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Alex Mary Tumbach

February 23 - Alex & Mary Tumbach

Happy 57th Anniversary to Alex and Mary Tumbach, and to Joe and Regina Geissler too. Love Tammy and Shayne Kesenheimer and family
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January 29 - Mildred Ron Weppler

Happy 40th Anniversary From: The management and staff at Melrose Farm.
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December 6 - Don & Judy Empey

Happy 59th Anniversary mom and dad! ...enjoy your day and many more years together!
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December 2 - Les & Tammy Sloan

Happy 10th anniversary Les & Tammy!! We hope you have a great day. Love, Mom, Janine & Greg
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November 25 - Len and connie

To my husband Len, 49 years with this last year a big test and many struggles, thank you for being here for it all gladly.
Gordon Margaret Unger

November 16 - Gordon & Margaret Unger

Happy 60th anniversary! Love from Jenn, Tim, Hunter, Peyton & Ella.
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November 11 - Dave and Michele Koethler

Happy Anniversary to a swell couple. From Allan & Pat
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November 10 - Ernest & Helen Pinel

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! Love Brian, Ang, Dwayne, Jeannie, Craig, Debbie, Sheldon, Shelbie, Brent, Kaylee
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October 28 - Shayne and Kristie Stewart

Happy 16 th Anniversary to a special son and daughter in law. Hope you have another wonderful year. Lots of love, Mom and Dad and Grandma
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October 24 - Nick & Kimberley Giesbrecht

Happy 7th anniversary to our beautiful daughter and wonderful son in law Kim & Nick Giesbrecht. Love you to the moon and back. Mom & Dad and Ryan. -Also- Happy anniversary Mommy & Daddy. Love Rudy.…
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October 19 - Cheryl and Brock Mclellan

Happy anniversary Brock, love Cheryl
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October 19 - Kelvin & Lesley Scansen

Hope you both have a great day. From the Gebharts
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October 18 - Henry and Tina Fehr

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! Hope you have a great year ahead and many more to come. Love you lots. Love Justina and Troy and family. -Also- Wishing a very special couple a wonderful anniversary!!…
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October 15 - Peter & Esther Wiens

Happy 50th Anniversary to Peter & Esther Wiens! Wishing you many more years of health and happiness together. From Leonard & Sheila Klassen & Family -Also- Happy 50th Anniversary Pete and Esther -…
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October 14 - Scott & Mel Leppa

Happy 21st Anniversay, Scott and Melanie Leppa. From Joe and Marie-Ann
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October 8 - Ed and Audrey Gebhart

Happy 60 th anniversary dad and mom. Love and best wishes to you both. Vern, Mary Ellen, Travis,Tysen and Axton
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October 12 - Roland & Angie Chenard

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! Love Kaylee, Brent, Darcy, Lacy, Dallas and Kaitlyn
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October 6 - Kaylee & Brent Pinel

Love Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Dallas, Darcy & Lacy
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October 1- Bruce & Lorraine Highsaw

Congratulations, Mom & Dad. Have an awesome day. Love, Lionel & Patti.

September 29 - John & Jackie Laviolette

Happy 60th Anniversary Mom & Dad. Wishing you a great day and many to come.Love... your kids Johanne, Gilles and Ben
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September 28 - Natasha & Jason Prefontaine

Happy 14th Anniversary Natasha & Jason: Love Mom, Dad, Jeremy, Carla, Curran, Draydon, Steele, Slayte, Aspyn, Carli
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September 28 - Koreen and Clay Nelson

Happy 8th Anniversary Koreen and Clay Nelson love Mom and Dad
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September 17th- Ken and Denise Giesbrecht

Happy 22nd Anniversary to Ken & Denise Giesbrecht!! Wishing you many more years of health and happiness together. From: Sheila, Leonard and Danelle Klassen.
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September 15 - Tara Campbell and Kerry Andres

Congrats to Kerry Andreas and Tara Campbell.. 3 years strong and a long way to go. Never forget Age is just a number!!
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September 12 - Jane and Jason Corey

Happy Anniversary from the Andersons.
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September 9- Joe and Laureen Kress

Happy 27th Anniversary! Have an awesome day & enjoy your "new" home. From: Patty Higshaw.
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September 7 - Ron and Pat Dickie

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
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September 3 - Wayne & Brenda Moss

Happy Anniversary to Wayne & Brenda. Best wishes from Glenn.
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September 2 - Bud & Marguerite D

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. Love from Bonnie, Dwayne and family
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September 1 - Jason and Sandra Spasoff

Happy 15th anniversary to my wife Sandra. Love you lots from your hubby Jason
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