Birthdays Header

February 13th

Dennis Wiebe... Sending birthday wishes to the manager at Peavey Mart today.Happy Birthday Daddy love from Kara and Josh

Carol Matthews... Happy Birthday mom From your #1 son Aaron 

Daina Klassen... Happy Birthday to Daina Klassen of Shaunavon. You know you’re getting old when happy hour is a nap. Hope your day is as special as you are.

Logan...  Happy Birthday to my little nephew/teenager!! 

Les Larter... From your friends out in Herbert.

Logan Ebner... Happy birthday love grandma Stephanie and rob

February 12th

Draesyn...Happy birthday Draesyn have a great day at school love mom dad Tylan and Kaydence 

JOVI ZACHARIAS... Happy 10th Birthday Miss Jovi Megan!Love Grandma Michelle & the Fur Babes. Happy Birthday Jovi, have a fun day on your Birthday. All our Love Great Grams and Gramps. Happy happy 10th Birthday to Miss Jovi Zacharias!  Have a super awesome day!  Love Mom, Dad and Leia.

Tracy Epp... Happy Birthday Tracy, win your game tonite. Best wishes Elsie

Richard monkman... Happy birthday richie.  Wishing you an amazing day!! Leo

JoAnn Todd... Happy birthday Grandma Jo. Love Ady, Kaylei, and Brinley 

Jeanette Rempel... Birthday greetings to our friend Jeanette Rempel. A special birthday with special wishes. From Evelyn, Gordon and Karen Have a wonderful birthday, Jeanette 

Kael Hammer... Happy 4th Birthday Kael! Love Mom,Dad,Tehya,Conner & Austin. 

Carter Woytowich... Happy 12th Birthday Carter! Love Mom and dad. 

February 11th

Holly Waker... Happy Birthday, little sister - hope you enjoy the last year of celebrating in the 40 decade.  Love you. Happy Birthday Mom! We love you and hope you have a wonderful day! From: Len, Stephanie, Sabrina, Shilo, and Shakira. 

Keith Hedstrom... Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa, we hope you have a great day!!  Lots of love from Joline, Paul, Alexis and Easton

Doug Corrins... Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa Doug! We love you!Love, Your Creations and your grand babies! Have a wonderful day! 

Tienna Reinhart...  Happy 8th Birthday Tienna...Love Yaya, Papa, Auntie Carling, Uncle Colin, Ainsley and Griffin.  Happy 8th Birthday, Tienna! Love Mom, Dad & Taiyah

Shirley Walker... We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Miss Shirley!!  Love from Wally, your children and grandchildren and all of your family and friends!   You are loved!!! 

Lotus Dickson... Wishing for the happiest of 2nd birthdays to the light of our lives!! Love Daddy, Gramma and Grampa, Bad gramma and Auntie Raven!

Jade Hilgers... Happy birthday Jade. Love mom, dad, Cali and murfy.

February 10th

Vanessa Hill... Happy birthday big sis, love you wishing you a fantastic day!Leo

Jace Munro ... Happy birthday Jace! Hope you have a great birthday! Love Mom, Dad, Carter and Ashton. Happy 7 th Birthday Bud! Have an awesome Day!!! Luv Grandma & Grandpa

Kierstin Dahlgren...Have a spectacular Happy Birthday! Love from your Big Sister ... Alexandra. Have a Great  Happy Birthday! Loads of Love..... Gramma Poh and Gramma Pat.Have an awesome Happy Birthday Kierstin! Love Mom

February 9th

Whitney Packet...Happy 3rd Birthday to our sweet Whitney Packet!  We love you so very much!  From Mom, Dad, Alli, Jordan & Casey

Patty Sloan...Happy Birthday mom/grandma!!We hope you have an amazing day.

Sydni Lindquist...Happy 10th Bday to our beautiful daughter, Sydni. Have the most amazing day!!!! Love Mom, Dad, Zeus and Bo

Olivia Ross... Happy 7th birthday Olivia! Lots of love from Mom, Murray and Char!

Kendra Blatz...Happy 13th Birthday Peanut!  Hope your day is filled with as much sparkle and joy as you bring us!! We love you most! Love Mom, Erin, Kennedy and Brandon!

