The Choose Life Ministry, a non-profit program that aims to provide hope and healing to young women, took to the Centre in Swift Current last night. 

Shelley Boyes, founder and executive director of the organization, said that while the turnout for the event was small, everyone who attended seemed to appreciate and take something away from it.  

“I think the highlights were the fact that everyone in the room got to share some of their experiences, and collective wisdom,” she said. “We were able to encourage each other and support each other and give each other some ideas about how to work with people who are struggling with addictions.” 

Last night’s presentation featured snacks, refreshments, and guest speakers sharing their personal experiences and struggles. 

Among those speakers was Lanna Koethler, House Manager at a local youth shelter, and Boyes herself. 

She started the non-profit in 2012, six years after her oldest daughter died in an alcohol-related traffic incident. Boyes' two other daughters have reached out for help regarding drug and alcohol abuse.  

The Choose Life Ministry’s Mission Statement is written on their website as: “ establish a place for young women between the ages of 18 and 29 to find freedom from life-altering challenges including substance abuse, mental illness such as depression and anxiety, unexpected pregnancy, the effects of physical and/or sexual abuse, and challenges such as eating disorders and self-harm behaviors.” 

“I just want to give a shout out to Nathan and the Center for hosting it,” Boyes said. “And for being just very gracious and kind and having us there.” 

Boyes encouraged that any young woman who may be struggling and looking for support, look to the Choose Life Ministry website for details on the program and contact information.