In the October 1 COVID-19 update issued by The Saskatchewan Health Authority, there are fourteen new COVID-19 cases reported in the province.

Of those fourteen new cases there is one is the North Central zone, one in the North East zone, five in the Central East zone, four in the Regina zone, two in the South West zone, and one in the South Central zone.

One case reported September 30 in the North East zone has been assigned to the North Central zone.

That brings the provincial total number of cases to 1,927, of which 144 are considered active.

There are two active cases in the South West zone.

There have been nine more recoveries today, bringing that provincial total to 1,759.

Seven people are in hospital, all are receiving inpatient care - four of those are in Saskatoon, one is in Regina and two are in the South West.

There have been twenty four COVID-19 related deaths so far in the province.

To date, there have been 193,006 COVID-19 tests performed in Saskatchewan.

And yesterday, there were 2,211 COVID-19 tests done.

Today's weekly report on Children and Youth, which reports on cases for children aged 0-19 years, reports that, for the week of September 21-27, there are a total of 34 active cases in the province.

Of those 34 active cases there was one in the Far North zone, six in the Central East zone, twenty two in the Saskatoon zone, three in the Regina zone, and two in the South East zone.