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Being a teenager has issues of it's own when you are relatively healthy. 

For a teenager that has had to deal with medical conditions since birth the issues that can arise can seem almost insurmountable. 

Amisha Hockridge was diagnosed at birth with Microtia. This is a congenital deformity where the external ear is underdeveloped and causes deafness. 

This condition can affect one out of every 10,000 children born. From that pool one in 8,000 can have issues that affect the heart, spine, kidneys and bowels. Amisha is one of these kids. 

To date she has had 13 surgeries and is getting ready for number 14. 

She needs to have a corrective action done for her jaw as the right side of her face is not growing at the same rate as the left. The condition is called Hermifacial Microsomia.

With all that one would expect that Amisha would be very shy and reserved. Amisha is far from that. She is an articulate young lady with a passion for dance.

"I love to dance, my parents also know I love to sing, I sing all the time around my house," Amisha said. "I've been dancing a long time since I was two and a half and I dance at Back Stage Dance Company the best place, I do all of the styles tap, jazz, ballet, musical theatre, point and bollywood."

Her parents Mike and Veena have always tried to help Amisha have, what would be considered, a normal kid life.

"That despite having a medical condition and going through lots of trials in her life that not just Amisha but anyone with a medical condition can be a normal child as well," Mike said.

"Amisha's moto has always been you can always do anything if you put your mind to it," Veena said. "She has actually started up her own little 3D printing business, she does trade shows with her dad and its on Facebook, Amisha's 3D Creations, if anyone wants to check it out."

Amisha's next surgery is not paid for by the Sask Health plan so the Hockrige family must once again pay out of pocket for this.
It is expected to cost $10,000 just for the surgery let alone the travel, meals and time away from work. 

A fundraiser concert happened on Saturday Night at the Lyric Theatre with some proceeds going to Amisha. If anyone would like to help the family there is a medical trust fund set up at Innovation Credit Union, The Amisha

Hockridge Medical Trust Fund. You can also make contributions to the Go Fund Me page at

For more information check out the Facebook page at



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