Frosty weather is the culprit being blamed for Tuesday's wide-spread power outage in Saskatchewan.

SaskPower estimated between 175,000-200,000 customers lost power earlier this week after some infrastructure was damaged in southeastern Saskatchewan.

Jordan Jackle, a spokesperson for SaskPower, said they lost two very important transmission lines in the southeast which caused the outage.

"The level of grid instability caused by that transmission loss is what caused our power stations at Poplar River, Boundary Dam, Shand to go down, they tripped off," he explained. "That actually happens when a power station senses that instability on the system, it trips off because essentially it would have been producing power and the power wouldn't have been able to go anywhere."

The damage to the transmission lines was due to several days of frosty, misty, and foggy conditions throughout the province, but more specifically in the southeast.

"This is the result of a really unique weather situation," he said Wednesday afternoon. "Often times when we do see frost the sun comes out at some point and burns it off. This frost was really allowed to grow and grow starting late last week... The frost hasn't had the opportunity to get that exposure to the sun that would really help us out."

Roughly a third of power outages throughout the province each year are due to weather-related issues.

Over 45,000 calls were received by SaskPower on Tuesday due to the outage and as of right now Crown corporation isn't looking into how much the incident might cost them.

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