Southwest Saskatchewan has experienced a range of extreme weather recently, including high winds, tornadoes and small hail, concerning residents about what is to come. 

These extreme weather cases are stemming from a series of conditions which produce unusual storms, including high humidity, extreme temperature changes, and changing pressure zones. 

Terri Lang, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada stated that the air mass over the area earlier this week was very unstable, along with several other elements that created the severe weather. 

“A lot of those elements have already left the region, but it does remain unsettled, meaning thunderstorms are possible, and maybe even the odd funnel cloud popping out of these thunderstorms if they bubble up too quickly,” Lang explained. “But for threats of widespread hail and winds and tornadoes; we're not expecting that today.” 

According to Lang, the ECC has not received any formal reports of damages but had some outreach through Facebook. It is recommended that people who have found extreme weather damages send submissions to Environment Canada by email at or post it on X (Twitter) with the hashtag #skstorm. 

“The storm season with tornado risks and hail lasts well into the first part of August, with June and July being the most active for big hail, winds, tornadoes, and that type of thing,” said Lang. “Those two months are very active, plus the other issue is that we have wet ground. Crops are growing, they're giving off moisture as well. There's a lot of moisture sitting around available to make more storms.”