If you enjoy skating outside, be it playing hockey or gliding along, time is running out. 

Outdoor rinks in Swift Current will begin closing this Friday, with one already shut down for the season. 

Michael Newell, the parks manager for the City of Swift Current, revealed that at least one rink was already closed due to missing patches in the ice. 

"When we were out taking a look at them, the Southside rink has got asphalt showing on it," said Newell. "When we looked at some of the other rinks at Westside and Riverdene along the boards, you start seeing it when you step on the ice, and you have water coming up from below."

The Southside rink was closed yesterday due to the failing condition of the ice.

The warm weather that has been intermittent throughout the last month has wreaked havoc on the outdoor rinks in Swift Current. As temperatures have managed to climb up into single-digit positives, the rinks have had to weather the heat.

"We're getting the sun beating down, and we've got the ice warming up from below, and the ice is turning into water which basically quickens the melting process for the rink."

This Friday, March 10, will be the closing date for the remaining four outdoor rinks in Swift Current. Anyone who would like to get in one more session on the ice is welcome to do so but is encouraged to check the ice, making sure it is thick enough and not pocked with holes.