Holes were dug, seeds were planted, and knowledge was shared.

The annual Family Fun Day: Garden in a Box event took place at the Swift Current Branch Library over the weekend on Saturday.

During the event, families gathered at the library where they were first read "Plant the Tiny Seed" by Christie Matheson, a story about planting a garden before proceeding to the prepared baskets full of soil ready to be planted.

Manager of the Swift Current Branch Library, Connor Kurtz, helped oversee the many small hands making busy work within the soil. Kids ranging from the earliest years to their pre-teens were all participating in the learning experience.

"It's a wonderful program, Garden in a Box," commented Kurtz. "It's a chance for people to get their hands in the dirt with other members of their community and plant some things for the summer growing season."

The library started Garden in a Box back in 2016 but has been offering gardening programs for many years. Heading up the program and instructing the kids is Lorraine Flyn, one of the library assistants.

"She is a wonderful and valuable member of our staff," praised Kurtz. "She is the one who has led this program for the past while."

About 15 kids were in attendance for the day, along with parents and family. Together, they worked to plant carrots, cherry tomatoes, beans, and marigolds.

After planting was done, kids were able to decorate their basket with stickers and plant markers that they assembled themselves from pop sticks, cutouts, and craft supplies.

If you were unable to attend the Garden in a Box event, you can contact the library and ask about their upcoming events this summer like their Summer Reading Program coming in July and August.

"We're always looking for new patrons to sign up for cards and to enjoy the programs we'll be putting on here," assured Kurtz. "We're going to be bringing new, interesting, and innovative stuff here for the entire community of Swift Current and area to enjoy."