What will we think of today's world 50 years from now?

Well, the Kiwanis Club in Swift Current is hoping to help stoke the answer with the installation of their new time capsule.

In a joint effort with the City of Swift Current, the Kiwanis Club will be installing the time capsule at the new bike park being erected just outside the Elmwood Golf Course, bordering Riverdene Park.

The time capsule is being loaded with items from a variety of different perspectives and backgrounds. 

Elden Moberg, youth services co-chair for the Kiwanis Club, confirmed that there will be items pertaining to the club itself and its history, but there will also be items from the local schools. The five middle-year schools in Swift Current will be adding in various items that kids in the future will hopefully find interesting, as it will be the stuff their grandparents played with way back when.

Elden Moberg, youth services co-chair for Kiwanis ClubElden Moberg, youth services co-chair for Kiwanis Club. (photo courtesy of Elden Moberg)

"Fifty years down the road hopefully people will be able to look and get a sense of what things were like in 2022," said Moberg.

The capsule will be installed on August 14, when they unveil the new bike park. It was during the planning of the bike park that they decided it would be a good opportunity to ingrain some history into the site and have some fun with it.

In fact, the plan was to originally have both these projects completed back in 2021, when the Swift Current Kiwanis Club turned 100 years old. But, like many things, it was delayed due to COVID-19. Loading up the capsule with some historical club artifacts and pieces from the first century should be a nice surprise for the new members, 50 years from now.

"I think looking forward 50 years it'll be interesting to see what community service organizations look like," offered Moberg. "They've changed considerably over the past 50 years. Fifty years down the road, what will Kiwanis look like and what will community service organizations look like?" 

Suffice it to say, many members of the club now don't expect to be there for the opening, but for the few that are it is sure to be an exciting day, reliving all the moments that are contained inside.