The Swift Current Yard Waste Program is almost ready to tie a bow on another year. 

The Yard Waste Program has offered folks a chance to dump their leaves and other plant-based refuse off for free. They then take that product, turn it into either mulch or compost and put it back into the City's green spaces. 

While plenty have been making great use of this resource, it's almost time for it to close for the year.

Speaking about the success the program has seen and closing down for the winter, is the City of Swift Current's Manager of Environmental Services, Keegan Story. 

"It's gone really well," noted Story. "I think we're happy with the changes that we made last year, and this year has been kept the same."

This program has been contributing to almost every mulch and compost-requiring project the City has run into. Even the new Plewis Automotive Group Inclusive Park has benefitted from the mulch made with Swift Currents various branches and sticks turned in at the depot. 

"Yes, that is correct," confirmed Story. "The final surface was top dressed with this compost and mulch."

This program has also offered opportunities with SaskAbilities, employing members during the summer months to help oversee the recycling depot's drop-off area.   

"It works out really well for us with our partnership at SaskAbilities at the recycle depot," said Story. 

Now, with the program set to finish on November 7, the Recycle Depot will be reducing some hours. Sundays will see the depot closed for the day, and Tuesdays will have reduced hours. 

Come springtime, they will be opening back up, with folks able to swing by and buy compost and mulch made with genuine Swift Current-grown ingredients. 


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