Kensington Martens...Happy 1st Birthday sweet Kensington  - BIG HUGS from Auntie Shirley & Uncle Stan

Val Ferguson...Happy Birthday Val Ferguson (Mom)!!! We love you so much and hope you have a wonderful day and year! From: Adam & Sherril

February 8th

Rory Williams...Happy Birthday Rory. Love mom, dad, Jada and Dane

Taiyah Reinhart...Happy 11th Birthday, Taiyah. Love Mom, Dad & Tienna


HEIDI SPETZ...Wishing you a very Happy day Heidi - Have fun!  Much love from your Spetz Aunts, Uncles and cousins

Lenore Conn...Happy birthday to best grandma around. Hope you have a great day! Love Jace, Ashton, Carter, Lindsey and Dave. Happy Birthday Mom! Stay warm and have a great day! Luv Linda & Daryl.

Carson Ruf...Happy Birthday Carson, love from mom and dad and the rest of the family

Hunter Blohm... Happy birthday Hunter. Love grandma & grandpa Kemp

February 7th 

Jaden Kannenberg...Happy 2nd birthday Jaden! Love Mom, Dad and Harper

Tesla ...Happy birthday to my sweet daughter welcome to the teens!

Krysten Gardner... Happy Birthday Krysten Can't believe you are 13 have a wonderful day. Love Mom, Kim, Jesse, Tesla and Payton.

Colten Hurl...Happy wishes going out Colten. Hope you have the best Birthday ever. Lot of love from Dad Grandma Gerda And your big sisters and whole family. Hope you have an awesome birthday little Bro

Barbara Zacharias...Happy Birthday to the best bun maker in town! Love you Grandma. Love Colin, Teri, Shelby, Braydon, And Ginger.

Lionel Regier...Happy 65th Birthday Lionel - enjoy your day and wishing you all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley

Tyler Lacelle...Happy 13th birthday Tyler!  Have an awesome rookie year in the teenage club!  Love mom, dad and Hillary

Jada Grainger ...Happy happy birthday, love uncle nick auntie Krista,Farrah, Emerson & Nelly

Cooper Telke..Happy Birthday Cooper love mom, dad and Colter.

Claire Kardash...Happy 7th birthday Claire!Love mom, dad, karlyn and sienna. Happy 7th Birthday Claire from Cindy and all your friends at daycare!

Krysten & Tesla Gardner...Happy 13th Birthday Krysten & Tesla. You are the best best friends ever. Have an awesome birthday! From Bethany

February 6th

Austin Allin... Happy birthday Austin. Love Auntie Jess, Uncle Chad and Taylor. 

matthew dickie... happy birthday matthew , love your "big " little sister jenita

Cameron... Happy birthday Cameron. Love mom,dad , Gracie and AJ.

February 5th

Louis Cherpin... Happy 50th Birthday To The Fire Cheif Of The RM of Swift Current! From Gull Lake EMS! Dave, Roy, Brian & your son Joey. Happy  49 Birthday  Louis from your sister eva.

Fiona Roust... Happy Belated birthday Fiona. Sorry I missed getting it in on the 1st.From the gang at the Super 8

Addison Stusrud... Happy 10th Birthday Addison, have tons of fun on your holiday too!Love, Gram, Pa and BabeAuntie Paula, Uncle Ian, Carlie, Caitlin and LucyMom, Dad and Gunner. Happy Birthday Addy!Love: mom, dad, gunner, gram, pa, auntie, uncle, Carlie & Caitlin

Craig Hattum...  A big happy birthday to Craig love mommy Melissa, Dad, Jaimee and Raven 

Kade Behm...  Hope you have a great day keeping everyone warm out there Kade. From all the Crutch’s crew!

February 4th

CARISSA ZACHARIAS... Happy Birthday Carissa!Love Mom and the Fur Freaks. Best Wishes to Carissa, enjoy curling on your BirthdayLove Gramsie and Gramps

Dani Gillis... Wishing Dani Gillis a very Happy 38th Birthday!  Love from her mom in Nova Scotia! Wish we weren’t so far away!!  Dani works at MacBean Tessum law office in Swift Current!

February 3rd

Leonard Shumaker...  Happy 70th Birthday Dad!Love,Sherry, Tyler, Cassidy, Karsyn, Sydney and Courtlyn

Merle Oldhaver... Happy Birthday Mom, love your family. 

Griffin Larson... Happy Birthday to our sweet & dynamic grandson, you entertain & make us smile all the time. Have a great day, love you, Pappa & Memere

February 2nd

Dominic Hoyrup... Happy Birthday Dominic. Love you to the moon and back. Love mama and papa.

Sherril Ferguson... Happy birthday from your loving husband and our fur babies. Happy Birthday Sherrill Hope you have an awesome day!!,From the Pioneer Co-op Service Counter And Credit Gals

February 1st

Lincoln Erickson... Happy 5th birthday Lincoln! Have a great day!! All the love from Alexus and Blake! 

