Over the weekend Swift Current residents got a taste of the ocean at the 18th-annual Lobsterfest.

The event held at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School featured a lobster dinner, silent auction, and live entertainment from the Speedy Creek band.

Chad MacLeod is the co-chair of Lobsterfest and says that the event was a success.

"It went good," he said. "We always have a group of people that come out and support us and Swift Current is such a great community for local support. It helps service groups like ourselves to do the things we do in the city."

MacLeod said that since the event was the same night as Game 6 of the Broncos playoff series, he was happy with the over 200 community members who came.

"It was a big worry," he said. "When it comes to Swift Current the local support is always strong including to our WHL team. We had the game going on, and everyone stuck around for a while, so attendance was great."

MacLeod said that the won't know how much money they raised for another week but said whatever they raise it will help them with a number of their project.

"For Kiwanis, we do a number of different things through the community," he said. "We do highway cleanup; we do a month free swimming for the kids, we help out the blood banks, we do a youth wellness conference and the list kind of goes on. There's a number of different things we do through the community so this kind of just goes in the overall budget for the Kiwanis to operate through the year."

MacLeod added that for the Rotary club they'd use their money for a jazz festival that is held at the Comprehensive High School.

He added that the Kiwanis and Rotary club like hosting the event every year because it gives Swift Current residents a chance to experience something they don't every day.

"We don't have much lobster around Swift Current, so it's kind of fun to be able to bring these live lobsters from out east and people get to come down and experience cracking open a lobster. It's just a fun event."

MacLeod says the best part of the event is seeing the community come out and support them.

“I think that and just seeing the community when they come in, enjoy the meal and the atmosphere within, and the live entertainment it's just a fun evening for everyone,” he said. “There's tons of work that goes behind the scenes, but when you get to the event, you see everything take place and see all the enjoyment people are having, I think it makes it all worth it.”

MacLeod added that the hard work of both clubs and the community support are what has made the event a success for 18 years.


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