Author: GWR Ag Network
Crops, hay and pasture are generally looking good across the province.  That's according to Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food's weekly crop report for the week ending June 18th. At the same time, some flooding in fields and general delays in spraying have caused concerns for farmers. All regions, except the southeast, averaged more than 20 mm of rain during the past week. Crop damage from flooding was reported in many areas. Some farmers still hope to plant some crops for greenfeed, but most acknowledge that seeding for a harvestable crop in the fall is complete. Provincially, the crop's development is progressing at an average rate. Spring cereals averaged 28 per cent in the emerging stage, 57 per cent in the tillering stage and 12 per cent in the jointed stage. Flax crops are 31 per cent in the emerging stage, 51 per cent in the vegetative stage and 13 per cent in the stem extension stage. Canola and mustard crops are 20 per cent in the emerging stage, 47 per cent in the seedling stage and 27 per cent in the rosette stage. Pulse crops are 25 per cent in the emerging stage and 73 per
cent in the vegetative stage. Fall cereals are 15 per cent in the shotblade stage and 65 per cent in the heading stage. Haying operations on the 2006 crop are just getting underway, with less than
one per cent cut. Warm, settled weather will help move haying operations along.