In the most recent update to the province's Health Human Resources (HHR) Action Plan, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) announced the hiring of 11 new psychiatrists.  

The province recently issued offers to 17 individuals, 11 of whom have accepted the job positions and are undergoing licensure and immigration processes, according to A.G. Ahmed, provincial head of psychiatry for the SHA.

"We take the mental health of Saskatchewan citizens very seriously," he said. "Our goal is to make mental health and psychiatric care as close to home as possible, so accessibility of quality care is our main goal."

Two (of the 17) individuals have yet to finalize their answers and the remaining individuals have decided to look elsewhere for employment. Of the 11 confirmed to work in the province, two will be heading to the southwest. 

“We're hoping that very soon we're going to have two psychiatrists to join the psychiatrists that we have currently in Swift Current,” added Ahmed. “I cannot tell you specifically [when], because there are a lot of steps involved in this.”

The new psychiatrists are currently moving through the hiring and credential assessment and immigration process.