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Friday, May 26
Wanted: Swim pool heater
Contact #: 306-774-8365

Wanted: Metal framed carport like you can buy at Canadian Tire or Home Depot but with no tarp. It can need a little TLC. Going to cover the frame with chicken wire and use it over a strawberry patch. Text.
Contact #: 306-264-7747

Wanted: 2 newer style doors for Westeel Grain Bins.
Contact #: 306-774-4745

Wanted: 70's or 80's Chevy 4x4 truck with no motor.
Contact #: 306-671-7708

Wanted: Yamaha or kawii keyboard in good condition.
Contact #: 306-773-5695

Wanted: A hood for a John Deere 4020 tractor.
Contact #:306-294-7557

Thursday, May 25
Wanted: To rent a bumper pull RV travel trailer for Friday and Saturday night, may 26th and 27th. Older couple.
Contact #: 306-678-2149

Wanted: Hydraulic log splitter.
Contact #: 306-264-7684

Wanted:500 or 1000 gallon propane tank. Preferably one that hasn't been used for a while.
Contact #: 306-774-4999

Wanted: Set of wheels and tires. Can be from; Pontiac Sunfire, chev caviler, Dodge neon or Volkswagen Jetta. Must be alloys- no steel rims please.
Contact #: 306-750-7037

Wanted: Good set of tires in the size, 225/60 R16.
Contact #: 306-784-2524

Wednesday, May 24
Wanted: X90 siding. Small quantity needed.
Contact #: 306-773-2271

Wanted: Trailer tires (4) 7.00 x 15
Contact #: 306-625-7841

LOST - 25 foot logging chain on Lac Pelletier highway 343.
Contact #: 306-774-4023

Lost: A deweze wireless bale deck remote lost east of main centre. A lawn tractor with mower deck. Any size.
Contact #: 306-640-8632

Wanted:New Holland TR 98, preferably with a strait cut header and lower hours.
Contact #: 306-741-5247

Tuesday, May 23
Wanted: 15" tires.
Contact #: 306-625-7841

Wanted: Lost ford key and remote start, plus other keys.
Contact #: 306-773-3992

Wanted: Will take spent hens to live out their days on small farm as companions. Text location & details.
Contact #: 306-315-0440

Wanted: Good quality reclaimed lumber to be donated for various building projects at animal sanctuary. Text details & location.
Contact #: 305-315-0440

Lost: Ford key, plus remote start, plus other keys.
Contact #: 306-773-3992

Wanted: My roomie and I are looking for a third roomie. No druggies or partiers allowed. Have to honest, reliable and like my cat. Small animals are allowed. Downtown. You need a bed and dresser as that is not available. for start of june
Contact #: 306-773-2737 or 306-750-7337

Wanted: Raspberry and/or strawberry plants ... If there is anyone out there reducing or cleaning up their Raspberry and/or strawberry patch, I am very interested in taking the plants/roots off your hands.
Contact #: 306-773-6288 after 7:00 p.m.

Wanted: Rubber tire wagon or a cart - not fancy - for a heavy horse to drive single. Please leave a message.
Contact #: 306-759-2240

Wanted: Monitor for a 605m Vermeer baler. Phone or text.
Contact #: 306-478-7788

Wanted: Grain feed grain /heated grain.
Contact #: 306-774-2306

Found: Found an injured rag doll cat under the overpass by Coop mall. Picked it up and took it to my home to look for the owner. Someone must be missing this beautiful cat.
Contact #: 306-741-7007

Wanted: Standing hay in the Swift Current area. Willing to do on shares or cash rent
Contact #: 306-741-0267

Friday, May 19
Wanted: Red seed potatoes. Would be willing to try other varieties.
Contact #: 306-773-9535

Wanted: 1940-1974 Dodge or Fargo power wagon 4x4 truck. Will look at anything.
Contact #: 306-773-6723