Wyatt Neufeld... Happy Birthday Buddy. Love Mom, Dad, Brydan and Avry

Wayne Cormier... Happy Birthday Wayne, hope you have a fantastic Day!From ECIP Staff Stephanie and Melissa!.

Oakley Morin...Happy 8th Birthday Oakley!! Love Mom, Dad, Quinton and Easton

Colin Powers...  Happy birthday Colin! We hope you have a wonderful day. Love Mom and Dad

Tanner...Happy birthday Tanner, we hope you have a great day. Love Dad, Mom, Grace and of course Chestnut!

January 31st

 Brooklyn Knelsen... Happy 13th birthday Brooklyn! Love Mom, Dad and Daillin! HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY BROOKLYN!LOVE GRAMMY & POPPY

January 30th

Janice Bissonnette... appy birthday Janice! We hope that you have a super great day!!Love from Debbie and Gary 

Leanne McConnell... We want to wish you a very special day and a great year ahead!  Love Ken, Andrew @ Blair.

Dad (Franklin Anderson)... Happy Birthday Dad from Jason and Jane. Happy 85 Birthday Dad, Grandpa, and Great GrandpaHave a great day love from Vera Teresa Steve Craig Karlee Sawyer Curt Carson David Megan Conner Austin Keyanna Sydney Jane and Jason. Happy birthday Dad/ grandpa love  Dave Meghan keyanna Sydney Conner Austin kerrilee.  Happy Birthday Great Grandpa Love Sawyer

Lynette Collier... Happy Birthday Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma!!!!! Love from, All of your grandkids & girls💜

Hailey Penley... Hailey, Happy Sweet 16 Birthday!!!!Good Luck today!!! From Mike B, Tess, Aaron, Heather, Aftyn & Ry

Shane buryon.... Happy birthday buddy

January 29th

Taylor Rae Schruder... Happy 19th Birthday Taylor Rae. Love from: Mom, Dad, Samantha and your kitty Remi

January 28th 

IRELYNN... Happy Birthday Irelynn Rayne. We love you to the moon and stars. Love mommy daddy and Roh Roh

Colter Telke... Happy 7th Birthday Colter from mom dad and Cooper.

Samantha Banman... Happy Birthday Samfrom Zane, Mom and Al

Januany 27th

Alli and Jordan Packet...Happy 7th Birthday Alli and Jordan Packet!  We wish you a wonderful year ahead!  We love you both very much!  Love Mom, Dad, Casey, and Whitney

Melissa Alm... Happy 37th Birthday. Hope your day is a special one. Lots of love from Terry, Mackenzie, Austin, Oshie and the Guffer!

Phyllis Knoblauch...A very happy -milestone- birthday to Phyllis! Hope your enjoying those days away from work. From: Sherril, Robin, Isla, Leslee, Juanita, Stacey, Julie and Karla from the Pioneer Coop Service Counter. 

Amara St. Jacques... Happy Birthday Mare bear love mom, Derek, and your big sis Kaitlyn. 

Januany 26th

Bev Knight... A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Aunt Bev! Hope you have a fantastic day and year. We love you! From Adam & Sherril Ferguson 

Natasha Prefontaine...Happy Birthday Toadie: Love Mom, Dad, Jason, Steele, Slayte, Aspyn, Draydon, Carli, Jeremy, Carla, Curran.

January 25th 

Angela Kirwan... Happy a Birthday to a wonderful son and brother. Have the best day!  Love from Mom, Dad, Ashton & Rolken

Oscar... Wishing you a very Happy 7th Birthday Oscar!! 🏒🥳

January 24th

Bronwyn Day... Happy birthday Bronwyn, love auntie Aimee, uncle Chris, Brandon, Tanner, Baillie, Carter, Nathan and Gus and Moe 

Ellie Weinbender...Happy 8 th Birthday Ellie! Have an awesome day! Luv Grandma & Pa;  Happy birthday to our awesome 8 year old!  Love Mom, Dad and Charlie.

Maverick Empey.... Happy 1st Birthday to our Grandson, Maverick EmpeyFrom Grandma Patty and Grandpa Rick

Carly Robertson... Happy Birthday Auntie Carl! Love from Kiana and Emberlynn 

Fenix Snedden... Happy Sweet 16 Fenix!  Love Blaid, Mumma & Daddio

January 23rd

Dylan Hogan ....Happy birthday Dillybar from your Stacey sharon an ty . Hope you have a great day.

Lori Rempel... Happy Birthday to my lovely wife. 

