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(All Friday, Saturday & Sunday are entered for the Friday draw)

May 28 - Happy Birthday to.....
Jaxson Knoblauch
So proud of the young man you have become. Happy 16th Birthday Love Dad and Mom

May 27 - Happy Birthday to.....
Taijha Flucker
Happy birthday Taijha, love Grandma and Grandpa Schreiner, Auntie Tera, Uncle Scott, Auntie Rebecca and Britta

Talon Tumback
Happy 10th Birthday Talon - have a fun day with your friends and family - Uncle Stan and Auntie Shirley

Jason McBlain
Happy birthday love Jayden Tanner Tiana and Taryn

May 26 - Happy Birthday to.....
Susan Hagman
Happy Birthday Susan also known as mom and grandma. Love your family
Happy Birthday Mom! Thanks for everything you do, have a wonderful day! Love your girls and Grandkids

Dustin Stusrud
Sending Happy Birthday wishes to a great son-in-law, brother-in-law, and uncle Dustin Stusrud, Love, Ron and Coreen, Paula and Ian, Carlie and Caitlin

Sawyer Thiessen
Happy Birthday Sawyer! Have an awesome day. Love Auntie Michele, Uncle Tom, Shaun and Allison. Winner!
Happy Birthday Sawyer. Lots of Love Grandpa and Grandma
Happy Birthday Sawyer. Lots of Love from Uncle Landon, Auntie Tara, Ashton, Aidan, Avery, Ainsley & Archer

Daphne Dyck
Happy Birthday Daphne, you are sweet and caring little girl. Hope you have a fun day a school today. Love, Mom, Dad, Daisy and your cat Smokey. Winner!

Hayden Linsley
Happy 16th birthday Hayden. Love Mom, Dad and Spencer

May 25 Happy Birthday to....
Donald Courtney
Happy birthday! Grandpa! Love Ryan, Dacoda David and Everett.

Farrah Grainger
Happy happy birthday!!! Love daddy, mama, Emerson & nelly!!! Winner!
Happy happy birthday Farrah! Hope you have a great and hugs from your cousins Ryder and Blake

Perrin Lemire
Happy eighth Birthday Perrin from Mom, Dad, Hailee and Xander.

Susan White
Happy Anniversary in the date of your birth. May your day be filled with as much and more happiness and joy as the date of your birth with many more to come. Joan and Karen.
Happy Birthday and we all love you from David , Mikayla , Leilani , Terry , Kelli , Dominic & Alicia
From Your Rilling Bus Famiy

Hudson Coates
Happy 9th Birthday Hudson. Love Mom, Dad, Your sisters and and your puppies. Winner!

Hannah Kielo
Happy 13th Birthday Hannah! Love Mom, Dad and Zachary

May 24 - Happy Birthday to...
Emma Moraes
Very Happy 5th birthday Emma! Love, Sherril & Adam Ferguson

May 23 - Happy Birthday to....
Aspen Thompson
Happy Birthday Aspen! Hope you have a great day! From Meadow.

Chris Peters
Happy birthday! Love your Wife, Ethan and Ellie. We hope you have an amazing day.

May 22 - Happy Birthday to...
Happy Birthday, Jordan From Mom and Dad

Karsyn Mehler
Happy 16 Karsyn. Good luck on your Driver's test. Love you Gramma and Grandpa

May 21 - Happy Birthday to...
Lorraine Kobitz
Happy Birthday Lorraine. Hope you have a wonderful day from the gang at the Super 8

Marc Schwartz
Happy birthday to a great son-in -law. Have a fun day. Love Glenn and Linda

May 20 - Happy Birthday to...
Ryan Dyck
Happy Birthday, Ryan!! Love Uncle Joe & Auntie!!!

Diezel Paulhus
Hope you have a super day. From Debbie and the gang. winner!

Vern Gebhart
Happy birthday Vern, Dad and Grampa. Have a great day love Mary Ellen, Travis, Tysen & Axton

Alyssa Thingvold
Happy Birthday Alyssa!! Hope you have a fantastic day. Love you! Mom, Dad, Bree and Corbin. winner!

Justin Wilson
Happy Birthday to our FAVORITE son in law! With love from Dean and Julie.

