Greeting Zone

Greeting Zone

Birthday Greetings can be heard on the Eagle 94.1 FM at 7:40 am, on CKSW 570 and CJSN 1490 at 7:40 am, and on Magic 97.1 FM at 7:40 am - Monday to Friday.

Weekend Birthdays and Anniversaries will be read on Fridays.

Please submit your Birthdays and Anniversaries at least 12 hours in advance, prior to the day they will be read on air.


Birthday Announcements

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August 5...Happy Birthday!!!

Jayden McBlain...Happy Birthday love Mom, Dad, Tanner, Tiana and Taryn

August 4...Happy Birthday!!!

Jeff Schlamp...Wishing my husband, Jeff a wonderful birthday!! Love you so very much. Love your wife Trudy and your children Luke, Jason, Jaydyn,& Brooke.

Sydney Bulbeck...Happy 16th birthday Sydney. Love Mom.

Robert Hattum...Happy Birthday Love Michelle, Keegan and Jaxon. Hope you have a great day!

August 3...Happy Birthday!!!

Bev Ginter...Happy 29ish Birthday Bev!! Love Heather and Perry.

August 2...Happy Birthday!!!

Megan Simmons...Happy Birthday, Auntie Megan! Love Emberlyn, Mhyer and Voldemort!

Rene' Bourlon...Happy Birthday! Love Sharon, Braeden, Dori, Darby & Wags.

Kyra Regier...We hope you have a very Happy 19th Birthday and an awesome year, beautiful girl! Love ya lots. Love from - Mom, Dad, Jordan, Kaden, Dexter, Wade, Karen, Hailey, Reid, Grandma & Grandpa!

Andrew Martinoski...Happy Birthday Andrew have a great day.  Love from your family and friends.

Kyra Regier...Wishing Kyra Regier a very Happy 19th Birthday & hope you have the best year ever!!! Love ya lots: Mom, Dad, Jordan, Kaden & Dexter

Kyra Regier...Hope you have a very happy 19th birthday and a fabulous year Kyra Dawn Regier!!! Love you lots! Love: mom, dad, Jordan, Kaden & Dexter

August 1...Happy Birthday!!!

Bill Wiebe...Stop by Gauvin motors and wish Bill a happy birthday and is you're able some birthday bumps. Love you sweetheart....your wife Debbie.

Janet Friesen...Happy birthday to a wife and great mom. Love Richard, Nicholas and the furry kids.

Eden Larson...Happy 13th. birthday Eden. Have a great day sweetie. Love you Grandma, Grandpa and Katlynn (WINNER)

Eden Larson...Happy 13th Birthday Eden!! Love Mom, Dad and Brooke.

July 31...Happy Birthday!!!

Maielle (My-L) Cornelson...Happy Birthday Maielle! Enjoy your day at the lake with your family and friends. Love mom, dad, & Rachel.

July 30...Happy Birthday!!!

Leonard Ginter...Happy birthday to our favourite Papa tomorrow. We love you. From all the grandkids and great grandkids

Leonard Ginter...Happy birthday to our Papa today. We love you. Love All your grandkids and great grandkids Have a good day!

Phyllis Eben...Happy 82nd birthday mom. Have a great day. We love you Irene, Dana, Katlynn and all the family

Johann...Happy 9th Birthday Johann! We love you From: Mom, Dad and Jiro

Nora Thiessen...Happy Birthday Nora. Enjoy your special day. Lot of love from Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Landon, Auntie Tara, Ashton, Aidan, Avery, Ainsely and Archer.

July 29...Happy Birthday!!!

Levi Elder...Happy 5th Birthday to our little lady bug loving grandson. Levi Elder. Love Nana and Papa (WINNER)

Dean Froese...Happy Birthday Dean love from Julie, Marshal, Stacy, Brittany, and Justin!

July 28...Happy Birthday!!!

Barb Klassen...Happy 75TH Birthday Barb - wishing you a fantastic day and all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley.

