As the scorching heat soared to 33 degrees Celsius on Friday, residents in Swift Current rallied together to come to the need of the local SPCA. 

Just before ten o’clock in the morning on Friday, employees at the shelter took to social media to make an urgent plea after the air conditioning units in the dog area and three back cat rooms failed to work. 

Sara Fillion, Operations Manager at the Swift Current SPCA, said within a few hours of reaching out to the public and asking for fans to help keep the animals cool, the doors were flooded with people eager to assist. 

“It was almost 30 degrees, so we posted on Facebook and the community came together quite fast,” she stated.  “We got about 15 fans donated within about two hours. So, that was really, really awesome.” 

Later in the day, Chinook Refrigeration was able to repair the air conditioning at the shelter. 

Fillion added that it is an incredible feeling to know that the community is always willing to come together to support the SPCA. 

“Our community is just amazing,” she expressed. “They pull through when we need it the most, they're always so supportive and they're always just right there for us. So, it's really appreciated.”