Deanna Strieb
Happy 35th Birthday to our wonderful daughter Deanna, may you have a fantastic day, Love Mom and Dad, also Paula, Ian, Carlie and Caitlin

Happy Birthday Denis! Enjoy your deserve to kick back and relax!! Love Luc and Leah

May 19 - Happy Birthday to...
Jean Regier
Happy Birthday Jean - may your day be filled with fun and sunshine and your year ahead be blessed with good health and happiness - Stan & Shirley

Gord Klassen
Happy Birthday Gord - what a way to celebrate your day with twin grandsons born the day before - have a great day - Stan & Shirley
Happy 58th Birthday to Gordon Klassen! Have a great day and wonderful year ahead!! From Leonard & Sheila Klassen

Sharlyn Robertson
Happy Birthday to our oldest baby. Sharlyn we are so proud of the woman you have become and hope you have the best day ever and year to come. We love you to the moon and back. Love Mom and Dallas

May 18 - Happy Birthday to.....
Nicholas Cloutier
Happy Birthday Love Mom, Dad, Cocoa, Diva, Rosie, Jersey, FuzzyNuts and Mr. Fish. Winner!

Rachel Elder
Happy 4th Birthday Princess Rachel Love Nana and Papa Auntie Ashley and Talon.Auntie Becky and Chris!!!!

Dakota Bauck
Happy 25th birthday, hope you have a wonderful day! Love Lacey, Dad, Mom, Donald, Deziree, Hudson and Braya.

Ryan Burnay
Happy Birthday Ryan! Hope you have a great day!! Love from Mom, Dad and Brendon

Hayley Vipond
Happy 10th Birthday to our beautiful girl Hayley. Love Mom, Dad & Willow. Winner!

May 17 - Happy Birthday to....
Happy Birthday Kaylana love Mom dad Tavaris and Malayna

Cole Peters
Happy 25th Birthday to Cole! Hope your day is just as awesome as you are!! Love Mom and Rick.

Kyle Fehr
Happy 18th Birthday. Love Mom, Dad, Lane and Rylan

Brittany Nicoll
Happy birthday Brittany. Wishing the best daughter a sweet 16! Love Mom, Dad, Kelly, Gramma. Winner!

Layne Côté
Happy 22nd birthday! Have an awesome day! Love Mom, Dad, Levi and Lexi! Dasher. Winner!

Trisha Hall and Larry Gillis
Happy birthday to Trisha Hall and Larry Gilllis! From the Côté clan!

Janelle Zacharias
Wishing our beautiful and lovely grandaughter a very happy and special 20th birhday!! All our love from Gramma Rita, Grampa Ernie and Zoomer!

May 16 - Happy Birthday to....
Happy 14th birthday Zander! Lots of love, Mom, Dad, Ryder and Wonder.

Macy Munt
Happy Birthday, Macy!! Love Great Uncle Joe & Great Auntie Marie-Ann.
Happy Birthday love from Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie Crystal

Lisa, Reid and Carter Hawkins
Happy Birthday Lisa, Reid (13) and Carter (9) - Mom and her 2 boys all born on the same day! Have a great day! Love all your family!

Mildred Harbor
Happy 85th birthday to our Mom, Grandma and Great Gramma. Have a great day love Vern, Mary Ellen, Travis, Tysen and Axton

Brianne Radtke
Happy birthday Brianne! Hope you have a good day! Love Kendell, Lily, Allie and Emelia.

Dolan Wolfe
Happy birthday Dolan! From Mom, Dad, and Emmy. Winner!

Shirley Stuart
Happy birthday! Have a great day! Love from all the family!

May 15- Happy Birthday to....
Payten Schwartz
Happy Birthday 16 yr old. Good luck with your appointment this morning. You are a fun loving, helpful grandson. Have a wonderful day and year. Grandma and Grandpa Stewart.
Happy 16th birthday to a great son and brother. Have a great day today! We love you! Dad, Kristi, Carly and Brinkley.
Happy wishes going to a wonderful young man and cousin. Hope you have the best birthday. Lot of love from Auntie Emma Jayden & Taylor & whole family. Have great birthday.

Kaitlyn Chenard
Happy 13th Birthday Kaitlyn! Love Mom, Dad, Kaylee, Brent, Dallas, Darcy and Lacy

Rikki Bakus
Happy Birthday Rikklee, hope you get spoiled my crazy friend! BOOM! Paulie.
Happy Birthday to our lovely daughter.Love u to the moon and back. Mom and Dad.

Paul Olson
Happy birthday Paul - love Mom & Dad

Carson Ljunggren
Happy birthday Carson love great grandpa and grandma

Reese and Emerson
Happy birthday Reese and Emerson - love great grandpa and grandma

Rita Corey
Hope you have a very Happy 75th Birthday Rita!!!