Delta Martens...Happy 7th Birthday Delta - hope you have a fun day with your family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley. (WINNER)

Barbara Klassen...Happy 75th Birthday to Barbara Klassen !!! Have a great day a wonderful year ahead. From: Leonard, Sheila & Danelle.

Laura Nesland...Happy 60th birthday to Laura Nesland from her neighbours.

Blake Reiter...Happy 8th Birthday Blake!! We love you. Auntie Tawni and Uncle Doug. (WINNER)

July 27...Happy Birthday!!!

Bethany Schulz...Happy birthday Bethany hope you have a great day. From the Gardners. (WINNER)

Bethany Schulz...Happy Sweet Sixteen to our beautiful daughter Bethany. We hope you have a fabulous year ahead and a great day celebrating all that is our wondeful Bethany! Happy 16th Birthday Bethany! Love Mom, Dad, Jonas and Owen.

Aaron Bakus...Happy birthday to our wonderful son, love mom & dad. (WINNER)

Alex Tumbach...Happy 87th Birthday Dad! Hope you feel better soon. Love Tammy, Shayne, Vicky and Brian.

July 26...Happy Birthday!!!

Sunny Sebastian...Happy birthday Sunny! Have a great day , from your co worker Leann and family! (WINNER)

Kevin Alarcon...Happy birthday, have a great day! From Leann, David and family. (WINNER)

Gregor Farquharson...Happy Birthday from your Part Time family here in Swift Current. Rob, Holly, Dave. Kat Ben and Katie Myers.

July 25...Happy Birthday!!!

Sabrina Penner...Happy birthday Sabrina who works so hard at associate pet hospital. Have a great day Love mom and dad.(WINNER)

July 22...Happy Birthday!!!

Allen Howell...Happy birthday from your much younger friend from Moose Jaw (WINNER)

Anna Krieser...Have the best Birthday Anna! Love you to the moon and back! Love Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Ringo, Kramer and Cleo.

Ed & Marion Parkin...Happy 55th Anniversary Ed & Marion - have a wonderful day together and wishing you all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley. (WINNER)

July 21...Happy Birthday!!!

Mikayla...Happy 13th Birthday Mikayla Love Mom Dad Kaitlynn and Cooper. (WINNER)

Dorothy Schwartz...Happy birthday Mom, Gramma ans Great Gramma. Love you lot and lots Bob, Mary Lou and your family.

Ben Reiter...Happy double digits Ben!! We love you! Auntie Tawni and Uncle Doug. (WINNER)

July 20...Happy Birthday!!!

Sean Finell...Welcome to the Fifties club Sean, enjoy your day and year to Brendon & Deanna. (WINNER)

Baillie-ann Johnson...Happy Birthday Baillie! Love Mom, Dad and Samantha. Welcome to the teenage years! (WINNER)

July 19...Happy Birthday!!!

Brett Ruf...Happy birthday Brett From mom, dad and sawyer.

Brett Ruf...Happy Birthday to Brett Jean! Love mom, dad, sawyer and Jade

Laner MacIsaac...Happy Birthday Laner, have a great day and year....Longhair

Michele schwartz...Happy birthday to Michele Schwartz. From grant, Ashley, Melody, Rya ,Dallas, Kalli, Kaydence, Jase, Hayden, Zach and Kyle (WINNER)

Ethan Button...Happy Birthday Ethan! Have the best day! Love: Uncle Ray, Auntie Mindy, Aleaha, Tydon and Reyna.

Brady Broccolo...Happy 11th Birthday Brady!! Hope your day is as good as you! Love Mom, Dad, Carter, Sandy, and all the rest of your family and friends! (WINNER)

July 18...Happy Birthday!!!

Michelle Harvey...Happy birthday. Love James, Alex and Tommy. (WINNER)

Twila and Rob Casselman...Wishing Twila and Rob Casselman a very special 35th anniversary today. Congratulations and lots of love from mom, Teddy, Tabby and Little Buddy!

