Greeting Zone

Greeting Zone

Birthday Greetings can be heard on the Eagle 94.1 FM at 7:40 am, on CKSW 570 and CJSN 1490 at 7:40 am, and on Magic 97.1 FM at 7:40 am - Monday to Friday.

Weekend Birthdays and Anniversaries will be read on Fridays.

Please submit your Birthdays and Anniversaries at least 12 hours in advance, prior to the day they will be read on air.


Birthday Announcements

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March 20..Happy Birthday!!!

Todd Tumback...Happy Birthday Todd - wishing you a FANTASTIC day - Stan & Shirley

Teri Zacharias...Happy birthday Teri! Enjoy freedom 55! Have a great day! Love Colin, Braydon and Shelby.

Bria Filson...Happy 12th Birthday to Bria Berri - a ray of sunshine for the first day of Spring! Have the best day today with your friends. Love Dad, Mom, Holli and Nevada Pie!

Sage Thingvold...Happy birthday Sage love Grandma.

March 17..Happy Birthday!!!

Darin Green...Happy Birthday Darin, hope you have a great day! Best Dad, husband brother, son and coach! Love all your Fam Jam and Duke, Bridge, Leo

March 16..Happy Birthday!!!

Deborah MacFarlane...Have a great 3rd birthday from grandpa and grandma Klassen

March 15..Happy Birthday!!!

Bellamy Alix...Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet little boy. Have the best day. Love Mommy, Daddy, Octavia and Kaleigha

Linda Zanidean...Happy Birthday Linda - wishing you a FANTASTIC day and WONDERFUL year ahead - we love you - from your sisters, brother, sister-in-law and brother-in-laws🎂

March 14..Happy Birthday!!!

Marion Bakken...Happy birthday to our mom, Marion Bakken.  Hoping you have an awesome day! Love from, Amber, Laureen, Darryl, Kim, Stan, Patti, Brad, Jerry and all the family. We love you!!! 💙

Dave Munro...Happy Birthday to the best Dad and husband around. We hope you have a great day today. 💙 love Jace, Ashton, Carter and Lindsey

Dave Munro...Happy Birthday Dave! Have a great Day! Luv from Linda And Daryl

Misty Irwin...Happy 38th Birthday; Misty. Love Mom, Dana, Josh, Regan, Braelyn, Kaleigha, and Corbin.

Misty-Rae Irwin...Happy Birthday Auntie Misty! Love Emberlyn and Mhyer!

Misty Irwin...Happy birthday to my mom Misty Love Regan, Braelyn, Kaleigha and Corbin

Ethan Butterworth...Happy 13th birthday Ethan! Welcome to the teen years! We hope you have an amazing day! Love Mom Dad and Owen

Marion Bakken...Happy 97th Birthday to Marion also known as Gramma B. She enjoys talking on the phone so give this wonderful lady a call and wish her a happy birthday!! Hope you enjoy your day Mom!! love from your favorite son Brad and Angele

March 13..Happy Birthday!!!

Charlie Weinbender...Happy 16th birthday Charlie! Love your Mom, Dad , and Ellie.

Irene Anderson...Happy birthday grandma love Eden and Brooke.

Charlie Weinbender...Happy 16th Birthday Bud! Have a great day! And Good Luck driving in the snow! U got this! 💙

Irene Anderson...Happy Birthday to the best mom out there! Love Katlynn, Dana, and the rest of the family!

Terry Schreiner...Happy 66th birthday to Terry Schreiner from Penny, and all the kids and grandkids

March 12..Happy Birthday!!!

Halyn Kendall...Happy 11th Birthday to our granddaughter Halyn. Hope your day is special and good luck to you and the team at cheerleading competition in Warman this weekend. Love grandma and grandpa Kendall

Halyn Kendall...Happy 11th birthday miss Halyn! Hope you have the best day. Love mom, dad, Shane and Ashton

Brantley Dyck...Happy 10th birthday Brantley! Can’t believe you are in the double digits. Love you mom dad and Riley.

March 11..Happy Birthday!!!

Tim Roszell...Happy Birthday Papa and Dad! We hope you have an awesome day! Lots of love and birthday wishes from your family and special wishes from Sadie, Russ and baby Mylah!

March 10..Happy Birthday!!!

Derek Larson...The One Where Derek Turns 35! Happy Birthday to one of the best. Love Janelle, Cole and Emma

Jiro...Happy 8th Birthday Jiro! We love you buddy From Mom, Dad & Johann

Garth Roh...Happy 55th Birthday Garth! Have a great Day! Luv from Daryl and Linda

Walker Lowe...Happy 13th Birthday Walker, teenager already! Have a great day, Love you very much!! Pappa & Memere

Samantha Shackleton...Happy birthday Samantha have a fantastic day and awesome weekend from Brandon, Kyrhen, Penelope and all the friends and family

March 9..Happy Birthday!!!

Tim Temoshawsky...Happy Birthday from Mom, Dad, Kim, Jasmine, Kalyna

March 8..Happy Birthday!!!

Lynne Unger...Happy “special” Birthday Lynne - wishing you a FANTASTIC day and a GREAT year ahead - from “our group” of friends

Trent Thingvold...Happy birthday Trent love mom

Axl Reid...8 on the 8th!! Happy Golden Birthday Axl!!! Love Uncle Gregg, Auntie Shan, Jarron, Kasen, and Broden

Tess Bakus...Happy 18th to our beautiful granddaughter. Love nana and papa

Bobby Wallin...Happy Birthday Bobby from Dad,Ashley, Brynn and Talon. Hope you have the best day ever!

March 7..Happy Birthday!!!

Nixon Collins...Happy 10th Birthday, Nixon! From Mhyer and the rest of U11 Bandits!

Rece and Jace Schindel...Happy Birthday Rece and Jace! Love Mom, Shawn, Cade, Hailey, Kyle, and Grandpa Dave.

Asher Banman...Happy 6th birthday Asher. Love grandma Trish

Piper Hunter...Happy Birthday Pipe! We love you so much! Love Mom, Dad and Trig

March 6..Happy Birthday!!!

Travis kern...Happy birthday 🥳 bro!! Love you !!