Mary Neufeld... Happy 10th birthday Mary, welcome to the double digits club, you're our newest and coolest member. We love you! From dad, mom, susie and the rest of the family. 

Vivian Wernicke... Happy Birthday Viv , hope you have a great day. From Marilyn

Jamie Gardner... Happy birthday to Jamie Gardner from Earl and all her family and friends.

Aleaha Yates... Happy 13th Birthday Aleaha! We hope you have a great day! Love, Jim, Mom and Brooklynn.  Happy Birthday Aleaha have a wonderful day! Love Dad, Melinda, Tydon and Reyna! 

Cayla Peskleway...  Happy 23rd Birthday Cayla, Love Mom, Dad, Cody and Clayton

January 22nd

Allen Evesque...  Happy birthday to Papa Al! Love Gage, Jayden, Kai, & Bryn

Ryder... appy birthday Ry!! Love the fam 💗

Kaydence Mielke... Happy birthday to our little ladybug; Kaydence , hope you have a great day at school (waldeck) love Dad, Mom, Tylan & Draesyn 

January 21th

Joy Wallis... Have a great day Gr'ma Joy! Love all your Kids,grandkids & great grandkids! deeme

Braelyn... Happy 5th Birthday! Mommy and Tyler love you!!

Melissa Anderson...  Happy Birthday Melissa. Love ya Mom Dana and all the family

Cassandra Lowe... Happy 12th Birthday Cassandra! Love Mom Dad, Jenna, Zeus and Zara

Joe Choma... Wishing you a very happy birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day! Love, Kim, Juliann, Autumn, Tyler and Rylan

January 19th

Fred Farnworth... Happy 64th birthday to Fred Farnworth from his family and friends. "Younger than springtime..older than dirt!"

DAVID CANDLER... Happy Birthday David, we love you! From Carla, Mitchell, Matthew & Michael

January 18th

Nick Elmslie... Happy 50th Birthday Nick, try a little harder to behave for the next 50. Love all your Friends and Family

Abby Watson... Happy 40th  Birthday Abby, Kindergarten teacher at Cabri School Love Dad

Tim Berg... Happy birthday Timmie!! Love Peyton, Ella, and Hunter 

Kinley Wiebe... Happy Birthday pretty girl and have a wonderful birthday party

January 17th

Jake Knelsen... Happy Birthday to our little farmer! Love Mom and Dad and all the cows. Happy 3rd Birthday little manLove you lotsPapa Cliff & Grandma Fay

Megan Penner... Happy Birthday to my bff! Have a great day and happy adulting!

Mackenzie Shaw... Happy birthday Mackenzie! Love Mom, Dad, Regan & Chloe.  Happy happy 3rd birthday! Hope you have a great day! Love Farrah & Emerson

Marcus Kouri... Happy birthday Marcus! Hope you have a fantastic day! Love, Mom

Helena Neufeld... Happy 13th Helena, welcome to your crazy teen years, hope your day goes great!. From dad, mom, susie, and the rest of the family. We love you!

Patricia Perrin...  Happy 40th birthday Patrish!

KENDRA SHUMAKER... Happy Birthday to Swift Current's newest teenager!  Have a great 13th Kendra!  Lots of love from Granny & Papa!

Jordan Schultz... Happy birthday dad!!! Love Bryden, Paisley and Kassandra

January 16th

Megan Thaxter... Happy 18th Birthday Megan! Have a fabulous day. Love Mom, Badge and Tay

Avery Christianson... Happy 6th Birthday Avery.Have a great dayLove mom, dad, Ashton, Aidan, Ainsley and Archer🎁🎂🎉 Happy Birthday Avery. Love Uncle Landon, Uncle Logan, Auntie Dana, Sawyer and Nora. Happy 6th Birthday Avery. Lots of Love Grandpa and Grandma

Wyatt Vaughan... Wanting to wish a big happy birthday to my little man Wyatt!  Hope you have an amazing day.  Birthday wishes coming from Dad, Jesse , Tesla, Krysten, storm and marshal. Happy birthday buddy. Miss you, have a great day.  love grandma. Happy birthday to a very special boy love Aunty Leela. Happy birthday to a very special boy. You have been the light of my life. Love you very much. love mommy.

Perry Fisher... Happy Birthday Perry Love Heather

Dallas Chenard... Happy 24th Birthday! Love Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Darcy, Lacy, Austin, Kaylee, Brent & Kiptyn

Dewey Cook... Happy Birthday Dewey, your unmistakable accent from the little Canadian hamlet of Texas is always guaranteed to bring fun! Hope you have a great day as you host the kick-off to this year's Ability Bowl tonight with your Burns McDonnell fundraiser!

