The City of Swift Current is moving towards a taxi rate hike taking effect in just over a month's time.

Amendments to the current taxi bylaw were brought forward at last night's city council meeting that would set the table for price increases to the distance taxis travel with customers.

Taxi rates in Swift Current have remained unchanged since 2014. According to Jackie Schlamp, Swift Current's City Clerk, that was just one of the reasons local taxi companies met with the City about pricing in September.

"Then we met again in October with council to bring forward their concerns surrounding the increase in expenses, general maintenance and repairs, fuel, and vehicle replacement costs," she said. 

Two increases have been proposed; for the 100-metre rate to move from $0.25 per to $0.30 starting December 1, 2023, and that rate to rise from $0.30 to $0.35 per 100-metres travelled come January 1, 2025.

"We were very cognizant when making the suggestions of the increase and this is directly reflected in that this increase will happen in two increments," she said. 

Now that the bylaw amendments have been addressed in council, they'll have their own say on the proposed rate changes during their November 13 meeting.

"If they decide that council wishes us to go back and do some more research on it, they can request that," she said. "I'm confident that given this has gone before council already and they've had the ability to discuss it, I'm confident that it will be passed."

Two rates that will stay unchanged are; the flat minimum rate of $4 per ride, and the waiting time charge set at $1 for each minute.

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