Kerri-Lee Anderson
Dad, Meghan and the Kids.
Happy Birthday to an awesome grand daughter Kerri-Lee. Hope you have a great day! Love from Grandma and Grandpa
Happy Birthday to A Happy fun loving Niece I hope you have a great day love from Auntie Teresa, Uncle Steve and Auntie Jane and Uncle Jason
Happy Birthday K.L. from all your cousin and especially, Ree and Roxy
Happy Birthday Little Chick! Love from your Momma & Kazennya

Earl Conn
Happy Birthday to great Grandpa Conn! Luv Carter, Ashton, Jace, Charlie, Ellie, Rheece and Zac

Marlee Sebo
Happy Birthday Marlee!! Love Mom, Dad and Serena. Winner!

Zara Allan
Have a very happy birthday Zara. Love Gramma Glenda and Grandpa Delbert. Hope u have a fun day! Winner!

May 14 - Happy Birthday to....
Dana Weinbender
Have a great Day!!!! Luv Mom & Dad.
Happy Birthday Daddy. Love Rheece and Zac

Nevaeh Ginter
Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter Nevaeh! Love Mom, Mike and baby sister Skyli! We love you. Winner!

May 13 - Happy Birthday to....
Joanne Boniface
Happy birthday jo have a great day, Stacey, Mary and the Kids

May 12 - Happy Birthday to....
Jenn Munt
Happy Birthday, Jenn. Love Uncle Joe & Auntie Marie-Ann

Denise Martinez
Happy birthday love your family and Daisy. Winner!

From your hubby Brad!

May 11 - Happy Birthday to....
Carleigh Kenny
Grandpa and Grandma Obst along with Grandma Fran, Uncle Chris, Aunty Liz , Phynleigh, Uncle Mike and Aunty Melodie would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday we love you little princess.Winner!

Leanne Chalk
Happy Birthday Leanne! Have an awesome Day in Regina . From all the staff at SLGA! Winner!

May 10 - Happy Birthday to....
Chanel Wirll
Happy 6th Birthday to my beautiful girl Chanel!! You deserve the best day ever! Lots of love from Mom, Dad, Sara, Daelynne, Chanel & Chris & Gineva.

Happy Birthday Smurf - hope your day is as special as you are - Love you to the Moon!!!

I'd like to send a huge happy birthday to my best buddy Ciaran, I love you so much! Love Alex, your cool friend.

Cole Steinley
Happy 4th Birthday Cole from Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Craig. We love you. Have a great day. Winner!

May 9 - Happy Birthday to.....
Harper Casselman
Happy First Birthday Harper love Mom and Dad. Winner!
Happy 1st Birthday to a very special grand daughter...Hope your day is as special as you are. Love you to the moon and back from Gramma and Grampa Casselman

Reese Allin
Happy birthday Reese. Love auntie Jess, uncle chad and Taylor. Winner!

Shae-Lynn Boltin
Happy birthday Shae! Hope you have an awesome day! Love, Auntie Jacquie & Uncle Stacy

Ruthey Weiner
Happy birthday Ruthey from Mark, Amanda, Sammy, Preston, and grandma.

May 8- Happy Birthday to....
Mikayla Lord
Happy Birthday Mikayla! We love you to the moon and back. Mom, Dad and Ashlynn

Aria Lacasse
Happy second birthday to our little Aria Isabelle. Love, Mom, Dad, Aurelia and Aurora. Winner!
Happy Birthday, Aria! Love, Gramma and Papa Gillis, Uncle Kody and cousin Avery.

David White
Hope you have a great birthday we love you -Susan and Mikayla

Don Hornung
Happy Birthday to the best Papa! Love Dylan, Brenna, Ayla, Kennady, Aubrey, Ryland and Hayden

Marj Fletcher
Happy Birthday Marj. From Cathy

Jaxon Keith
Happy Birthday Jaxon. Winner!

Willie Kwan
Have a great day Willie. From Cecile, Danielle, Jaiden

Happy 11th Birthday Janika. Hope you have a wonderful day!


May 6 - Happy Birthday to....
Mary Robinson
Happy Birthday Brian, hope you have a great day, love from Mary, Scott and Dale.

Azaliya (Azzy) Doll
Happy Birthday we love you, love Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa Wegman and Grandma Doll, Grandpa Keach. Winner!