Wanted: Morris 7180 air cart for parts.
Contact #: 306-741-6768

Wanted: Firewood. I will come and load it myself anywhere close to Rush Lake.
Contact #: 306-741-4908

Wanted: Parts for a 1976 Ford F-250.
Contact #: 306-741-3703

Lost: A pair of binoculars in case with strap. In the Rush Lake area. Reward offered.
Contact #: 306-773-2194

Wanted: To hire someone to do rototilling.
Contact #: 306-778-3460

Thursday, May 18
Wanted: Tandem disk up to 31 foot.
Contact #: 306-640-2404

Wanted: Smaller deep freeze approximately 40-42" long in decent shape.
Contact #: 306-741-6052 Please call or text after 5.

LOST: On Wed. May 17th between SC and Success a white grocery bag containing various toiletry items. If you happened to find these items please call Ron at 306 741-2852 to arrange their return.
Contact #: 306-741-2852

Wanted: Set of adult crutches required immediately. Will be in Swift Current this afternoon.
Contact #: 306-750-0441

Wednesday, May 17
Wanted: Drill fill augers.
Contact #: 306-784-2524

Wanted: A service manual for a 4020 John Deere tractor.
Contact #: 306-294-7557

Tuesday, May 16
Wanted: The number of the guy that found bale deck remote east of Gouldtown.
Contact #: 306-640-8632

Wanted: Playground equipment. Let me know what you have??
Contact #: 306-773-9720

Wanted: Roto tiller in good working condition please not to high of a price don't mind older ones as long as it works need asap.
Contact #: 306-741-4908

Wanted: A truck with extended cab in good running condition. Reliable to drive with children. Not more than 200,000 Km and under 4000.
Contact #: 306-773-4237

Wanted: To buy a 20-30 ton fertilizer bin.
Contact #: 306-677-2430

Wanted: Reasonably priced 1200-1600 square foot bungalow to be moved.
Contact #: 306-741-8263

Wanted: Tandem disk.
Contact #: 306-640-2404

Wanted: We are a family of 8 desperately seeking a long term house to rent. We have to be out if this house by July 1st but we would like to be moving by June 15th. We are on a tight budget so can't pay more than 1600 per month. We are looking for 5+ bedrooms but will consider other's.
Contact #: 306-741-4455

Wanted: Feed grain /older gran/ heated grain good for pigs and chickens Also looking for feed oats for the horses. Lost the lady's number who called a couple weeks ago.
Contact #: 306-774-2306

Monday, May 15
Wanted: Firewood. If you have a tree that you have cut down into pieces I can handle I will pick up. Not looking to do a bunch of clean up I will remove clean firewood not twigs etc.
Contact #: 306-741-3703 please text

Wanted: Seed treater that clamps on the auger. Need not be fancy not treating large amount.
Contact #: 306-293-7791

Wanted: A young doeling or buckling (can be a wether). Can be a bottle baby or already weaned. Looking for a friend for my month old Nubian Pygmy wether, so prefer another pygmy goat.
Contact #: 306-778-6189

Wanted: Telephone number for that house that was for sale to move on the Trading Post last week.
Contact #: 306-741-8306

Wanted: My husband and I with our 6 children are in desperate need of finding a house to rent for July 1st at the latest but can be ready to move a lot sooner. We are looking for 4-5+ bedrooms. We are on a tight budget so we would like rent to be $1600 per month or less. Please call or text anytime.
Contact #: 306-741-4455

Wanted: I am a Young man willing to do yard clean ups, eaves trough cleaning or other odd jobs in Shaunavon and area, phone Kyler.
Contact #: 306-294-8585

Wanted: To buy old advertising signs, clocks, thermometers etc. as well as old gas pumps and parts and old oil and grease pails.
Contact #: 306-778-1231 or 306-294-7001

Wanted: Good quality garden shed.
Contact #: 306-778-6556

Wanted: A pedal bike carrier that mounts onto a spare tire.
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