Maurice Dureault...Happy 65th Birthday Papa Mo! If you see Maurice Dureault, wish him a happy 65th! Love Your favorite kid, her brother, Garnett, Bobbi, Hudson, Manning, Georgia, Haven and Lund (WINNER)

MacKenize Hurl...Happiest 14th Birthday Kenzie. Hope you have a wonderful day sweetheart. Lots of love from your whole families and all of your sisters and brother & dad (WINNER)

March 5..Happy Birthday!!!

Sydney Tumback...Happy 19th Birthday Sydney Love Mom, Dad, Talon & Gemma

Randal Severson...Happy Birthday Randal, love Rob and Nancy

Randal Severson...Happy Birthday to a great guy!!

Sydney Tumback...Happy Birthday Sydney - have a fun day with family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

March 4..Happy Birthday!!!

David East...Happy Birthday David! Have a fantastic day! Love from all of the family.

Logan Sewell...Happy birthday Logan. Love mom, dad, and Austin. Have a super day!!

March 3..Happy Birthday!!!

Brooklyn Foster...Happy Birthday Brooklyn Enjoy your day Love from Grandma , Aurora, Kashton and Uncle Darren

Steven and Maverick Hackney...Happy 6th Birthday Steven and Maverick Hackney Love Grandma and Papa

Rudy Giesbrecht...Happiest of birthdays to our grandson Rudy. We hope you have a fun filled day. Love grandma & grandpa, uncle Ryan, auntie Morgan, Zoey & Levi (WINNER)

Rita Joki...Happy Birthday Grandma! We hope you have the best day and We love you to the moon and back. Love Dallas, Lisa and family.

Tessa Boux...Happy Birthday Tessa, Hope your day is extra Special. Love Mom & Dad (WINNER)

March 2..Happy Birthday!!!

Lawson Breton...Happy 8th birthday Lawson. Love mom, dad and Stratton. (WINNER)

Greg Tinant...Birthday greetings to my baby brother Greg Tinant love from your much older sister

Dwight Slywka...happy BDay Dwight from all your friends family and coworkers. (WINNER)

March 1..Happy Birthday!!!

Jessie Irwin...Happy Birthday, Jessie! Love Mom and Dana.

Ollin Larson...Happy Birthday to our kind & loving grandson, have a wonderful day

Riley Dyck...Happy 15th birthday Riley Dyck! Love mom, dad and Brantley (WINNER X2)

February 28..Happy Birthday!!!

Travis Kelln...Happy 50th birthday Travis. If you see him wandering around the Swift Current Comprehensive High School today wish him a happy birthday. Love Tarina, Mackenzie, Reilly, Raven, and Twig.


Adam Baker...Happy Birthday Adam, hope your day is extra special. Love Mom, Dad, and Karli. (WINNER)

Rahimay Priebe...Happy 22nd Birthday Rahimay (Ra-may)!!! We hope you have a fantastic day!!! We love you!!! Uncle Curt, Auntie Michelle, Mikayla, Jake, Carter and Charlotte (WINNER)

Rylan Fehr...Happy 16th birthday Rylan! Wishing you a great day, and lots of luck on your driver's!! Love Mom, Dad, Lane and Kyle

February 27..Happy Birthday!!!

Zane Banman...Happy Birthday, love from Mom and Sam! (WINNER X2)

February 25..Happy Birthday!!!

Timothy St.croix...Happy 1/2 way to 50 Tim! Enjoy the day!

February 24..Happy Birthday!!!

Morgan Cote...Happiest 28 birthday Cousin. Have a wonderful day. Lot of love from Whole crew and family. (WINNER X2)

Braeden Bourlon...Happy 18th Birthday! Enjoy your day! Love Mom & Dad

Brecken Ford...Happy 2nd Birthday Brecken! Love mom, dad & Tatum

Mandi Palaschak...Happy Birthday Mandi, hope you have a great day. From the Exec Trio.

February 23..Happy Birthday!!!

Trevor Prescesky...Happy birthday! Wishing you a great day and a wonderful year. 💕 Love, Colleen, William & Elan (WINNER X2)

Morgan and Sam Allison...Happy 10th Anniversary to my amazing husband, Morgan. Love you more. - Sam

February 22..Happy Birthday!!!

Brittany Fehr...Happy 10th birthday to Brittany Fehr. Make sure you eat lots of cake. Love jer, Kim , Gunnar and Jaxon.

Brittany Fehr...Happy Birthday Brittany!! Enjoy your day!!🎂🎉🥳 Love,uncle Phil,auntie Helena!❤️

Joshua Elder...Happy Birthday to Joshua our smart little engineer who will do great things someday (WINNER)

Brittany Fehr...Happy 10th Birthday Brittany!!! Love Mom, Dad, Brooklyn & Blake

Riley Moberg...Happy 16th Birthday Riley - have a great day with your family & friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley (WINNER)

February 21..Happy Birthday!!!

Keira Garcia...Happy 6th Birthday Keira!! You are now older then Schroder in people years!!! Hope you have a wonderful fun birthday love your whole family and Schroder

Karli Baker...Happy Birthday to my sweet girl. Hope you have an amazing day today. Love Mom, Dad and Adam. (WINNER)

Chris Martens...Happy Birthday Chris - wishing you a wonderful day and a great year ahead - Stan & Shirley (WINNER)

February 19..Happy Birthday!!!

Kaylei Todd...Happy 9th Birthday Kaylei on Sunday, enjoy and have fun at your Birthday party today. Lots of Love Grandma Gayle

Kaylei Rae Todd...Happy 9th Birthday Kaylei Rae!! Love Mom, Dad, Ady & Brinley

Donna Mcfayden...Happy Birthday Miss M Love Super 8 Staff

February 17..Happy Birthday!!!

Daryne and Megan...Happy 17th anniversary Daryne! We love you to the moon and back!

Matt Hurrell...Happy Birthday Matt! Love Mom, Dad, and Cash! (WINNER X2)

Kaleigha Irwin...Happy 14th birthday Kaleigha....hope you have a great day. Love Mom, Regan, Braelyn and Corbin

Kaylee...Happy 17th birthday Kaylee. Hope you have a great day! Love Mom Cory, Brayden Olive Bella and Sookie

Bennet Shotter...Happy 17th Birthday Ben. Love Mom, Dad, Jaxon & Taya

February 15..Happy Birthday!!!

