Local anglers, avid fishers, and anyone interested to try fishing can take advantage of free fishing weekend coming up this weekend.

On July 13 and 14, visitors and residents can fish in any body of water with open sport fishing season without the need for a license.

Mitchell Thorarinson, fisheries biologist for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, encourages anyone intersted or anyone who has never tried fishing to go out next weekend. 

"Free fishing weekend has been going on in this province for 35 years now," he said. "We aim to encourage participation in the sport and increase public awareness about the angling opportunities in the province."

Free fishing weekend doesn't apply to National Parks and anyone planning to transport fish they've caught outside of the province is required to have a license.

"It's a good opportunity for people to try something new, people that don't fish regularly don't have to go and buy a license," said Thorarinson.

He recommends that those who are new to fishing review the Angler's Guide, which can be found at Saskatchewan.ca/fishing or any place where fishing licenses are sold.