The Town of Shaunavon has an exciting year ahead, as their community survey helps shape a Strategic Plan for 2023 to 2028.

Town Mayor, Kyle Bennett, said the survey was released in the fall and its results are set to be revealed to council early this year. 

"We're just going through the budget right now," he said. "But I'm excited to see what the Strategic Plan unveils because we are going to base a lot of our decisions on the outcome of that."

Bennett recently released a New Year Greeting letter, detailing more of what's to come in 2023 for the town: 

From the Desk of the Mayor

With 2023 rolling around, we are looking forward to another year of continuing to make Shaunavon a prosperous and welcoming place to live!

A main focus this year is finalizing our new 5-year Strategic Plan for the years 2023-2028. Shaunavon’s Vision is to provide a safe and prosperous place to live, work, play and invest by creating an attractive and diverse environment for community members which meets their physical and cultural needs, and accommodates a variety of lifestyles. As actions and goals were achieved by the Town in the previous 5-year strategic plan, and with the ever-changing economy, this new strategic plan is designed reflect current desires of residents, businesses, community groups, Town staff and Council.

In an effort to strengthen relationships and improve emergency management with neighboring communities, a Regional Emergency Measures Organization was conceived. The Southwest Emergency Measures Organization works with all regional employees, community partners, government agencies, businesses, first responders and citizens to promote and strengthen emergency management. We are excited to partner with our municipal neighbors to streamline emergency management.

Due to the success of the Development Incentives over previous years, the Economic Development Committee is continuing to implement these great incentives once again in 2023. From 2017-2022, a combined total of $370,012.17 has been invested into Shaunavon's sidewalks, equating to a total of almost 21 blocks! Over the past 5 years, the Town of Shaunavon has contributed $103,075.86 towards helping improve business properties in Shaunavon. Other Development Incentives include the Dilapidated Building Program, Lateral Sewer Line Replacement Program, and Tax Exemption Incentive. We recommend residents and businesses apply as soon as possible for these Development Incentives for the 2023 year as there is limited budget available for the cost-share programs. View the Town of Shaunavon website for full information. These incentives benefit businesses, residents, the town’s infrastructure and Shaunavon overall.

Shaunavon’s campgrounds had a busy season in 2022 with 117 campers staying at our camping facilities. The online camping reservation system made it easy for campers to book and stay with no hassle. We look forward to another great season of camping and other fun summer activities as they come around!

It is always exciting to see businesses opening in our community adding to our thriving business sector! Supporting local is the best way to strengthen Shaunavon’s economy, we are grateful for our community in supporting our local businesses. Best of luck to all business owners this year, we wish you great success and look forward to seeing what you each have to offer!

I would like to sincerely thank those who dedicate their time towards snow removal throughout the winter. We recognize the efforts put in by the Public Works crew who work diligently to clear our streets, and also the countless number of volunteers who have spent many hours either shoveling snow by hand, offering their equipment to assist others, or delivering food/drinks to the individuals braving the cold weather. It is times like these where our community comes together as a team, for which we are truly grateful.

Thank you to our hard-working staff, and for our community’s continuing support. Council and I look forward to serving Shaunavon in 2023 and wish you all the best in the new year!


Kyle Bennett

Mayor, Town of Shaunavon