Zac Weinbender...Happy 11th Birthday Zac! Have an awesome day! Good Luck at hockey game tonight!! Luv Grandma & Pa (WINNER)

Donald Hampton...Happy 35th birthday to one of the best son in-law out there, Donald. Love dad mom n Dakota (WINNER)

Zac Weinbender...Happy Birthday Zac. Love mom, dad and Rheece

February 14..Happy Birthday!!!

Aurora Garcia...Happy 14th Birthday Aurora! Hope you have the best day ever love from your whole family including Schroder!

Samantha Moberg...Happy Birthday Samantha - have a fun day with your friends and family - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Dawna Wegman...Happy birthday Dawna love mom and dad (WINNER)

Janiah Ainsley Aguidan...Happy Valentines Birthday to the sweetest and caring person in the world. Enjoy your special day. We love you! From Papa, Mama and Juwann.

Oaklyn Mackay...Happy 5th Birthday to our sweet little girl - Oaklyn! We love you so much. Love: Mom, Dad, Haedyn & Suttyn (WINNER)

Oaklyn Mackay...Happy 5th Birthday Oaklyn, have a great day our sweet & spunky granddaughter! Love Gramma Gel and Grandpa Brad

Rachel Noble...Happy sweet 16 to our favorite valentine. Hope you have a fantastic day! Love Mom, Dad, Abbie & Lola

Lanny Scott...Happy 18th birthday from Mom, Katelyn, Reagan and Patrick. Have a great day.

February 13..Happy Birthday!!!

Logan Ebner...Happy birthday Logan love grandma Steph and Rob (WINNER X2)

Haedyn Mackay...Happy 3rd Birthday to our sweet and spunky little girl - Haedyn! We love you so much. Love: Mom, Dad, Oaklyn & Suttyn

Haedyn Mackay...Happy 3rd Birthday Haedyn, have a great day our wild little granddaughter! Love Gramma Gel and Grandpa Brad

Logan...Are you excited for your birthday Logan? We are!! Love Mom, Dad and Callie

Logan Ebner...Happy Birthday Logan!! I hope you’re looking forward to today!! Love Auntie Nessa, Uncle Tom, Marlee and Serena

February 12..Happy Birthday!!!

Carter Woytowich...Happy 16th Birthday Carter. Love mom and dad

Rosella Girodat...Happy Birthday Rosella Girodat!! Wishing you a wonderful day. Love from your family

JOVI HILDEBRAND...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOVI! Sending Birthday Love your way today! Love Grandma

Draesyn Mielke...Happy 13th Birthday & welcome to the Teen years. Love Mom, Dad, Tylan, Kaydence, Charlie, & Chase.

February 11..Happy Birthday!!!

Holly Waker...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! II Hope you have an amazing year. You are so loving and hard working. You deserve the world. -love your youngest daughter, Shakira

Brexlee Ginter...Happy birthday Brexlee have a wonderful 8th birthday! jeep in smiling love from Nana and Pappa

Jade Hilgers...Happy birthday Jade!! We hope you have the best day ever!! Love Mom, dad, Cali and Murfy.

February 10..Happy Birthday!!!

Rowan Hampton...Happy 5th birthday Rowan, hope you have a fun filled day. Love grandpa Lynn, grandma Chris n Uncle Dakota

Jace Munro...Happy 11 th Birthday Bud! Have an awesome Day!!!

Tru Herrick...Happy 4th Birthday Tru ... we hope that your special day is as fun as you are! The Thoresons - Ruth, Amanda, & Mark

Brayden...Happy 18th birthday Brayden have a awesome day Love mom Cory, Kaylee and Olive ,Bella and Sookie

Jace Munro...Happy Birthday Jace! Hope you have the best day ever today, love Mom, Dad, Carter and Ashton (WINNER)

Jace Munro...Happy Birthday Jace! Hope you have a great day. From your buddy Cade!

Carter Waytowich...Happy Birthday (WINNER)

February 9..Happy Birthday!!!

Knox Newkirk...Happy 2nd Birthday Knox!!! Have a great day little buddy! Love Grandma and Grandpa

Ashton Kirwan...Happy 18tj birthday Ashton! Love Mom, Dad, Trusten and Rolken (WINNER)

Asher Herrick...Happy 7th Birthday Asher ... we hope that your special day is as wonderful as you! The Thoresons - Ruth, Amanda, & Mark (WINNER)

Sydni Lindquist...Happy 14th bday Sydni ♥️ Love Mon, Dad, Nana, Grandad, Uncle Dinger, Auntie Adina, Zendaya and Grayson. Have the BEST day

Kensington Martens...Happy 5th Birthday Kensington - have a fun day with family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

February 8..Happy Birthday!!!

Lenore Conn...Happy 85th Birthday to the absolute best Grandma I’m the world. We hope you have such a great day. Love Jace, Ashton, Carter, Lindsey and Dave

Adalynn Jacobson...Happy birthday Adalynn! Love Mom, Dad, Emberly and Omellia

Lenore Conn...Happy 85th Birthday to a very special Mom , Grandma, and Great Grandma! May your Day be Blessed and full of Smiles! Enjoy!

Vickie Lemay...Happy Birthday Vickie, Love Dave, Boston, Dylan, Issy and the Ferg. (WINNER)

Vickie Lemay...Happy Birthday Vickie, Love Dave, Boston, Dylan, Issy and the Ferg.

Heidi Spetz...Would like to send Birthday greetings on Feb. 8th to Heidi Spetz who is turning the BIG 18. Hope you have a wonderful year Love Mom, Dad, Craig, Shyla, Mark, Kaylee, Haley and along with your furry buddies Kuzko and Brynn

Brian Mouland...Birthday Greetings for Brian Mouland ! Hoping You Have A Great Day! From Betty, Tim., Brenda & Chris

Rory Williams...Happy 13th Birthday to our daughter Rory. We hope you have best day celebrating being a teenager and we wish you a super year ahead! Love mom, dad, Jada and Dane. (WINNER)

Val Ferguson...A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our mom Val Ferguson! We love and appreciate you so much and hope you have a wonderful day! Love, Adam & Sherril Ferguson

February 7..Happy Birthday!!!

