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October 19th Happy Birthday to...

Zane Wallis... Happy 7th  Birthday Zane! Love all the Grandma's, Grandpa's, cousins & friends


October 18th Happy Birthday to...

 Nataly Dietrich... Happy Birthday to our oldest, have a great day love you from dad, mom, Kamryn, Grayden and Zachary

Jody Duclos...Happy Birthday Jody Duclos!!  Have a fantastic day! Love Koralea, Kolby, Karter and Kayden.

Bryce Coates... Happy Birthday Bryce! Love from your family.

Danielle Beaudoin Kwan... Wishing Danielle a great day on her 17th birthday. You are a wonderful young lady. Love Mom, Dad and Jaiden

Dallas Bell... Happy Birthday handsome.  I appreciate and love you very much.  Hope you have a super day and year to come.

 Ralph Oberle... Happy Birthday from the whole herd!

Angela... Happy birthday sista


October 17th Happy Birthday to...

 Alex Ludlow... Happy birthday to you Miss Alex!  Can't believe your 17! Love you to the moon,

Logan Lenz.... Happy 12th birthday Logan love mom, dad and Tennielle!

Dustin and Gwen... Happy Birthday to our awesome Dad and husband Dustin!  And Happy 4th birthday to our beautiful niece Gwen Gleockler, have an awesome day sweetie! Love auntie, uncle, Lukas and Dilly!

Hudson... Happy birthday hudson from Grandma and Papa, Dad, Mom and Zayden!


October 16th Happy Birthday to...

Griffin Olfert...  Happy 5th Birthday Griffin.  Love from Yaya, Papa, Auntie Kristin, Uncle Sheldon and cousins Taiyah and Tienna

Nicole Hancock... Happy 40th love mom and Rob


October 15th Happy Birthday to...

Glen Teichrib... Happy birthday Dad (Glen Teichrib ) love from your son Evan Teichrib. Happy birthday Glen love from your wife Melody Teichrib

Alyssa Desautels... Happy Birthday to our daughter and sister Alyssa!!! Love you to the moon and back!!! Love Mom, Wayne, Riley and Titus. Also, Happy birthday sweetie! Hope your days a great one, we love you!  Dad & Holly

 Katelyn McLaren... Happy Birthday Katie, Love Mom, Dad and Ethan!

Mackenzie Dietrick... Happy 21st birthday Mack! I hope you have a great weekend. Love, Kate.



October 14th Happy Birthday to...

Colten Bailey... Happy 7th birthday Colten, love mom, dad, Morgan & Ethan!


October 13th Happy Birthday to...

Emelia radtke... Happy 4th birthday Emelia, love mom dad lily and Allie!

Leslie Leibel... Happy Birthday Leslie, live Dad, Lisa & Dana

Cynthia Lenz... Happy birthday from Scott Tennielle , Logan and Trixie


October 12th Happy Birthday to...

Colin Zacharias... Happy birthday injoy the BIG 5.0.  love Teri, Shelby, Braydon and Ginger.

Bill Oldhaver... Happy Birthday Dad! From your family.

Lynette Funk...Happy Birthday Lynette From Aunt Lucille and family

Alice Wall... Happy Birthday Alice - wishing you a wonderful day with family and friends - from "3" of the "four" friends forever!

Jenny Berg... Happy Birthday Jenny! Love Hunter, Peyton, Ella & Tim


October 11th Happy Birthday to...

Brittney Schultz... special happy birthday to a very special daughter 

 Kaylee Pinel... Have a great day Love Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Dallas, Darcy ,Lacy and Austin ❤️

 Crystal Munt... Happy Birthday, Crystal. Love, Uncle Joe and Auntie.

Kurtis Kantrud... Happy Birthday, Kurt. Love, Joe and Marie-Ann.

Keegan Lansberry... Happy 19th Birthday Keegan! Love you the most, mom!


Ron Michaud... We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year!  Love from Rhonda, Kevin, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Wade, Karen, Hailey, Reid & DIanne. Also ,Happy Birthday to Ron Michaud! We hope you have a great day and a fantastic year! Love: Karen, Wade, Hailey, & Reid


October 10th Happy Birthday to...

 Samantha Knox... Happy birthday from steven and Len, Dean and grandma and grandpa.

Vera Anderson... Happy Birthday Mom Grandma Great Grandma Love from your whole family!! Also, Happy Birthday mom from Jason and Jane. Also, Happy Birthday Mom from Dave Meghan and kids

Wendell Huss... Happy Birthday to you, Wendell! Hope you have a great Birthday & get at least one round of golf in today!  Love from your family.

Dalton and Levi Colenutt... Happy Birthday Boys! Love from Auntie Alison, Sam and Zane


October 9th Happy Birthday to...

