Sculptures outlining Swift Current's history that have been in the works since 2015 are finally done.

City Council commissioned the sculptures that depict the last 100 years of Swift Current history.

The 10 individual sculptures, located across the street from City Hall in Frank Rempel Centennial Plaza, all represent one decade of the past century, and defining events in Swift Current from each of the 10.

The creator of these monuments, James Marshall, was present at the official unveiling of these sculptures yesterday, ready to give out information on all the different works of art being unveiled.

When asked how he felt about delving into the city's history as part of the process of creation for the sculptures, Marshall said that he was always interested in the history of smaller communities.

"I'm a real student of history, I like doing history projects, I find it really interesting going through the archives and seeing what a community is all about, there was lots of interesting stuff that didn't make it onto the articles."

Marshall said that the hardest moment of history to replicate was the mural for Swift Current's rich history in baseball.

"The baseball team was harder to do," the sculptor said. "It's the one I did over again, because of all of those little faces, trying to keep those faces out of the joints so you didn't have mortar joints distorting the facial features."

Lloyd Begley, curator and director for the Swift Current Museum, spoke at the event and said that it was a thorough process working with the artist.

"At the beginning when we first met with [James] and provided him with, oh I don't know, somewhere in the neighborhood of three or four hundred photographs from the ten decades, and it just became a process of, you know, what stories are important, what do they represent, and how are they important to the community, and we left it up to the artist to decide which story he thought was representative of each decade, and we went from there."

The Swift Current Museum also hosted a lunch and learn event at noon to give the public an in-depth look at why the art was chosen, what it depicts, and how it showcases the most interesting moments in Swift Current's history.

Tim Marcus, chief administrative officer with Swift Current, said the City was not done with construction in the area of the monuments, and would construct a pathway to lead visitors along the path of history.

"It will be in a pattern that takes you amongst the monuments, but also the pattern is to lead you to Market Square."

The sculptures are made of clay brick, and took all three years to be completed.

Plaques will be available to be viewed on the backsides of the monuments providing information on what the art depicts.

The sculptures cost the city $100,000 to create, but S3 Enterprises, a manufacturing company in Swift Current donated $50,000 towards the completion of the monuments in 2015.

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