Windscape Kite Festival and Long Days Night Music Festival announced this morning that planning is taking flight for the festivals' 2024 editions. 

The good news is thanks to an influx of board and committee applications following the festival's emergency town hall held on Monday, in which over 100 community members attended in support.

Festival Assistant, Keely Williams, said there's still a long way to go for the events to

"We have enough board members to move forward with working towards the festival in June; we are still looking for five or six more people that are willing to help out on committees," she said. "We're still $100,000 short in funds."

The remaining positions that need to be filled by qualified individuals are volunteer recruitment, sponsorship, marketing, operations management, and human resources management, leaving just five of the 43 seats open. 

As for immediate next steps, Williams said the organization will be holding onboarding meetings to get everyone aligned with their positions and tasks. In the near future, residents can expect to see a large sponsorship and donation drive to allocate the funds needed to get the festival off the ground again. 

Anyone looking to connect with the festival as an individual or as a business can contact; there are a variety of volunteer and sponsor opportunities available.

"We'd like to thank the over 100 people that actually turned out to our town hall emergency meeting where we were looking for support and engaging with the public," said Williams. "We did have a good show of support. We're on our way to putting on the festivals, but we're just looking for a little bit more."

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