Colton...Happy Birthday have an awesome day buddy lot of love from your sister's dad and family.

Michelle Shaw...Happy birthday to our mom, she's the best ever. Love Eva and Clay. (WINNER X2)

Riley Walker-Vink...Happy 9th Birthday Miss Riley. Love Daddy, Mommy, and Your two little sisters! We love you so much!

Tesla and Krysten Gardner...Happy birthday to Tesla and Krysten Love Mom Kim Jesse and Payton!

Krysten Gardner...Happy birthday Krysten have fun being younger than me for 10 minutes today. Have a great day!

Lionel Regier...Happy Birthday Lionel - wishing you a wonderful day and all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley

Colton Hurl...Happy Birthday Colton. Hope you have a awesome day. Lots love from your Sisters Dad & Grandma Gerda .

February 5..Happy Birthday!!!

Shawn Stenson...Happy Birthday

February 4..Happy Birthday!!!


Shawn Stenson...Happy Birthday

February 3..Happy Birthday!!!

Carver Mackay...Happy birthday Little Man! Love from Gramma & Grampa Hunter (WINNER)

Jeffrey Powell...Happy birthday Jeffrey. Have a very great day. Love you so much, Mom. And Uncle Mike. (WINNER)

Griffin Larson...Happy Birthday to our firecracker, we love u very much!! Memere & Pappa

Merle Oldhaver...Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma from Pat, Shirley, Cathy, and families. Enjoy a beautiful day.

February 2..Happy Birthday!!!

Sherril Ferguson...Happy Birthday Sherril! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Connor Letkeman...Happy Birthday Connor!! Love Mom, Dad, Carson and Tristan (WINNER)

Travis Moberg...Happy Birthday Travis - wishing you a wonderful day and all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley

Lana Ebner...Happy birthday Lana l Love Devon, Grayson, Ryanne

Sherril Ferguson...Told you I wouldn’t forget. Lots of love from your husband Adam Ferguson.

Jason Prefontaine...Happy Birthday Jason, Love Tasha, Draydon, Slayte, Steele, Aspyn, Mom, Dad, Jeremy, Carla, Curran, Carlie.

Alana Bugera...Happy Birthday Alana Love Super 8 Staff (WINNER)

February 1..Happy Birthday!!!

Sam Ruest...Happy 7th birthday Sam!! Love Mom, Dad, Leo & Alex. (WINNER)

Fiona Ruest...Happy Birthday Fiona! Love all the Super 8 Staff (WINNER)

January 31..Happy Birthday!!!

Adley...Happy birthday Adley grandma and papa love you

Justina...Happy Birthday Justina!! Wishing you a great day! Love, Phil & Helena!!????????????????

Tyler Gellner...Happy 30th birthday to Ty today! Hope you have the best day! (WINNER X2)

January 30..Happy Birthday!!!

Carol Theise...Happy 75th birthday to Carol Theise coming from all of her family! Enjoy your special day!

Gord Olmsted...Happy birthday grandpa Gord Love Connor, Brooklynn, Knox, Reese, Diana, Melissa, Eldon &Pat

Franklin Anderson...Happy 89th Birthday Dad hope you have a great day, love Teresa and Steve and the rest of family.🎉 (WINNER)

Franklin Anderson...Love from Dave, Meghan and all our kids

Franklin Anderson...Happy Birthday Dad from Jason and Jane.

Janice Bissonnette...Happy birthday Janice, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, love from your sister Debbie!! (WINNER)

Les Calvin... Happy Birthday to Les Calvin! Wishing you a very happy birthday! from Rosalie, Scott, Liam and Paul

January 29..Happy Birthday!!!

Taylor Schruder...Happy birthday love mom, dad, Remi

January 28..Happy Birthday!!!

Irelynn Erickson...Happy Birthday Irelynn Rayne. We love you so much. Love Mom Dad Roh and Nova

Samantha Banman...Happy 19th Birthday Sam! Love from Mom and Zane

Amanda Bussiere...Happy Birthday AMANDA! Hope you have an amazing day!! <3 SuperScouters

January 27..Happy Birthday!!!

Becky Green...Happy Birthday Becky aka Bubbles! Enjoy your day, you deserve nothing but the best in life. Love: Mom and Dad, Melissa, Dene, Jocelyn, Cam, Kandace, Allison, Emily, Payton Danae, Deneile, Darin, and puppers, Duke, Leo, Bridgee (WINNER X2)

Alexandria Giverhaug...Happy 15th birthday to a fantastic & beautiful daughter who changed my life! You are the most creative person we know & we hope you have a magical day! Love you lots, Mom, Dad & Ember

January 26..Happy Birthday!!!

Dawnell Wiebe...Happy birthday Dawnell Wiebe from your loving family

Jacklyn Theise...Happy 13th birthday beautiful girl love mom, Marshall, Hunter and Raelyn (WINNER)

Natasha Prefontaine...Happy Birthday Toad, Love Mom, Dad, Jason, Draydon, Slayte, Steele, Aspyn, Jeremy, Carla, Curran, Carlie. (WINNER)

Bev Knight...A HUGE birthday wish to our aunt Bev Knight! We hope you have a great day & year! We love you!! Love Adam & Sherril Ferguson

January 25..Happy Birthday!!!

Linda stroud...Happy birthday mom and grandma love Phoenix and family

Sheryl Dyck...Happy Birthday, Grandma Sheryl! Love Emberlyn and Mhyer!

Trusten Kirwan...Happy 16th to our Big Ginger! Have a great day, love Mom, Dad, Ashton and Rolken. (WINNER X2)

Tyson Millar...Happy 1st Birthday to Tyson Millar of Cadillac! From your cousins Asa & Quinn Uncle Steven & Aunt Lauren Grandpa & Grandma Millar

January 24..Happy Birthday!!!

Ellie Weinbender...Happy 12th Birthday Miss Ellie! Have an awesome Day!!! (WINNER)

Ellie Weinbender...Happy birthday to our sweet Ellie! Enjoy your special day. Love from Mom, Dad, and Charlie.

