Local band Tombstone Whiskey is getting ready to rock the house down tomorrow night at its debut album release party. 

Swift Current residents can see the quartet shred at Lucky Charlie’s starting at 9 p.m. featuring vocals from Darrin Schwartz, Mike Zacharias, on drums, Brad Podolski on bass, and new this year on the guitar Kevin Steinley.  

“Obviously we're going to play the album,” Schwartz said. “But we're going to play a variety of other original tunes we wrote, as well as a bunch of covers to end the night out for people to dance to and have some fun.” 

The four-track EP Devil All the Time consists of haunting lyrics paired with catchy melodies and rhythms that will get listeners’ heads banging.  

To celebrate their creation’s introduction to the world, the party will have multiple merchandise options available. 

When asked about his favourite aspect of live performance, Steinly said, “For myself, and probably for all the rest of the guys too, it's just the interaction between the four of us. Plus, the feedback from the crowd. It energizes us, puts us in a really good mood and makes us want to perform our best.” 

The four-man-band said they’re extremely grateful for the local community’s support thus far in their musical career. 

Listen to their new album on all streaming platforms and get familiar with the lyrics to sing along tomorrow night.


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