 2023, they will continue to develop a new 'Health and Human Resource Agency' that will help to address hiring and staffing challenges in rural and remote communities in Saskatchewan. 

"You'll see more announcements in the weeks and months ahead when it comes to health, human resources, and expanding healthcare supports right across this province," said Hindley. "That includes here in our city."