Brooklyn Siemens...Happy 17th birthday Brooklyn!! Love mom, dad, Mckenna and Olivia (WINNER)

Keely Tuchscherer...Happy 15th birthday Keely! Love mom, dad, Nathan, Zeus, Baba, and Papa

January 23..Happy Birthday!!!

Terry Ross...Terry Ross-Happy 60th Birthday -enjoy your day at school-Age is only a number! Love Kevin, Rhianna & Sierra (WINNER X2)

January 22..Happy Birthday!!!

Regina Geissler...Happy Birthday Mom. Can’t wait to celebrate with you on Sunday. Love, Jackie & Family

Robynn Schous...Happy 50th my friend! Hugs and best birthday wishes from Jody.

Kaydence Mielke...Happy Birthday to our Kayde-bug. Hope you have a great day. Love Mom, Dad, Tylan, Draesyn, Charlie, & Chase.

January 21..Happy Birthday!!!

Joy Wallis...Happy 89th Birthday to a fantastic mom, grandma, great grandma and great great grandma Hope your day is awesome as you are Love Dixie, Gary and all the Family

Joy Wallis...Happy 89th Birthday to mom/ grandma/ great grandma. Your the best ever love you lots hope your day is awesome like you are

January 20..Happy Birthday!!!

Braya Hampton...Happy 6th birthday Braya, hope your day is fun filled Love grandpa Lynn, grandma Chris n uncle Dakota. We all love u to the moon n back (WINNER)

Jodi Gordon...A very happy birthday to our boss Jodi Gordon! Hope you have a fantastic day!! From the girls at Service Counter, Equity and Credit departments at the Pioneer Co-op! (WINNER)

Kenny Couch...Happy birthday! From your dad

Connor Jesney...Happy Birthday Connor, love Mom, Dad and Gracelyn

January 19..Happy Birthday!!!

Al Graves...Happy Birthday from your Velocity Taekwondo students! (WINNER)

Cali Hilgers...Happy birthday (WINNER)

January 18..Happy Birthday!!!

Avah Elder...Happy Birthday to Avah our smart, cute, bossy 4 year old granddaughter who keeps her older brothers and sisters in line!! Love Nana and Papa

Fred Farnworth...Happy birthday to Fred Farnworth from Penny and Terry, and all his friends and family

Cali Hilgers...Happy birthday Cali!! We hope you have a special day. Love mom, dad, jade and Murfy.

Tim Berg...Happy Birthday (WINNER)

January 17..Happy Birthday!!!

Mackenzie Shaw...Happy 7th birthday Mackenzie! Lots of love Dad, Mom, Regan and Willow!

Isabelle Gottselig...Happy 16th birthday Isabelle!! Enjoy your day. Love Mom, Dad, Zoe and Veda (WINNER X2)

January 16..Happy Birthday!!!

Avery Christianson...Happy 10th birthday to Avery Christianson love mom, dad, Ashton, Aidan, Ainsley, and Archer. Have a great day buddy!

Avery Christianson...Happy Birthday Avery! Hope you have a great day 🎂🎉🎁 Love mom, dad, Ashton, Aidan, Ainsley & Archer

Avery Christianson...Happy Birthday Avery. Lots of Love Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Landon, Uncle Logan, Auntie Dana, Sawyer and Nora

Wyatt...We hope you have a great day!

Terry Gardner...Happy Birthday from Tesla, Krysten and Jesse. Hope you have a great day!

Wyatt...Happy birthday to the best brightest ball of energy a mom and dad could ask for. We love you beyond words love mom and dad.

Perry Fisher...Happy birthday, dad! I didn't forget! You are suddenly ancient! When did that happen? Hope you have a good one. Love: the China crew

Perry Fisher...Happy 59th Birthday Perry!! Love Heather (WINNER X2)

Darcy Schott...Happy Birthday Grampa. Love Jaxon, Bennet, Taya, Halstyn & Navi

January 15..Happy Birthday!!!

Nicole Spetz...Happy Birthday to Nicole Spetz on Sunday Jan. 15th, hope you have a great day and a wonderful year. Love from Rick, Craig, Shyla, Mark, Kaylee, Haley and Heidi

Ainsley Christianson...Happy Birthday Ainsley. Lots of Love Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Landon, Uncle Logan, Auntie Dana, Sawyer and Nora

Maxis Foley...Happy Birthday young man. From Nana and Grandpa.

Colby Latimer...Happy 21st Birthday, Colby! Love Mom, Dad, and Parker

Taya Shotter...Happy 15th Birthday Taya. Love Mom, Dad, Jaxon and Bennet.

January 14..Happy Birthday!!!

Carter Broccolo...Happy 14 on the 14th Carter. We love you to infinity and beyond. Love Dad, Mom, Brady, Sandy, and all of your Family.

January 13..Happy Birthday!!!

Aaron Matthews...Happy birthday Aaron, 51 years old today. Love from Randy and Mom Carol.

Lorraine Flynn...Happy Birthday Grandma L! Have a great day at the library

Nick Giesbrecht...Happy birthday Nick. Best wishes on the year ahead. Love Garry & Christine & family (WINNER)

Kallie Johnston...Happy 30th birthday celebration!

January 12..Happy Birthday!!!

Daryl Weinbender...Happy Birthday to the best Dad and Grandpa! Hope you have a great day today. Love Jace, Ashton, Carter, Lindsey and Dave.

Darly Weinbender...Happy Birthday Brother, enjoy your day. Love Rob, Nancy

Ryan Zanger...Happy Birthday and let the good times roll! Love Trish (WINNER X2)

January 11..Happy Birthday!!!

Candice Petkau...Happy birthday love Derek Cassidy Abigail and Milo (WINNER X2)

January 10..Happy Birthday!!!

Ava Freeman...Happy 12th birthday to our wonderful daughter Ava. Love mom Dad and Sophia. (WINNER)

Ava Carlson...We want to wish Ava Carlson a happy 12th birthday from her Mom, Dad and sister Saydee! 

Tyson Schmirler...Happy Birthday Tyson!! Hope you have a great day turning 11! Love Dad, Mom & Aubrey (WINNER)

January 9..Happy Birthday!!!