Scott Squires
Happy Birthday Grampa Scott...Love from Jaxson and Lylah

Jonathan Barber
Happy 14th Birthday Jonathan!! Love from all your family

Reilly Kelln
Hope you have a very happy birthday with lots of gifts and fun. It's your day enjoy it. Love you lots
Grandma and Grandpa

May 5 - Happy Birthday to....
Craig Ruf
Happy Birthday Son, love Mom and Dad!
Happy Birthday Craig! Love From Grandpa and Grandma Mom and Dad and the rest of the family

Dwight Holt
Big Happy birthday to Dwight Holt, love from his family Donna, Kane, Alia, Lemmy, Kooter and Doug

Nancy Wilson
Happy happy birthday to best Nana ever!!! Love Ryder, Blake, Farrah & Emerson, Kia & Nelly

Hayes Sloan
Happy 1st birthday Hayes! Love Grandma Patty, Auntie Neen & Uncle Greg

Nicole Willows
Happy birthday! Love Dad, Mom and Tenille. Winner!

May 4 - Happy Birthday to....

Roberta McIntyre
Happy Birthday Roberta love Mackenzie, Makstr, and Kyle - we hope you have a fantastic day!

Mary Tumbach
Happy Birthday Mom. Wish we could be there with you!

Kent Mickleborough
Happy Birthday Kent from the staff of SWT

Carla Lindquist
Happy Birthday from your boys at home and all your running mates at Westman Steel. Also, May the 4th be with you!! Winner!

Dennis Dyck
Happy 65th Dennis! Have a great day and awesome year! Love Joy & Jack

Darren Fiddler
Happy 50th Birthday Darren, remember the days of Delta Dawn and Trailers for sale or rent.

Emmett Vaughan
Happy Birthday to Emmett Vaughan of Gull Lake Luv Gramma Grampa and Auntie Shaylin

Happy birthday Morgan love Mom and Dad. Winner!

May 3 - Happy Birthday to....

Wade Carlson
Happy 39th Birthday to Wade Carlson. We hope you have a great day! Love: Karen, Hailey, and Reid.-Also- We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Wade ~ love Kevin, Rhonda, Jordan.

Julia Stanford
Happy Birthday Julia from the staff of SWT

Leann Cote
Have a great day! From the Wall's

Lindsay Painchaud
Happy Birthday Lindsay. Have a fantastic Day Sweetie. Love Mom & John

Georgia Haubrich.
Happy birthday Georgia! Love Mom, Dad, Brianna and Emmett! Winner!

Happy birthday terrel love from mom Marshall and Maddi. Winner!

May 2 - Happy Birthday to....

Alexis Keller
Happy 14th birthday to our sweetest, most loving, daughter, Alexis! Lots of Love, Mom, Dad and Josh. Winner!

Dawn Tessier
Happy birthday Dawn from your friends and co-workers at Home Inn & Suites

Cecile Barker
Wishing you a very happy birthday

Travis Zacharias
Wishing a fantastic and fun 15th birthday to our awesome grandson, Travis Zacharias!! Lots and lots of love from Gramma Rita and Grampa Ernie and Zoomer!

May 1 - Happy Birthday to....

Tanja MacIsaac
Happy Birthday, Tanja, Love Mom & Dad

Madison Munt
Happy 8th Birthday, Madison!! Love Great Uncle Joe & Great Auntie Marie-Ann -Also- Happy Birthday love grandpa and grandma and auntie Crystal. Winner!

Daillin Knelsen
Happy Birthday Daillin!! Love Grandma & Poppy

Melanie Friesen
To our lovely talented niece, Melanie. She's a great cook and wonderful gardener and companion for her dad in all. The things they do. Love you from auntie Connie and uncle Len

Darlene Hofer
Happy 21st Birthday Darlene from your friends Bob and Brenda

Tyler Binner
Happy birthday to Tyler binner!! Love Ellie, Logan and Laura

Mike Zacharias
Happy Birthday to a great husband and dad Mike "Skippy" Zacharias. Love Kristin & Breena

Tristan Hapke
Happy 15th Birthday to Tristan Hapke. Love Mom, Dad and Tye

Lukas Kjos
Happy birthday, Lukas. Hope you have a great day at school. And a wonderful birthday. Love Dad, Justina, Nathan, Alicia, Chris and Blaine. Love you so much

Tiana McBlain & Taryn McBlain
Happy birthday love Mom, Dad, Jayden & Tanner. Winner!

Happiest of Birthdays to our fun loving grandson Dextyn‼️‼️ Hope you have a great day and a fun ninja turtle birthday‼️‼️ Love you, Grandpa Herb and Grandma Marilynne



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