It was another wild day yesterday for weather in the southwest as some severe thunderstorms passed through.

A heat warning was in effect for the majority of the day and around 2:30 p.m. Environment Canada began to place tornado watches and warnings on the region.

Dan Kulak, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said yesterday's storms were caused by a cooler weather pattern that came from Alberta.

"A bit of low-pressure system moved into Alberta, a jet stream on the eastern side of this system pushed it to southern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan," he said. "These jet streams tend to be a trigger mechanism for thunderstorm formation and you can sometimes get very significant storms when everything lines up right. It's not just heat that goes into thunderstorms there is a whole mix of ingredients. Sometimes you can have extremely hot days with no thunderstorm weather and much cooler days with a lot of violent activity."

Environment Canada says they've received reports of possible tornadoes in the Val Marie, Mankota, and Golden Prairie.

Heather Pimiskern, another meteorologist with Environment Canada, said they're investigating a series of potential tornadoes, but can't confirm any of them yet.

"One of the reports we've received is the possible tornado report that has occurred around Val Marie," she said. "There was significant hail in and around the town of Val Marie around 5:45 p.m.

"A storm went through Mankota and the auto station in the region recorded a 122 kilometre-per-hour wind gust. We have received reports on Twitter of tree damage as well as some hydro pole damage."

Several people in the Val Marie, Eastend, and Frontier area sent in photos of tennis ball-sized hail from the storms.

Photos by: Chelsea Weedon, Troy Gates, Leanne Cherkowski, Shannon Napper, Kimberly Simpson, Jorge Razo Beas, Amber Kirk, Joe Regier, Jenna Hnatiuk, Sharon Condie, Kealy Schulze, Jackie Haubrich, Brittney Bloye, Nicole Jamieson, and Dawn Williams.


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