Aftyn Bakus...Happy Birthday Aftyn 💙 Also, Happy Birthday Aftyn from Nanna and Papa


October 8th Happy Birthday to...

 Duane Regier...Happy Birthday Duane - have a FANTASTIC day and health and happiness in the year ahead - Uncle Stan and Auntie Shirley

 Orabeth Johnston...Happy Birthday From Mom, Andy, Bailey, Terry, Danni and Xavier.

 Emma Siever...Happy 7th Birthday Emma Love Mom, Dad, Marie, Lia, Rebel and Roxy

October 7th Happy Birthday to...

Laurie Parrish... Say goodbye to the 50's and welcome to the club


October 6th Happy Birthday to...

Errol Munt... Happy 40th Birthday, Errol. Love Uncle Joe and Auntie.

Darby Lee... Happy 1st Birthday Darby!! Love Dad, Mom and Camille

Darliss Tallman...Have a happy birthday from the Wilson's

Irwin Reimer... Happy Birthday  Irwin Reimer  From Brenda Wilson

Darliss Tallman...From your geocaching buddies.

Kale Bowditch... Happy birthday my wonderful son! Lots of love from mom, tinara, Jordan and Braya xoxo

Riley Johnson...  Happy 20th birthday Riley love: McKenna, Walker, Kaela, Cody, Ty, Bryce, Tennielle, Logan, Kasia, Nevaeh and Tiergan.


October 5th Happy Birthday to...

Natalie LeBlanc... Happy Birthday Natalie... love from Mom

David Regier...  Happy Birthday David - Hope your day is GREAT and a year filled with health and happiness - Uncle Stan and Auntie Shirley

Tim Lemire... Happy Birthday Daddy/ Tim have an awesome day Love Perrin, Hailee, Xander and Vanessa

Burnette Olson... Happy Birthday dad, grandpa and great grandpa- we love you

Gil guy... Warm birthday wishes to a great lady and a wonderful sister in law .. have a great day... Pat  Happy birthday auntie Gil ... wishing you a fun day .... love from the Spetz nieces and nephews

Clara... Happy Birthday to my wife Clara Finkbeiner.


October 4th Happy Birthday to...

Misty Shotter... Happy Birthday to Misty Shotter. Love from Mom & DaddelaYs. Also, Happy Birthday Auntie Misty. Love Halstyn and Navi

Krystin Desautels... Happy 16th birthday Krystin. Hope you have a wonderful day. Love Grandma and Grandpa Desautels. Also, Happy Birthday Krystin- love mom, dad, &katie

Stacie Empey... Happy birthday! Love Garth, Chase and Karly

Lorraine Hedstrom... Happy Birthday Grandma/Mom!   We hope you have a great day. Lots of love from Alexis, Easton, Paul and Joline

Jacksyn Schultz... Happy 16th birthday Jacksyn! From the Côté clan!


October 3rd Happy Birthday to...

Derrick Jesney... Happy birthday Derrick from Melissa, Connor, and Gracelyn. Hope you have a great day! Also, Happy Birthday From Lucille and family. Hope you have a great day


October 2nd Happy Birthday to...

Colby Bestrop... Happy Birthday Colby Love Grandma Hazel & Grandpa Ron. Also, Enjoy your day, love Grandma and Auntie Kristen

Darcy Chenard..Have a great day !! Love always from Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Kaylee, Brent, Dallas, Lacy and Austin

Houston Friesen... Hope you have a fun 8th birthday today Houston. From Kennedi and all your cousins

Elizabeth Leaman... Happy 1st Birthday to Elizabeth Leaman Hope you have a great day See you later tonight for birthday cake Lots of love from Mom, Dad, Sam, Wilson Grandpa Ed and Grandma Judy

Brittanna tumback... Happy birthday sunshine have a wonderful day lots of love from David and Teresa Penner

Hunter Flaterud... Happy Birthday Hunter! May the force be with you, love mom, Kaelen, Kyran, and Hudson

Montanna Clendening...Happy 19th. Birthday Montanna.  She attends the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Enjoy your day!! Lots of love Mom and Dad

Lynda Johnson... Happy birthday Lynda we hope you have a great day, from all your riding friends!

Peter Neufeld... Happy Birthday from the Lac Pelletier Neufelds


October 1st Happy Birthday to...

Sheldon East... Happy  birthday Sheldon, Love Mom, dad, shelbie , Mike, grandpa , grandma

 Marshal Froese... Happy 24th Birthday to the "real" Fire Marshal! Marshal Froese of Herbert. All the best bud! A new chapter begins!

 Olive Corey... Happy Birthday Ollie O. Love you mom, dad, big brother and sister

Avry... Happy birthday Buddy! Love Mom, Dad, Brydan and Wyatt

Barb Evesque... Happy birthday Grandma Barb! from Gage, Jayden, Kai, & Bryn


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