Jordan Rindahl...Happy Birthday Jordan Love from mom and dad and gramma Dorothy.

Samantha Johnson...Happy birthday kiddo, finally in the double digits. Love Mom, Dad and Baillie-Ann. (WINNER)

July 16...Happy Birthday!!!

Brylee Penner...Happy First Birthday Brylee! Love mom and dad.

July 15...Happy Birthday!!!

Braydon Zacharias...Happy quarter century birthday, Braydon! Enjoy your special day. (WINNER)

Denise Giesbrecht...Happy Birthday to Denise Giesbrecht!! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead!! From Leonard, Sheila & Danelle.

Braydon Zacharias...Happy Birthday from ALL your family!! You're now 1/2 way to 50! Have a wonderful day!! (WINNER)

July 14...Happy Birthday!!!

Zeke Ludlow...Happy18th Birthday Zeke! Love you Mom, Dad and Ozzie! (WINNER X2)

July 12...Happy Birthday!!!

Brody...Happy Birthday Brody from mom, dad, Daxon and Bentley. (WINNER)

Florence Anderson...We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Florence! Love from your family, all your friends and the Broncos!!! You are loved!!!!

Vicki Patterson...Happy birthday Vicki love mom dad Kenny cory Tucker and all of the animals. Have a great day. (WINNER)

Scott MacLeod...Happy Birthday!! Love from Colleen, Connor, Zach, Kaila, & Chase.

July 11...Happy Birthday!!!

Kylie Nymann...Happy 5th birthday, Kylie. Hope you have an awesome day. Love Grandma and Grandpa kjos. And from Uncle Nathan, Uncle Lukas and Auntie Alicia. (WINNER)

Robert Klassen...Happy 76th Birthday Robert - wishing you a wonderful day and a GREAT year ahead - Stan & Shirley. (WINNER)

Robert Klassen...Happy 76th Birthday to Robert Klassen!! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead. From, Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen.

Reagan Scott...Happy birthday. Have a great day. Now you can get your learners. Love Mom, Katelyn. Lanny . Patrick.

Patrick Scott...Happy 15. Have a great day. Now you can get your learners. Love Mom, Katelyn, Lanny and Reagan.

July 9...Happy Birthday!!!

Kaitlyn kunze...Happy birthday Kaitlyn! Love mom dad and your sisters!

July 8...Happy Birthday!!!

Sabrina waker...Happy birthday to my sweet smart Sabrina our daughter !! We are so proud of you!! Have a blessed day and many more to come !! Love you mom dad and 3 sisters !!

Harper Robertson...Happy 5th Birthday, Harper! Love Auntie Jessie, Uncle Jeremy, Emberlyn, and Mhyer! (WINNER)

Harper Robertson...Happy Birthday Harper! Love Grandma Sheryl and Grandpa Dana!

Lana Stangland...Have a wonderful birthday my oldest friend! Love ya - Tracey (WINNER)

Lillian May...Happy Birthday Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma Love Kevin, Courtney, Tyler, Melissa, Riley, Sawyer, Maverick and Everett

July 7...Happy Birthday!!!

Jensen...Happy birthday Jensen. From Dad, Mom, and Keira.

Gunnar Wilson...Have a super 3rd birthday love grandpa and grandma.

Gunnar Wilson...Happy 3rd birthday to wonderful son that is so full of energy. Love dad ,mom and Jaxon.

July 6...Happy Birthday!!!

Rol Aeton...Happy 66th birthday to Rol Aeton of Swift Current from girlfriend Denise

Maddex Barber...Happy 15th Birthday Maddex - have a great day with family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Amber Belanger...Happy birthday amber love you kiddo love mom and dad (WINNER X2)

July 4...Happy Birthday!!!

Amanda Thoreson...Happy 21st Birthday Amanda! Wishing you all the best today and every day. Love Mom, Dad, Sammy, Oma, and Grandma. (WINNER X2)

Owen Regier...Happy 12th Birthday Owen - hope you have a fun day with your family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley.

