Summertime means two things are certain. Barbeques are gonna be grillin', and bikes will be flying up and down the road as kids go to and from their various activities and shenanigans.

Deputy Fire Chief for the Swift Current Fire Department, Pete L'Heureux, was able to take the time to prove some warning and advice for these summertime staples, as both can lead to avoidable accidents if not properly conducted.

"This is the time of year when I start to see my barbeque maybe not running optimal, " commented L'Heureux. "[There's a] need to give it a good clean from last year.

Cleaning the carbon out of the barbeque, and making sure there isn't any debris that could spark a flame in the unit is a good way to ensure your burgers, brauts, and eyebrows remain un-singed.

"Get it ready for the season," directed L'heureux. "Make sure [the barbeque] get's moved away from the house, at least a little ways."

By moving the barbeque away from the house, you limit the risk of a kick up from the flames igniting your abode.

L'Heureux continued his advice for the summer months with some tips for motorists who maybe aren't used to seeing motorcycles and bicycles out on the roads and alleyways.

"Just a reminder, we are seeing lots of people on the pathways, out and about," offered L'heureux. "Watch out for cyclists, young and old."

The Deputy Fire Chief also stressed the importance of awareness at crosswalks. A kid on a bike might be chatting to his friends, and proceed into a crosswalk without first making sure that there is no traffic.

"Both cyclists and motorcyclists are out and about," reinforced L'heureux. "Keep an extra eye open."

If you or someone you know has a child who will be out there this summer on their bike, it's important to make sure they know how to remain safe. Ensuring they wear a helmet and know the hand signs for interacting with traffic is a great way to help them and others stay safe.

If you have any questions about if your barbeque is safe or have questions about its operation, you can give the Swift Current Fire Department a call at ((306) 778-2760). The same things go if you or your child have any questions about bike safety.