The United Way Summer Success Literacy Camp will be returning to Swift Current this August and taking place at Irwin School. 

Community Advancement with United Way Regina, Stacey Schwartz provides details on the focus of the camp. 

"So it's really about helping students and targeting individuals that are just needing that extra support during those months to help them continue to move forward in a progressive way when they go back to school in the fall. 

15 students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 2 will take part in the 10-day camp

Stacey Schwartz, says that when students leave school in June whatever reading level they are at typically when they come back in September most have dropped 1 or 2 levels, especially if not engaged with any reading over the summer. 

The camp has been running in Regina since 2015 and expanded to schools outside Regina in 2019 which is when it first came to Swift Current. The camps were very successful and showed a 100% increase rate so all students either improved by one or two levels or at least maintained their current level. 

Schwartz reflects on why this initiative is important to United Way Regina. 

"United Way Regina has really focused on early years literacy success. That has been one of our main focus and part of our pillar of all that kids can be."

United Way Regina works directly with school divisions and it is the teachers/schools who select which students will participate in the camp based on their needs and reading level. 

Schwartz adds they could not do this alone and are grateful for their main sponsor Innovation Credit Union and additional sponsors Stark and Marsh, Kiwanis Club, and Southwest Literacy Network.