Sandra Spasoff...Happy 48th birthday to my wife sandra coming from ur husband jason and the rest of the borea construction crew out in Medicine Hat.

July 3...Happy Birthday!!!

Rose MacFarlane...Happy Birthday my friend! Have a wonderful day! From Wendy H

Colleen Tumback...Have very Happy Birthday and I am sure we will celebrate with your relatives and friends. Hoping you many more years of happiness.

Lenni Lacasse...Happy Birthday to our daughter Lenni Lacasse. Wishing you a great day . Love from Mom & Dad Gillis,

July 2...Happy Birthday!!!

Emma McKenzie Larson...Happy 7th Birthday to our daughter Emma McKenzie Larson. Lots of love from mom, dad and Cole.

Susan Desjardins...Happy 58th Birthday Susan. Enjoy your day! Love Wes, Agnes, Wendy, Lisa, Matt, Lincoln and Liam.

July 1...Happy Birthday!!!

Aurelia Lacasse...Happy 12th Birthday to our beautiful Granddaughter, Aurelia Lacasse. Wishing you a great day and an awesome year! Love from Grandma & Papa Gillis.

June 30...Happy Birthday!!!

Luc Perrault...Happy 12th Birthday Luc! Love mom and dad. 

Frankie Arnold...Happy 30th Birthday Frankie!! Hope you have a good day and a wonderful year ahead. From Danelle Klassen. (WINNER)

Esther Wiens...Happy Birthday Esther - have a GREAT day with your family - Stan & Shirley.

Leila Hegglin...Happy Birthday Leila, we hope you have a great day. love Mom, Dad, and Jude. (WINNER)

Esther Wiens...Happy Birthday to Esther Wiens!! Have a great day! Wishing you many more years of good health and happiness! From. Leonard, Sheila, Darren, Tia, Colbie, Darlene, Terry and Danelle.

Ken Puskarz...wishing my young brother a happy 60th birthday.

June 29...Happy Birthday!!!

Laureen Kress...Happy big birthday ,Laureen. Have a fantastic day. Love, Patti & Lionel.

Kyle Osborne...Happy Birthday Kyle - Hope you are having a great day. Love Grandma and John.

Stan and Shirley Klassen...Happy 54th Anniversary Stan and Shirley, have a fabulous day. From Hank and Jewel.

Devon Ebner...Happy birthday Devon love mom and Rob. (WINNER)

Rachel Scheetz...Happy 16th Birthday to Rachel Scheetz! Love Mom, Dad, Brendan and Grandma!

Stan & Shirley Klassen...Happy Anniversary to Stan & Shirley Klassen!! Have a great day. Wishing you many more years of good health and happiness together! From, Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen.

June 28...Happy Birthday!!!

Andrew Lavallee... Happy birthday!!! (WINNER)

Lenni Neufeld...Happy Birthday Lenni - have a wonderful day and wishing you all the best in the year ahead - from a long time friend. (WINNER)

June 27...Happy Birthday!!!

Brent Pinel...Happy Birthday to the greatest Dad and husband around! Love Kaylee, Kiptyn and Kameron.

Brandon Casselman...Happy Birthday to Brandon Casselman who is turning 31! Wishing u a happy healthy prosperous year! Hope u have a happy fun filled day! Love from mom dad and family ❤❤ (WINNER)

Nicole Larson...Happy Birthday Nicole. Hope you have a great day. If you see Nicole at First Ave. Dental today wish her a happy birthday. Love Mom, Dana, Katlynn and family. (WINNER)

June 26...Happy Birthday!!!

Jaxon Wilson...Happy 1st birthday to a wonderful , smiley little man. Love mom and dad and Gunnar.

Jaxon Wilson...Have a super first birthday Jaxon love grandpa and grandma.

June 25...Happy Birthday!!!