Ember Elton...Happy birthday to an amazing little girl! Hope you have the best day! Love mom, dad & big sis! (WINNER X2)

Londyn Myher...Happy Birthday Lulu we love you so much from mommy and dads papa Dale and papa Cec, grandma Viv and grandma Kathy and all your aunts uncles and cousins. Have a great day.

Savannah Moellenbeck...Happy 7th Birthday to our little girl Savannah! Hope you have a great day! From mom, dad and Peyton.

January 8..Happy Birthday!!!

Blake woods...Happy happy birthday love uncle auntie Farrah & Emerson

Blake Woods...Happy b-day and have great day from Nana, Papa and Izzy

Maria Moellenbeck...Happy Birthday Maria, your the best wife and mom around. Love Glen, Peyton and Savannah

January 7..Happy Birthday!!!

Jewel Giesbrecht...Happy Birthday Jewel have a great day Saturday. From Hank, Kim and Tim, Jasmine and Kalyna.

Charise Bull...Happy 39th Birthday from Ryan, Christopher, Cassie, Brody and Crosby. Have a wonderful day!

Dylan Powell...Happy 14th birthday Dylan. love always From Mom , Dave, Isabelle and Fergie

Jaxon Shotter...Happy 19th Birthday Jax! Love Mom, Dad, Ben & Taya

January 6..Happy Birthday!!!

Chris Peters...Happy 25th birthday, Chris. Hope you have an amazing day! Love from mom and Troy and from Nathan, Lukas, and Alicia

Skyli Kshanowski...Happy 7th birthday to you, Skyli. Have a good day, we love you so much. Love Mom and Nevaeh

Nathan Klassen...Happy Birthday Nathan - wishing you a wonderful day and all the best in 2023 - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Lloyd Gehl...Happy 63rd birthday, hope you have a great day, from Your Morse Highway ‘s team

January 5..Happy Birthday!!!

Steve Ebner...Happy Birthday Steve!! Love your Neighbours!! (WINNER)

Stephen Ebner...Happy birthday Stephen love mom and Rob (WINNER)

January 4..Happy Birthday!!!

Luke Lafontaine...Happy 14th Birthday Luke Love Mom Dad and Clara

Eric Hattum AKA Fink L Steen...Happy Birthday Eric AKA Mr. Fink L Steen Alberta legal now. Love Mom and Dad

January 3..Happy Birthday!!!

Kiera Demorest...Happy Birthday Kiera Love the Super 8 Staff (WINNER)

January 1..Happy Birthday!!!

Michael Werner...Happy Birthday Mike. Love everyone from the Super 8

December 31..Happy Birthday!!!

Gayle klassen...Happy birthday mom and grandma from Jeremy , Kim Gunnar and Jaxon. Hope You have a rocking New Years bday. (WINNER)

Rheece Weinbender...Happy 13th Birthday Rheece!! Love you more, Dad, mom and Zac

John Fehr...Happy Birthday Papa. Love Rheece, Zac, Nathan, Nolan and Nikayla

December 30..Happy Birthday!!!

Lily Nelson...We now have a teenager in the house!! (WINNER)

Earl Dick...Happy Birthday Earl, enjoy your day! Love Terri

December 28..Happy Birthday!!!

Zoe Gottselig...Happy Birthday (WINNER X2)

December 27..Happy Birthday!!!

Megan Hamilton...Happy Birthday hope you have a great day From Jay, Beau and your whole family

December 26..Happy Birthday!!!

Danelle Klassen...Happy 31st Birthday to Danelle Klassen! Have a great day and a wonderful Year ahead!! From, Mom, Dad, Darren, Tia, Colbie, Darlene & Terry.

Vivian Schellenberg…Happy Birthday, Grandma!! We love you lots!!! Love from Jaden, Beckett , Cailem and Eleanor .

December 23..Happy Birthday!!!

Our mom Trena...Happy Cake Day Momma

Jordon Peters...Happy Birthday Uncle Jordon, love Emma and Amie (WINNER X2)

December 22..Happy Birthday!!!

Duane Reimer...Happy 38th Birthday Duane. Love from Mom, Angela and Clarence. (WINNER X2)

December 21..Happy Birthday!!!

Connor Acton...Happy 16th birthday. Lots of love mom, dad, Knox, Brooklynn, Reese, grandma and grandpa. We love you lots (WINNER X2)

Laurie Wollis...Happy Birthday Laurie ! have a wonderful day . love from Frank, Clint and all ur work staff

sabelle McAfee-Bananish...Happy 5th Birthday Isabelle! We love you so much and hope your 5th birthday & year is filled with happiness and love! Love from Sherril & Adam Ferguson.

December 20..Happy Birthday!!!

Derek Giverhaug...Wishing my son Derek a very happy birthday love mom Brian and all your siblings and nieces and nephews (WINNER X2)

Kathy Sartison...Happy Birthday Kathy! Have a great day! Love your family!

Gemma Tumback...Happy Birthday Gem Love Mom, Dad, Sydney, Talon

Gemma Tumback...Happy 11th Birthday Gemma - have a fun day with your family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

December 19..Happy Birthday!!!

Krista Wilson...Happy happy ‘Big’ birthday Krista!!! Wishing you the best day…love you lots auntie 💜 From Ryder & Blake (WINNER X2)

Krista Wilson...Happy b-day from Nana nd Papa stay warm

December 16..Happy Birthday!!!

Christopher Bull...Happy Birthday (WINNER)

December 15..Happy Birthday!!!

Olivia warnke...Happy 12th birthday Olivia from mom dad Joclyn Tanisha Ty Tyr and Davis have a great day

Bonnie Elton...Happy Birthday Bonnie...Love Dwayne and Raven

Lenni Zanidean...Happy Birthday Lenni - wishing you a wonderful day and a FANTASTIC year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Kaitlyn Brumwell...Happy birthday my dear girl. I hope you have a wonderful day and the best year ahead. Love you always! Love mom & Dallas (WINNER)

Brenda Moss...Happy birthday, Meme! We love you! Love: Elle, Jake, Oliver and Garrett

Lorraine McFadyen...Happy 6th Birthday Lorraine. Love Loretta and Josh

Lorraine McFadyen...Happy 6th Birthday to Lorraine from Mom. Love you to the moon and back.

December 14..Happy Birthday!!!

