The InnovationPlex was filled to the top last night with eager fans.

During last night's final contest between the Regina Pats and the Swift Current Broncos for the regular season, fans poured into the rink to watch the show.

It was the first time the arena had a sold-out game since the 2017/2018 playoffs, marking six years between. 

For Sherry Adair, retail services manager for the Swift Current Broncos, it was exciting to have the place so full of energy again after so long.

"It's amazing," said Adair. "It brings back flashbacks of the 2017/18 season when they were in the playoffs. It was a lot of fun that year and it's great to see these people all out supporting the team."

Many of the seats were filled to see Regina Pats Center, Connor Bedard. After an amazing stint with the Canadian team at the 2022 World Junior Championships, Beddard has become a favourite around the world for hockey fans. 

Bedard Pats Emily StadeRegina Pats #98, Connor Bedard. (photo courtesy of Emily Stade)

The draw of Bedard's final appearance against the Broncos certainly helped to max out the InnovationPlex's 2,879-person seating capacity.

"Today we didn't have any tickets to sell because, yesterday when I left work at five, we had about four more tickets left," said Adair. "People must have purchased online because I know there was a post on Facebook saying that the rink was sold out. The Business Director, Nathan McDonald, texted me and said 'We're officially sold out'."

For fans like Emily Stade, who was in attendance at the game, it was an electrifying experience where her heart rate was accelerated the whole time.

"It did not go down," remembered Stade. "It spiked at about 150 bpm and stayed at about 120 bpm for the whole game, even about half an hour after the game ended. It's the energy. The energy kind of just keeps your heart rate up and makes you excited."

While the next sold-out game is impossible to predict, for Adair it's something she always looks forwards to. 

"I wanted tonight to be as fun as it could be so that people want to come back and have a great game experience here tonight," said Adair. "So that they want to come to more games and have fun with our games."

The Broncos managed to rally after being down halfway through the third period to win the contest 4-2.