Recent Swift Current graduate and two-time National Science Fair participant, Mapalo Mushoriwa, will be heading to the University of Toronto this coming fall.  

The ingenuity teenager won bronze earlier this year at the National Science Fair where she was offered scholarships to several other schools, totalling $6,000.

Mushoriwa decided against the other scholarships as she had already earned the University of Toronto National Scholarship, after being one of ten selected out of more than 900 candidates who applied for the scholarship.

"Residence, tuition, meal plan, incidence fees, everything is covered, I don't have to pay for anything except for textbooks when I get to university," she said, highlighting the full ride to university she achieved. 

The local graduate plans to spend the next four years studying for her bachelor's degree in forensic science at the University of Toronto before continuing to build on her education.

"The two pathways I'm looking at are forensic psychology and law," she noted. "Possibly double majoring in political science, finance, or business, then I'd go from there and either do my LSAT or go into my masters and then my PhD."

Mushoriwa is excited to see what the future holds, where her ambitions will take her, and continue working hard towards her goals.

"I've always been someone who tries super hard in school, it's sometimes gotten to the point where people told me to calm down," she added. "Everything I've been prioritizing has paid off."