Ashton Munro...Happy 15th Birthday Ashton! We Hope you have the best day- love Mom, Dad, Carter and Jace! (WINNER)

Ashton Munro...Happy 15 th Birthday Ashton! Have an awesome day Bud! Luv grandma & pa.

Brantley Haubrich...Happy 4th Birthday Brantley. We hope you have a great birthday. Love Mom, Dad and Blake.

Austin Sewell...Happy Birthday love Mom, Dad and Logan. Have a super Awesome Day!!

June 24...Happy Birthday!!!

Thurza Hayes...Happy Birthday Grandma/Great Grandma Hayes. We sure hope you have a great day. Love, John, Karly, Lilli and Iris.

Great-Grandma Thurza Hayes...Happy 95th Birthday Great-Grandma Thurza!! What an incredible milestone! We love you so much! Hope you have an amazing day! Love, Tommy, Katie, Adalyn, Jameson, and Wit

Thurza Hayes...Happy 95th Birthday, Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma! We love you! Love, Charlene; John, Karly, Lilliana & Iris; Jane, Charles, Eli & Ava Thurza Rae; Tommy, Katie, Adalyn, Jameson & Wit.

Camden Newton...Happy 12th Birthday! From Mom, Dad, Declan & Nova.

Jessica Perrault...Happy Birthday Jessica! Love Mom and Dad.

June 23...Happy Birthday!!!

Lexi Côté...Happy 21st birthday Lexi! Have an awesome day love mom, dad and your family! Celebrate next weekend! (WINNER)

Dianne Janzen...Happy birthday Dianne from all your kids, grandkids, family and friends.

June 22...Happy Birthday!!!

Braelyn Irwin...Happy 15th Birthday, Braelyn! Love Auntie Jessie, Uncle Jeremy, Emberlyn and Mhyer. (WINNER)

Braelyn Irwin...Happy Birthday Braelyn! Love Grandma Sheryl and Grandpa Dana.

Bryden Schultz...Happy Birthday Bryden! Love mom, dad and Paisley.

Kevin May...Happy Birthday Uncle Kev. Love Mel, Riley, Sawyer, Maverick and Grandma Lil. (WINNER)

June 20...Happy Birthday!!!

Bentley Rogers...Happy Birthday Bean! Love from gramma & Grampa Hunter. (WINNER)

Jody Peters...Happy birthday Jody. We hope you have an amazing day. We love you. (WINNER)

Brandy Vaughan...Sending the biggest and warmest birthday wishes to an amazing women. Happy birthday! love coming from Travis, Wyatt, Storm, Marshal and Lexi.

Brandy...Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day. Happy birthday!

Teagan Palaschak...Happy 12th Birthday Teagan!! Hope you have a great day!! We love you to the moon and back!! Love: Mom, Dad, Alex and Raeleigh.

Marie-Ann MacIsaac...Happy birthday love from Rick Wendy and families.

June 19...Happy Birthday!!!

Shakira Waker...Happy birthday my sweetheart!! You are growing up way to fast ! You are a very special person and very intelligent and going to go far !! God bless you !! Love mom 💕 And dad

Julie Froese...Happy Birthday Julie. From all your family and friends out in Herbert.

Fay Olson...Happy birthday Mom/Grandma. We love you and wish you many more. Love Nicholas, Janet and Richard.

June 18...Happy Birthday!!!

Patience Dyck...I want to wish my girlfriend Patience Dyck a very happy birthday. I hope you have a great day! And I love you so much!

June 17...Happy Birthday!!!

Tara Lee...Happy Birthday Tara! Have a great Day and best weekend in Weyburn! (WINNER X2)

Tara Lee...Happy birthday to the best wife/mom EVER! Love Cory, Charlie and Ellie.

Jason Lowenberger...Wish our son Jason a Big Happy Birthday. All our love and best wishes Mom & Dad.

Madison Langen...Happy 8th Birthday Madison! Love, Mom, Dad & Grayson.

June 16...Happy Birthday!!!

