The cold weather isn't planning on leaving the southwest anytime soon.

Environment Canada says Swift Current will continue to get hit with -20 C temperatures for at least another week.

Natalie Hasell, a warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada, said it's a long slog of a cold period before it warms up in the area.

"Not nearly as cold as you just recently experienced, but well below-normal (temperature-wise) trend will continue," she said. "We have similar conditions tomorrow, slightly warmer temperatures during the day on Wednesday and Thursday, but night time temperatures are similarly cold, slowly improving starting on Thursday I guess."

The temperature dropped below the -20 C mark in Swift Current the night of February 2 and has remained under since, even getting as cold as -36.5 C on February 7.

"All of the precautions that people have been taking up to now, remain, as precautions to take," Hasell said. "Pay attention to how people are feeling, look for signs of frostbite, look for signs of hypothermia.

"If you're stranded on the highway and you're car is still intact, stay in your car, it is already offering you the best shelter. Hopefully you have gassed up before going on this trip so you have a little bit of gas that can keep you warm. That your cellphone is charged up and that you can call out for help. Don't leave your car, don't start walking to what looks like shelter in the distance... Distances are hard to judge on the highway, because we're used to travelling at over 100 kilometres per hour."

Friday's daytime high at -13 C is by far the warmest it's expected to get around Swift Current until at least next week.

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