Wesley Blyth... Hey Wesley, I hope you have a wonderful day full of Batman, Spider-Man, magic, and cake! Happy Birthday! Love, Uncle Glenn!

angela... happy birthday angela  love from mom

Brady Simpson... Have a Happy Birthday Brady! All our love, Mom, Dad, Belle and Blake

Darcy Schott... Happy 60th Birthday to the best Grandpa around. Love Jax, Ben, Taya, Halstyn and Navi.

Ashton Stevenson... Happy Birthday Ashton. Hope you have a wonderful day. From the gang at the supper

January 15th

Cole Soos... Happy 8th Birthday Cole Soos with love from your whole family.

Brad Klein... Happy Birthday Pops

Blythe Carson... Happy 19th Blythe! Love Mom, Haven and Sully

Carlos... Happy 15th birthday to our wonderful boy.Best wishes from mom, dad, brother and friends.

Ainsley Christianson... Happy 4th Birthday Ainsley. Lots of Love Grandpa and Grandma. Happy Birthday Ainsley. Love Uncle Landon, Uncle Logan, Auntie Dana, Sawyer and Nora. Happy Birthday Ainsley!Love mom, dad, Ashton, Aidan, Avery & Archer.

Dan Getz... Happy Birthday Dan! Love: Alanna, Kyra & Ryden

NICOLE SPETZ...  Wishing you the best day ever Nicole! With many more to come!Love from all the Spetz in-laws!

Christine Cox... Hope you have a great birthday!!

Colby Latimer... Happy 17th birthday Colby! Hope you have an awesome day ! Love Mom, Dad, & Parker.

Taya Shotter... Happy birthday to our granddaughter Taya Shotter who is celebrating her 11 th birthday.  Love from Nana & Grampa

SHAUN erickson... Happy Birthday Shaun love Krista, Irelynn and Rohmyn

Cam Rempel...  Happy Birthday CamLove you Lori

January 14th


John Schwab... Happy birthday john aka baldy hope u have a good day. From Jason and Sandra

Carter Broccolo... Happy 10th birthday Carter. Welcome to double digits buddy. Hope your day is as good as you are! Love Mom, Dad, Brady, Bailey, and Hunter.

Paige Aldag... Happiest of birthdays to our one and only Paige

January 13th

Aaron Matthews...  Happy 47th Birthday, Aaron from Mom and Grandma, all your relatives and friends.

Dallas Peters... Happy 30th Birthday Dallas!! We hope you have a fantastic day!From all of your friends, at AAFC and Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards!

January 12th

Daryl Weinbender... Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!! Hope you have the best birthday ever! Love Jace, Ashton, Carter, Lindsey and Dave!

January 11th

Candice Petkau... Happy birthday love Derek, Cassidy, Abigail and Milo

Troy Stewart... Happy Birthday Troy havea fantastic day!Love kaylynn, cody and wifey

Alexandra Chilson... Happy 17 th Birthday Alexandra!! Loads of Love....Gramma Poh and Gramma Pat.Happy Birthday to my Big Sister Alex,.. Love Kierstin. Happy 17th Birthday Alex... Love Mombyssa

Elise Lawrence... Happy 6th Birthday Elise, love Mom, Dad and Madison

January 10th 

Hailey... Happy Birthday beautiful girl Love Mom, Tyler, Braydon, and Natalie. Love you

William Eli Rampold... Happy first birthday to my beautiful baby boy I hope you have an amazing day! With lots of love from mom grandma auntie and uncle

Ray Bourlon... Happy 90th Birthday to a wonderful Dad and Grandpa.   We love you a lot.  Earl, Shelly, Nicole, Kyle and Breanne

Carter Broccolo... Happy 10th Birthday Carter! Love Olive

Candace cutts... Happy Birthday  Candace from your co workers at the days inn

Jaden Gader... Happy 6th Birthday Jaden! Love Dad, Mom, Austyn, Karl and Kye

January 9th 

Savannah Moellenbeck... Happy birthday to the best little squishy girl out there! Love Dad Mom and brother Peyton.

Ember Elton... Happy birthday Little Miss Ember! Love Mommy, Daddy & Big Sis!

Sherri Lovestone... Happy birthday to our beautiful friend Sherri Lovestone.  Have an amazing day!!Love Leon and Joanne

January 8th 

Maria Moellenbeck... Happy birthday to the best wife and mom out there. Wishing you the best day. Love from your husband and kids Glen, Peyton and Savannah.

