Swift Current's forecast for the next week is looking rather pleasant. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada is predicting warm temperatures floating around the single digits for the region. Temperatures range from a high of plus 7 C today, to minus 5 C on Wednesday. Generally though, folks can expect a mildly warm week.

Rose Carlsen, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, revealed that the rebound in weather is a result of the air finally breaking out of a stagnant pattern over the southwest. 

"What we've been experiencing is a persistent ridge of over the West coast," said Carlsen. "And a pretty deep trough over Eastern Canada."

The warmth is coming up out of the south, with wind funnelling into the region from the States.

While these early winter temperatures are certainly warm, they aren't quite record-breaking yet. 

"In the past, we've seen temperatures get as high as plus 20 C for this time of year," said Carlsen. "Even though it's a little warmer than we were expecting to see, it's still not anything crazy."

Additionally, there is some precipitation set for Swift Current and the area this week. That is expected to be a result of an upper atmosphere disturbance coming from the Pacific Northwest. 

"That's going to be coming across the Rockies in just a day or so," said Carlsen. "What's going to result of that is there's going to be a low-pressure system that develops in Alberta and moves across the prairies."

That system is expected to pull cooler air from up north, drawing it into the region. 

"That's going to allow for the freezing rain to fall over the region," said Carlsen. "Then it'll switch over back to rain."

The bulk of the precipitation is being predicted for Tuesday.


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