SWAC Curling Districts took place in Val Marie on Saturday, with six teams set to advance one step further to SHSAA Provincials.


A Side - Maple Creek (Morgan Robinson- Skip, Cassidy Gordon - Third, Kathleen Portz - Second, Louise Parsonage - Lead, Grace Ungrin - Alternate, Holly Jamieson - Coach)
B Side - Gull Lake (Rachael Murray - Skip, Nikita Trapp - Third, Brenlyn Butts - Second, Jacey McCarty - Lead, Bev Dutton/Kelsey Waker - Coaches)


A Side - SCCHS Lautsch (Theo Lautsch - Skip, Grady Rogers - Third, Tanner Ewert - Second, Michael Orthner - Lead, Ron Bailey - Coach)
B Side - SCCHS Cornelson (Beau Cornelson - Skip, Dusty Cherpin - Third, Carson Funk - Second, Zander Rommeleare - Lead, Ron Bailey - Coach)


A Side - Val Marie (Alex Waldner - Skip, Mckenna Legault - Third, Jacob Duquette - Second, Madison Stevens - Lead, Jayne Hanson - Alternate, Blaine Clement - Coach)
B Side - Maple Creek (Janae Wilson - Skip, Luke Jamieson - Third, Ashley Kramer - Second, Zack Guckert - Lead, Jocelyn Wilson - Coach) 

These teams will be off to SHSAA Regionals in Regina March 1-2.

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