The Swift Current Skating Club is making their grand return to the ice with the 2023 Ice Show. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to witness axel jumps, lutz jumps, and more after a long, three-year hiatus. 

Stephanie Steinley, treasurer for the Swift Current Skating Club, said despite not being able to put on a show for several years, the skaters haven’t stopped developing their skills. 

“Our kids have been working really hard all year long, getting ready for this and they're so excited about just getting back onto the ice and showing everybody what they've been learning over the past few years,” she elaborated. 

The Ice Show will feature music from the ‘SING’ movies as well as follow a cohesive storyline. The songs and costumes to each performance will tell another piece of the story.  

“We have a script that goes along with it, so there's a storyline that we outline, that we've got somebody reading in between those skaters getting ready to get on the ice,” she continued. “So, there's a whole story to it and we’ve never done this before. This is very different than anything we've ever done in the past.  

“Normally we just have a theme, and we pick different songs, and everyone goes out there and skates, but this year, we actually have a storyline to follow along to.” 

Steinley added that this is the first time the show will be able to take place since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Three years ago, we got shut down the day before our carnival,” she stated. “We had our dress rehearsal and then that was as far as it went. So, we are really, really looking forward to getting back out there and doing our thing.” 

This year's ice show will also feature a special appearance from Damien Bueckert 

“He skates with team Saskatchewan and has competed all across Canada,” she explained. and he's just an amazing men's skater. And we're so lucky to have him coming out here and looking forward to having him come out here.” 

Bueckert will perform two solos and a duet with Swift Current skater, Rylee Finlay, who also skates with Team Sask. 

Young caucasian female Swift Current skater, Rylee Finlay.

The show begins at 2:00 p.m., on Sunday at the InnovationPlex. 

Admission is five dollars, while individuals 15 and under are free.