The past few days can only be described as dour with rainy skies and windy conditions. But that is set to change for this weekend.

The wet weather certainly helped to contribute to the cooler temperatures we have experienced the last few days as well, as rainfall has covered nearly the entirety of the prairie provinces.

Terri Lang, a meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, offered her insight into just what is going on with this hot-and-cold back-and-forth.

"It's a big low-pressure system that wheels sort of counterclockwise," informed Lang. "What it's doing is bringing in the cooler air from northern parts of the region, plus it's overcast and raining, so that'll cool things off significantly."

While that system has certainly supplemented the farms with plenty of moisture, its cool temperatures feel a bit lacklustre for this time of year. 

Thankfully, Mother Nature understands our need for warm weather and summer fun, and is pushing with a ridge of high pressure air to push the low-pressure system east and south.

"When it does that it brings the heat in from the south, so we are going to see the temperatures reaching into the below 30 C mark for a couple days," expanded Lang. "Which we haven't really seen so far this spring into summer. It's been kind of a cool one, so this will be quite a shocker for some people to finally get the heat coming on."

Just like how when the winter comes and +12 feels cold that time of year, we haven't been climatized to higher temperatures, so folks will be feeling the heat when it does finally come for the first time this year. 

"I think there will be some humidity with this system as well," wagered Lang. "So we might see those humidex values start to push up."

For those who don't quite know what the humidex is, it's the amount of humidity, or moisture, in the air. The higher the humidity, the more the air insulates, making it harder to sweat and cool off. 

With the heat wave coming, pushing into a low pressure weather system, there is a chance for extreme weather conditions. If you are making plans for the weekend, know that there is a risk for thunderstorms and other weather events.

"With the first heat wave of the season, we can kind of go out there and go a little bit nuts and forget that the heat can have a big effect on us," warned Lang. "So take it easy out there, drink lots of water, seek shade and cooler places if you can, and try not to do too much out in the heat."