Paula McGregor... Happy 39th Birthday Paula, we hope you have a wonderful day!Love,  Mom and DadIan, Carlie, Caitlin and LucyDeanna, Dustin, Addison and Gunner

Blake woods...  Happy happy birthday!Love uncle auntie Farrah Emerson & nelly

Krystal Dyck...  Happy Birthday Krystal!  Tons of Love from mom, Jeff, Jenny, Ruby and Townes

January 7th

 Dylan... Happy 10th birthday buddy. Love mom, dave, Boston, and isabelle. We love you

Mary Erich... May your day be filled withjoy Have a wonderful day

Carter Wall... Happy Birthday Carter! Love mom, dad, Callie and Cailynn.

Charise Bull... Happy Birthday from your husband Ryan and your boys Christopher and Brody. Have a great day!

Jewel Giesbrecht... Happy 70th Birthday Jewel - wishing you a WONDERFUL day and a FANTASTIC  year ahead - Stan & Shirley

Janice Thoreson... Have a Happy Birthday Janice from Daryl and friends,

Taya Shotter... Happy 11th Birthday Taya! Love Mom, Dad, Jax & Ben.

Jaxon Shotter... Happy Birthday Jax! Love Mom, Dad, Ben and Taya

January 6th 

Skyli Kshanowski... Happy 3rd birthday to our little princess Skyli!! We love you. Love Mommy, Daddy, Nevaeh, Grandma, Auntie Heidi and Uncle Luke

January 5th 

Toby Laybourne... Happy Birthday from Dad. Love You buddy. Happy Birthday from Papa  Nana  Auntie Kendra  Uncle Tanner and Uncle Chris

January 4th 

Lauren Stewart.... Happy Birthday sweetheart. Hope you have a wonderful 12th birthday and good luck at your hockey tournament this weekend.  Lots of love, Grandma and Grandpa. Happy 12th birthday to Lauren Stewart!  Have a great day! See you this weekend! Love Auntie Kristi, Uncle Marc, Payten, Carly and Brinkley.

Lloyden Wallis... Happy 4th Birthday Lloyden!Have a really great "golden" birthday. Love Mommy, sister Haylan, Papa Danny & Gr'ma Gail.


January 3rd

Nick Grainger... Happy birthday to th best dad ever!Love Farrah, Emerson & Nelly

January 2nd 

Ella Berg...Happy Birthday Ella ! To our energetic busy granddaughter      Love grandpa and grandma Garland

Roland Chenard.... Wishing Roland a very happy birthday and enjoy your day. From Angie and the rest of your family. Wishing grandpa Roland a happy birthday love Kiptyn and Austin 

January 1st - Happy New Year's Day!!!

Michael Werner...Happy Birthday Mike. Hope you have a great day. From the gang at the Super 8

Raya Erickson... Happy birthday Raya.  Love mom dad and Halle!! Hope you had a great day, we love you!

December 31st

Piper Plewis...Happy birthday to little Piper.  Enjoy your special day.  Pappa Bob and gramma Mary Lou love you lots;  Happy birthday little PiperLove GG Dorothy!!

Gayle Klassen... Happy Birthday, have an amazing day, from  Wayne, Amanda and Mike, Kim & Jeremy Wilson, and Stephanie & Jeremy Robert's.

Rheece Weinbender...Happy 9th Birthday Rheece! Love: mom, dad and Zac

John Fehr...Happy Birthday Papa!  Love: Rheece, Zac, Nathan, Nolan and Nikayla : Happy 5th birthday! Love, mom, dad,Emmerson and Everett!

Zachary Dietrich...Happy Birthday Zachary, love mom dad, Nataly, Kamryn, Grayden, and Grandpa and Grandma

Keaton Wiens...Happy 5th birthday!Love, mom, dad,Emmerson and Everett!

December 29th

Earl Jackson... Happy 65th birthday on Sunday December 30th to Earl Jackson in Shaunavon from all his family and friends.

Sharon Wittmier...Happy Birthday Sharon. Hope its a good one, we know you miss us! From Phyllis & Sherril

December 28th

Brett Moraes...HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brett Moraes! Hope its a 'Golden' one! Love from Sherril & Adam Ferguson. :)

December 27th

Tammy Sloan...Happy Birthday Tammy!!We hope you have an amazing day.We love you so much!!Love, Les, Brenna, Quaid, Hayes, Patty, Janine & Greg

Angie Chenard... Wishing Angie a very happy birthday and enjoy your day. love from Roland and the rest of your family.

