With the new year comes new changes at city hall.

The City of Swift Current will be looking for a new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) this year. The impending retirement of Tim Marcus, who has been serving in the role for the last seven years, has led the city to start looking for a replacement to fill the position.

Standing in for the time being as a temporary CAO will be Jim Jones, the general manager of community services for the City of Swift Current. In the past when Marcus has needed time off or was out with sickness, Jones has proven adept at filling the position on a temporary basis. 

Marcus is certain the Jones will do just fine in the role.

"I think city council needs to make a list of what it is they're looking for in a replacement," said Marcus. "Then that would be what they would recruit for. In the interim, Mr. Jones would be more than capable of looking after the position."

Working for the City of Swift Current, in one form or another for the last 23 years, Marcus has many memories of his time spent on city projects. His retirement comes on the heels of one of his bigger achievements for Swift Current, wherein he resolved a 15-year dispute with SaskPower.

"And getting the additional franchise area, which will serve the City well in the future, is definitely a highlight," continued Marcus. "It's been a long time coming."

In the end, Marcus will be happy to step back from the CAO office. After so many years, it's well-earned rest. At least, it would be.

"I have lots of work to keep me busy at home," laughed Marcus. "And people at my house seem to be making the list longer."