Summer-like conditions appear to have finally descended upon southwestern Saskatchewan.

Environment and Climate Change Canada is projecting daytime highs this week for Swift Current around 20 C, a mark only reached four times this year to date.

Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, said the warmup in temperatures is being caused by a shift in the jet stream.

"Before it was dipped way down south over western North America and when the jet stream is to the south, we're on the colder side of the atmosphere," she said. "Now that it's more west to east, we get more seasonal temperatures."

Swift Current's 30-year average temperature-wise for late May includes daytime highs at 20 C and overnight lows of 7 C. The week's high point is expected tomorrow and Thursday at 24 C.

Precipitation could creep into the region starting on Friday with a potential for rain prolonging into next week.

"Towards the weekend we're starting to see a couple more organized systems moving through," she explained. "Best chance actually seems to be early next week for the southwest but of course, that can change at almost a week away. Our weather models can change quite a bit in there."