December 26th

Danelle Klassen..  Happy Birthday Danelle. Have a great day from the gang at the Super 8!  Happy Birthday to Danelle Klassen!  Have a wonderful day and an exciting year ahead!  Love from Mom, Dad, Darren, Tia, Colbie, Darlene, Terry and Abby. 

John Yaeger...Have a great day, John!!! From Joe and Marie-Ann

December 25th

Trisha Langen... The big 30...Happy Birthday to our best Christmas present ever. Love Mom and Dad

December 24th

Braydon Karl... Happy Birthday from Mom Tyler hailey and Natalie and family love you

Gail Tetrault... To an awesome lady - wishing you a wonderful birthday and a happy Christmas ... Love from the Bailey's and all you family and friends


December 22nd 

Duane Reimer... Happy Birthday, Duane.   Love from Mom, Angela and Clarence.

Alex Rutherford... Happy birthday Alex!! We can't wait to celebrate your first with us and every one after! Love Dad, Mom, and Jack.

December 21st

Ashtyn... Happy birthday Ashtyn love mom, summer and Danika

Hunter Adashynski... Happy 13th Birthday Hunter.  Love Dad, Marni & Gracie

December 20th

Cord Fry... Happy birthday Cord. From Dad Mom and Jordyn

Jane Corey... Happy birthday from Meghan Dave Conner Austin Mom Dad And the pets.  Happy Birthday Jane, hope you have a great day, from the whole family.

Melissa McBlain... Happy Birthday! Love Jocelyn, Allison, Emily, Payton and the rest of the a Gang.

Lane Fehr... Happy sweet 16 Lane! Hope you have a great year! Love Mom, Dad, Kyle and Rylan

Sam Heinrichs... Happy 24th birthday Sam Love Dad & Mom Enjoy your day !!

Rhonda Pollock... Happy birthday Rhonda, from the crew at SC EMS!

Kathy Sartison... Happy 70th Birthday Mom!  Love from all your family. 

December 18th

Darnelle Johnson... Happy birthday hope you have a great one

Kimberley Giesbrecht... Wishing our daughter Kimberley a very happiest of birthdays. Hope you enjoy your day. Love mom dad, Ryan Morgan Zoey & Levi, Nick, & Rud

Maria Sandrock... Happy Birthday Maria,From your Host Family, Glen, Kim, Raleigh & Keegan Little

December 17th

Fran Chipurda... Happy Birthday to the best Mom, Grandma & Great Grandma!!! Love from: Nancy, Troy, Kristin, Scott, Vaeda, Brianna, Joel, Bentley & Allie

Carolee Carignan... Happy Birthday to my hubby, have a great day

Dorothy Laturnus... Happy birthday to my beautiful mom and our grandma! Love you Lisa, Glen, Alex,Zeke and Ozzie

Kimberly Little...  Happy Birthday, Love Glen, Raleigh, Keegan and Maria

Prue Anderson... happy birthday 13th sister!!have the best day prue anderson!!!!  love Mom, Dad and Ava

Val Laturnus... Happy Birthday Val. Have a great day from the gang at the Super 8

December 15th

Brenda Moss... Happy birthday Meme!! We love you! Love: Elle, Jake & Oliver

Madison White... Happy Birthday to our little string bean!  Madison White turns 17 this Saturday!  Have a great day!Love Mom, Dad, Rylee, Morgan & Bear

Lorraine mcfayden... Happy 2nd birthday Lorraine from grandma dorthy and grandpa doug mom and eva

Lenni Zanidean... Happy Birthday Lenni - have a wonderful day and may the year ahead be filled with health and happiness - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Lorna Janzen... Happy Birthday Lorna Janzen! Hope you have a great day and fun filled year ahead! Your friends Colleen & Dolores

December 14th

Kurtis Sykes... Wishing you a super terrific birthday Kurtis!  Love mom, Dad, Pip and Tuck.

Keegan Gauvin... Great Grandpa & Grandma Koehn want to wish you a very happy 10th Birthday. Love you forever and always.