Alison Banman...Happy Birthday Mom Love Sam and Zane (WINNER X2)

December 13..Happy Birthday!!!

Trent Wills...Happy 50th Birthday Trent! Have a great day and make sure to celebrate! Sending love and birthday wishes from the entire Hack clan!

Darrald Zanidean...Happy Birthday Darrald - wishing you a wonderful day and all the best in the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Sierra Ross...Happy 18th Birthday Sierra Ross! Good luck with finals and enjoy your birthday supper. Love Mom, Dad, Rhianna, Nala and Presley

Talon Moen...Happy Birthday to our favorite hunting and fishing kid. Hope 12 is awesome!! Love Nana and Papa

Drew Larson...Happy Birthday to our youngest & sweetest grandson, Drew, We Love you very much, Memere & Pappa

Trenton Wills “willsy”...Happy birthday to willsy turning the big 5.0 from all the boys at top gun (WINNER X2)

December 9..Happy Birthday!!!

Jaylynn Gader...Happy Birthday (WINNER)

Doug Ferguson...Very happy Birthday to Grandpa Doug Ferguson! We love you and hope you have a fantastic day!! Love Adam & Sherril Ferguson (WINNER)

Shaun Fritz...We would like to wish Happy 48th Birthday to Shaun Fritz!! From Linda, Chandler, Terrin, Ashton, Audra and especially grandchildren Charley and Levi. Woofing you the best from Ryder and Ozzy!!

December 8..Happy Birthday!!!

Amisha Hockridge...Happy Birthday (WINNER)

Daylan Elviss...Happy 16th Daylan! Love mom, dad and Chenielle (WINNER)

December 7..Happy Birthday!!!

Brixley...Happy 4th Birthday Brixley. Love Mom,Dad and Hunter

Jim Browatzke...Happy Birthday Dad! I love you and have a great day!!! (WINNER)

Ken Mattice...Happy 60th Birthday Kenny!! From the gang!! Will see you tonight to celebrate!!!

Hannah Regier...Happy 17th Birthday Hannah - wishing you a FANTASTIC day - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley (WINNER)

Tehya Smith-Hagstrom...Happy Birthday Tehya hope you have a geart day love Dad Joanne Brock an Bryce

December 6..Happy Birthday!!!

Nate Silbernagel...Happy 15th birthday Nate! Have a great day! Love mom, dad, Taye, Kamri and the critters (WINNER X2)

Berkley Piché...Happy 4th Birthday, Berkley! We love you so much and hope you have the best birthday! Love: Mom, Dad Liam and Mason

December 5..Happy Birthday!!!

Heather Fisher...Your birthday has come yet again and we still haven't had a chance to meet. Thank you for being my biggest supporter. I wish China would open up so we could meet. I hope dad treats you like the queen you are today! Sending love from Carol, Liang, Ryan, Yu Ryung, Soot, and Ootgi (Good luck saying those names!) (WINNER X2)

Heather Fisher...Happy birthday Heather. Love from Perry

December 4..Happy Birthday!!!

Clint...Happy birthday Clint !!! From Merle and Denton

Cathy McKaig...Happy Birthday Cathy, from Mom and Dad, Pat, Shirley, and families.

December 3..Happy Birthday!!!

Denton Walker...Happy 15 birthday !!! Love Mom ,Dad and Kaylie

Jenny Hattum...Happy birthday Jenny. From mom, Cody, Ashley , Asher and Porter.

December 2..Happy Birthday!!!

Teena Hill-Courtney...Happy Birthday Teena hope you have a great day Love Candice, Ryan, Dacoda and Everett

Hailey Osborne...Happy Birthday Hailey! Love Dad, Michelle, Cade, Rece and Jace (WINNER)

Naimy Regier...Happy 14th Birthday Naimy / wishing you a wonderful day and a fun year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Abbie Noble...Happy 18th Birthday Abbie! We hope your day is as fabulous as you are. Love Mom, Dad, Rachel and Lola

December 1..Happy Birthday!!!

Arleen Fritz...Happy 75th birthday to Arleen Fritz. Mom, Grandma, Great Grandma… she’s got lots of titles and now 3/4 of a century is the newest. Love Shaun, Linda, and family

Nick Mackay...Happy Birthday Dad! Love tori and Zoey ❤️❤️

Lola Goad...Happy 4th birthday our sweet granddaughter, Lola Goad. Hope you have a princess day. Love grandma and papa Nesland

Amanda Dickie...We are wishing Amanda Dickie a Wonderful and Happy 35th Birthday. Hope you have a Wonderful day and year ahead. with Love from Mom & Dad.

Blake Fehr...Happy 7th birthday Blake. Love your cousins Gunnar and Jaxon!  (WINNER)

Archer Christianson...Happy 6th birthday to Archer Christianson. Have a great day buddy! love mom, dad, Ashton, Aidan, Avery, and Ainsley.

Darla Mcgillivary...Happy birthday grandma. Hope your day is a fantastic as you are. Love you. (WINNER)

Dezirae Kohlman...Happy Birthday to the best mom! Love from your kids Rowdy, Riah, Remi, Raelee Happy birthday Auntie Dez love Cash and Cazda

Darla Mcgillivary...Very special birthday to a very special young woman. I love you very much mom and hope you have the best relaxing day tomorrow. Wish we could be together on your day but we will soon to celebrate.

Blake Fehr...Happy 7th Birthday Blake! Love Mom, Dad, Brooklyn & Brittany

Archer Christianson...Happy Birthday Archer. Lots of love from Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Landon, Uncle Logan, Auntie Dana, Sawyer and Nora

Bob Sanders...Happy birthday to Bob who works at Napa. Enjoy your special day! Love the family

Navi Harder...Happy Birthday Navi, love Auntie, Uncle, Jax, Ben and Taya

November 30..Happy Birthday!!!

Harvey Hurrell...Happy Birthday Harvey! from Ryan, & Rhonda

Kalyna Temoshawsky...Happy15th Birthday from Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and Jasmine

Jodi Utke...Happy Birthday to Jodi Utke!! Have a great day and a fantastic year ahead! From Your retired friends

Ed Wiebe...Happy birthday friend Freedom 55 baby. From the Penners (WINNER)

November 29..Happy Birthday!!!

