A couple pieces of massive equipment are en route to the Chinook Power Station from southeastern Saskatchewan.

The two pipe rack modules left Carlyle early Monday morning on and are expected to arrive at their destination just north of Swift Current sometime on Thursdays.

Jordan Jackle, a spokesperson for SaskPower, said the equipment was made in Oxbow and moved to Carlyle about a month ago in anticipation of this four-day trek.

"It's a really complex structure of piping and equipment that fits into the existing piping and equipment that's already installed at the site," he explained. "Some of it is finer work than what you'd want to be doing at the site."

Richards Transport is in charge of moving the pieces that both weight in excess of 250,000 pounds and have lengths great than 100 feet.

The convo including pilot vehicles will average 40 km/hr. during the move and will allow highway traffic to pass roughly every 10 kilometres.

"There will be delays and the moving crew will be stopping oncoming traffic until the trucks have actually gone by," Jackle said. "They're letting people behind the trucks go by when they're able to as well. We know it might slow people a bit for those folks who might be travelling that highway. We're asking for everyone's patience as this piece of machinery makes its way to Swift."

The expected travel route is on Highway 13 travelling westbound until they reach Highway 4 when they will head northbound.

Travel schedule listed below

Day 1 - Carlyle to Junction HWY 13 & Hwy 6 - Start Time - 8:30 AM

Day 2 - Junction Hwy 13 & Hwy 6 to LaFleche - Start time - 8:30 AM

Day 3 - LaFleche to HWY Gravel Yard Hwy 4 North 1KM south of Jct 43 - Start Time - 8:30 AM

Day 4 - HWY Gravel Yard Hwy 4 North 1KM south of Jct 43 to Chinook Power Station - Start Time - 8:30 AM

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