Sierra Ross... Happy birthday Sierra! From the Lamotte’s

Doug Ruf... Happy Birthday Doug Love Iris, Brian and Ashley

Douglas Ruf... Happy Birthday Doug   Have a great day lots of love from Mom, Rodger & Maureen and the rest of the family

Jody Park... A big happy 26 birthday to Jody from Melissa and raven

Preston... Happy 17th  birthday Preston 5 days till Mexico!!! Love Mom, Dad & Brooke

December 13th

Drew Larson... Happy Birthday to our youngest grandson, love you very much. Pappa & Memere

Carter Lamotte... Happy 14th Birthday Carter Lamotte.  Hope you have a great day!  From Kevin, Terry, Rhianna and Sierra

Sierra Ross... Happy 14th birthday Sierra Ross!  Enjoy your birthday supper!  Love Mom, dad, Rhianna, Presley, Nala, and Grandma G. Happy 14th birthday Sierra Ross.  Love mom, dad, Rhianna

Darrald Zanidean... Happy 50th Birthday Darrald - wishing you a GREAT day and all the very best in the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Talon Moen... Happy Birthday to one amazing 8 year old. Love Nana and Papa.

Carter Lamotte... Happy birthday Carter! Love Mom, Dad and Surrey

December 12th 

Mitchell Clarke.... Happy birthday Mitchell Clarke! Love all your family

Sherri Gusikoski... Happy Birthday my friend

Tracey Waddington... Happy birthday to my beautiful sister enjoy your day and all the new beginnings new year!

David Cote... Happy birthday love from your family: Leann, Levi, Layne, Morgan and Lexi!

Britany Hildebrand... Happy birthday to the best mom out there! Love your husband, Emmett, lily and Mya!

December 11th

Franklyn Strain... Happy Birthday Dad, grampa and great grampa. Love Larry, Shirley, Ryan, Kayla, Elly, Chelsea and PJ

December 10th

Jason Tiechroeb... Happy, Happy Birthday, your 50th, have a great day!!

Maria Moraes... Very happy 3rd birthday Maria! We love you and hope you have a fantastic day and year. Love, Sherril and Adam Ferguson.

Malanie Frank... Happy Birthday old girl! Have a great day!  from you know who ;)

Nickolas Dyck... Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! Love you lots Charlene, Riley and brantley

Carmen Perrault... Happy birthday Carmen hope you have a great day from your favourite sister Melissa

Nixon... Happy birthday Nixon love auntie Melissa uncle Justin Jaimee Craig and Raven

December 9th

Matt... Happy birthday to the best husband and father around. Everyone make sure to give him a hug today, haha! Love, Amanda, Dex and Kai

Reyna Moen... Happy 4th Birthday Reyna!!

Cira... Happy Birthday Cira. Have a great day from the gang at the Super 8

December 8th

Raylin Poh... Happy 10th birthday Raylin!! Tons of love from mom dad Emilie Tristan Daisy Delilah Dipper Cat and Cuddles

Doug Blohm... We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Doug.  Love from ~ Coleen, Trevor, Ryan, Jeff and families, Sherryl, David, Dianne, Brian and families.

December 7th

Shaun Wall... Happy 19th Birthday Shaun.  Love Mom, Dad and Allison

Darcy Selvig... Happy 19th birthday Darcy love mom Brad  Jesse and Terry

Nate Silbernagel... Happy birthday Nate!! Hope your day is great!  Love mom, dad, Taye, Kamri & Asia!

Hannah Regier...  Happy 13th Birthday Hannah  - a teenager in mom and dad's house - YAHOO!!! Hope you have a fun day with your family & friends - Love Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

December 4th 

Ryan Scott...  Happy birthday daddy digger! Love Chloe , Evan, brandtlee and bump!

Tanner McBlain... Happy Birthday love Mom and Dad Jayden Tiana and Taryn

Jean-Paul Klassen... From Mother, son, and rest of the family.

Clint Walker... Happy Birthday to a wonderful dad and husband !!!! Love Merle , Kaylie And Denton

Cathy Mckaig... Happy birthday Cathy McKaig, love from all of your family !!

Heidi Deg... Happy Birthday Heidi !! Love Mom and Dad

December 3rd 

Courtnie Bye... Happy 15th Birthday Courtnie! Hope you have an amazing day! Lots of love from Papa, Gramma, Licks, Emily and Louis!

Holli Filson... Happy Birthday to our little Holli Jolli Filson! We love you so much!Love Mom, Dad, sister Bria and puppy Nevada Pie.

Brenna Sloan... Happy birthday Brenna!!  We hope you have an amazing day, today.  We love you so much!!

December 1st 

Joel Goddu... Happy 11th Birthday Joel!!Love Mom, Dad, Eric

Archer Christianson... Happy Birthday Archer. Lots of love from Uncle Landon, Uncle Logan, Auntie Dana, Sawyer and Nora. Happy 2nd birthday Archer.  Lots of love from Grandpa and Grandma

Navi... Happy 7th birthday to our granddaughter navi harder.  Love from Nana & Grampa is Swift Current's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.