The first taste of spring weather is on its way to southwestern Saskatchewan.

According to Environment Canada, an upper ridge of high pressure is expected to pass through the area beginning this weekend.

Daytime highs starting on Sunday until the middle of next week are projected to be 7 C and warmer, with Wednesday forecasted to reach 18 C.

Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, said she believes it will only warm up to about 10 C instead of the mid-teens as forecasted.

"We know that there is a really big upper ridge coming and what that does, is it will bring some very warm temperatures to all of western Canada," she said. "The issue is that there is still snow cover across much of southern Alberta and Saskatchewan and that isn't going to disappear quickly. That snow tends to dampen those really extreme temperatures. Once the snow goes, those temperatures are realistic."

She said the north part of the province will probably be warmer that Swift Current because they have trees to absorb the warmth, whereas the snow will reflect the heat.

"Think about it this way if you're in the desert," she said. "Would you rather be wearing a black shirt or would you rather be a white shirt? We know that the white doesn't absorb the heat because it is reflected away."

Monday through till Wednesday it's supposed to be double-digits in temperature for that trio of days before it cools back off.

weather map mar14Photo courtesy of Environment Canada Climate Change. The snow cover across the prairies appears as yellowish while clouds appear more white/blue/purple. You can also see the dark across northern Saskatchewan thanks to all the trees.

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