Marshall Lowe...Happy birthday to Marshall who is a hard worker, who loves anything mechanical and farm related and who can visit with anyone anywhere! Have the best year ever! (WINNER X2)

Marshall Lowe...Happy Birthday Marshall, Hope you have a great day!!Love you Memere & Pappa.

June 15...Happy Birthday!!!

Melissa Turner Millar...Happy Birthday From all your Millar relatives!! (WINNER X2)

June 14...Happy Birthday!!!

Trudy Schlamp...Happy birthday to my loving wife Trudy. Have a great day lots of love from Jeff, Luke, Jason, Jaydyn and Brooke. (WINNER X2)

June 13...Happy Birthday!!!

Grayson Collier...Happy Birthday Grayson! Love Mom, Dad, Alexa & Ashton. (WINNER)

Michelle Anderson...Like to wish Michelle a happy birthday from Jaxon, Keegan and Rob hope you have a great day and we love you lots. (WINNER)

June 11...Happy Birthday!!!

John Chisholm...Happy birthday dad, love Donna, Jonathan, and Meghan

Mhyer Fritz-Irwin...Happy 9th Birthday, Mhyer! Love Mom, Dad, Emberlyn, and Voldemort!

Mhyer Fritz-Irwin...Happy Birthday, Mhyer! Love Grandma Sheryl, Grandpa Dana, Uncle Josh, and Braelyn.

June 10...Happy Birthday!!!

Nelson Slusar...Happy birthday (WINNER)

Linda Weinbender...Happy Birthday Grandma and mom! Have a great day and weekend! Love Jace, Ashton, Carter, Lindsey and Dave.

Linda Weinbender...Happy Birthday dear friend. Love Rob and Nancy.

Kamryn Kozun...Happy Birthday, from Dad, Mom and Kolton. (WINNER)

Emmersyn Wolfe...Have a great Birthday to our grand dau

fun day with your friends and family - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley.

Jenna Lowe...Happy 13th Birthday Jenna, Love Mom & Dad, Cassandra, Zeus, Zara and Winnie.

Teresa Ruf...Happy Birthday Teresa from all the Family especially Swayer and Brett.

June 9...Happy Birthday!!!

ghter. You are so kind, caring and supportive. Grandma and Grandpa love you forever!Lilah Regier...Happy 10th Birthday Lilah - hope you have a

Leah Cloutier... Happy birthday (WINNER X2)

Ryder Woods...Happy birthday to grandson Ryder from Nana and Papa and Izzy.

Ryder Woods...Happy birthday Ryder! Hope you have a great day! Love Uncle, Auntie, Farrah,Emerson & Nelly!

Anniversary Announcements

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Aug 2..Happy Anniversary!!!

Janet Friesen...Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife Janet. Love you lunkhead husband, Richard.

July 20...Happy Anniversary!!!

Sam & Linda Zanidean...Happy 54th Anniversary Sam & Linda - enjoy your special day and wishing you many more years together - Stan & Shirley.

July 14...Happy Anniversary!!!

Lloyd & Lena Cowan...Happy 61st Anniversary to Lloyd & Lena Cowan!! Have a great day! From: Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen.

July 8...Happy Anniversary!!!

Cindy & Will Lowe...Happy 22nd wedding anniversary, Wishing you many more years of happiness.

Joe & Lynne Unger...Happy Anniversary Joe & Lynne - wishing you a wonderful day and a great year ahead - from “our group” of friends

July 6...Happy Anniversary!!!

Darrald & Lenni Zanidean...Happy 31st Anniversary Darrald & Lenni - wishing you a wonderful day together and much happiness in the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

June 17...Happy Anniversary!!!

Donna & Clifton Emms...Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Cliff & Donna Emms. Wishing you both a wonderful day and many more years of Health & Happiness. From, Dorothy, Larry, Lenni, Mike, Aurelia, Aurora, Aria, Kody, Laura and Avery.

Len and hollyWaker...Happy anniversary my darling Lenny ! Love you so much !! 💋 xoxo