For 45 years the Swift Current Oratorio choir has serenaded audiences.

Last night to celebrate their almost five decades of performing, the choir performed at the Bridgeway Community Church in Swift Current.

The choir performed 'Messiah by G.F Handel.' Although, the choir did not do it alone as they had the help from members of the Regina Orchestra and four soloists.

Greg McLean, the director of the choir, said that last night's show went great.

"I'm overwhelmed quite frankly," he said. "I think there were some powerful moments. I think we had four excellent soloists, and the choir has wonderful moments of highs and lows, I thought the whole thing was outstanding."

McLean and his wife Marcia who is the Choral Director for the choir, have been a part of the choir since 1990.

Greg McLean said that to hit 45 years is a very special milestone.

"That's a significant milestone really for a community-based choir of volunteers, of amateur musicians and the fact that we put a major work on like this every spring," he said. "We also have an orchestra come out; we always have guest soloists, this is significant. I don't know of another place in Saskatchewan even Western Canada, as small as Swift Current that can field a performance like that."

He said part of their success as a choir has been how well invested the community is in the choir.

"I think we have a really good following as far as audiences go," he said. "People from a far view it as something special and we in the community view it as pretty special too."

The choir features around 70 performers from all over the southwest.

"We have people that drive into choir practice from Frontier, Eastend, Shaunavon, and Herbert," Greg McLean said. "The majority of people are from Swift Current or just outside Swift Current, but there's a huge number of people that come from quite far."

Marcia Maclean added that the choir has tremendous dedication because they battle through terrible weather sometimes to make it to practice every week.

Greg McLean said looking forward he is hoping that they can continue the choir for another 45 years.

"Well, I think we just keep going along. I mean there's a love of choral music in the area with these people," he said. "Some people are getting very elderly and aren't coming back, and we got young people coming into the choir, we are just going to just keep this rolling along as long as we can."

McLean and his wife, who are both retired music teachers, said that as some of the older members are retiring, they are seeing some familiar faces join the choir.

"For us to see former students of ourselves, and other students that's great," he said. "When we start kids off in public school in music, singing or playing an instrument or something we hope they will pursue music for their entire life type of thing."

The performance wasn't just about celebrating 45 years of the choir, but the choir dedicated the show to a former member Anthea Loran who passed away earlier this year.

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