Melanie Larson...Happy Birthday to our favorite children’s book author, we are very proud!!

Payton Karayway...Happy Birthday Payton, hope you have a great day! Love always Grandma and Grandpa Aunty Becky Aunty Melissa, uncle Darrin, Uncle Dene, Jocelyn, Allison, Emily, mom and dad! Ps: Leo, Bridgee, Duke! The puppers

November 28..Happy Birthday!!!

Ryan Targerson...A big happy birthday to Farmer uncle Ryer - from the gang in the big city, have an amazing day and we hope it is one for the books! Ryer loves listening to CKSW and Tara in the morning! (WINNER x2)

Desmond Young...Happy birthday Toot! Hope you have a fantastic day and the best year! Love auntie Lisa

November 27..Happy Birthday!!!


November 25..Happy Birthday!!!

Harley Hagman...Happy birthday dad! Love your most favorite & oldest daughter!

Hailey Carlson...We hope you have a very Happy 18th Birthday and an awesome year, Hailey. Love from Mom, Dad, Reid, Kevin, Rhonda, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Grandma & Grandpa. We love you lots!!! (WINNER x2)

November 24..Happy Birthday!!!

Lisa...Happy Birthday Lisa, Have a wonderful day Love Chad, Mia, Jaxon, Lexi and Sophie

Theresa Fuchs...Happy Birthday Theresa. Hope you have a wonderful day. From your Super 8 Family (WINNER X2)

November 23..Happy Birthday!!!

Coral Mys...Wishing Coral Mys the best of her milestone birthday! Happy Birthday!! From Sherril & Adam Ferguson (WINNER x2)

November 22..Happy Birthday!!!

Bella Brumwell...Happy birthday to our sweet little Bella James. We hope you have you have a super fun day. Love you sweetheart. Love Nana and Papa (WINNER)

November 21..Happy Birthday!!!

Karlee Ruf...Happy birthday to my wonderful wife. Love Craig, Sawyer and Brett. (WINNER x2)

November 20..Happy Birthday!!!

Keyanna...Happy birthday Keyanna love mom, Dave, Sydney, Conne,r Austin and Kerrilee

November 19..Happy Birthday!!!

COLTON KOETHLER...Happy 15th Birthday Colton!! Love your family

Lalia Scott...Happy birthday Mom from Katelyn, Lanny, Reagan and Patrick. Have a great day. (WINNER)

November 18..Happy Birthday!!!

Leonard Klassen...Happy 75TH Birthday Leonard - have a FANTASTIC year ahead - Stan & Shirley

Lily Sebo...Happy birthday daddy girl!! Love dad Jelena and brock!! Have a wonderful day!!

Brooke Larson...Happy 11th. Birthday Brooke. Love you to the moon and back. Have a super day. Love Grandma, Grandpa, Katlynn, Keegan and all the family.

Brooke Larson...Happy 11th birthday love Mom, Dad and Eden.

Presley Moberg...Happy Birthday Presley - wishing you a wonderful day - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Leonard Klassen...Happy 75th Birthday to Leonard Klassen!! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead! Love from Sheila, Darren, Tia, Colbie, Darlene, Terry & Danelle.

Lily Sebo...Happy Birthday My Angel, have an amazing day! Love you to the moon and back! With all my Love Grandma Del

November 16..Happy Birthday!!!

Debbie East...Happy birthday we hope you have a great day!! Lots of love Craig, Shelbie, Mike, Reese, Sophie and Sheldon (WINNER)

Kolston Powell...Happy 5th Birthday Kolston Powell! Love, Auntie Karissa.

November 15..Happy Birthday!!!

Eve Boss...Happy 18th Birthday Eve Boss! Love, Mom, Dad, Lexi, Joe & Oaklee

Chris Bauck...Happy 60th birthday Lynn, hope you have a wonderful day n fabulous year!! Love Chris, Dakota, Donald, Deziree, Hudson, Braya and Rowan

Liam Cattell...Happy 10th birthday to Liam. From mom, dad, Lylah and Morgan. Have a great day. (WINNER x2)

November 14..Happy Birthday!!

Michelle Evans...Happy 80th Birthday Dad! Relax & enjoy your Special day. Love Michelle

November 13..Happy Birthday!!

Craig Spetz...Wishing Craig Spetz a happy birthday on Nov. 13th, Love from Mom, Dad, Mark, Kaylee, Haley, Heidi and Shyla. Hope you have a great year.

November 11..Happy Birthday!!!

Corbin Irwin...Happy 12th birthday Corbin. Love Mom, Regan, Braelyn and Kaleigha. Hope you have a great day.

Emma Weppler...Happy 13th birthday Emma! Officially a teenager! Love Dad, Mom and Poppy

Cassius Hancock...Happy birthday love Steph and Rob

November 10..Happy Birthday!!!

Mathew Bye...Wishing Mathew Bye a happy 13th birthday. We are so proud of the young man that you are becoming...we love you to the moon and mom and dad

Erin Dyck...Happy birthday Erin. Love mom, dad, Breanna and Ginger. (WINNER)

Brendon Ebner...Happy birthday love mom and Rob (WINNER)

Nessa Sebo...Have a Boombastic, romantic, fantastic birthday!! Love Nanner pants

November 9..Happy Birthday!!!

Cade Schindel...Happy 18th Birthday Cade! Love Mom, Shawn, Kyle, Hailey, Rece, Jace, and Grandpa Dave. (WINNER x2)

November 8..Happy Birthday!!!

Bentlee Syverson...Happy birthday Beezers, hope you have a wonderful day, love Katie and Paula

Allie RadtKe...Happy birthday Allie! Love mom dad lily and Emelia!

Bentlee Syverson...Happy Birthday Bentlee! Love Mom and Dad

Grayson Langen...Happy 4th Birthday Grayson! Love Mom, Dad & Madison

Mark Spetz...Happy Birthday Mark, Love Mom, Dad, Craig, Shyla, Haley, Heidi and Kaylee. Hope you have a great year.

Bentlee Severson...happy 11th Birthday to our beautiful caring granddaughter Benny you make everyday special. Love nana and papa

Elizabeth Myher...Happy Birthday little bit love Mom, Dale, Chris, Phynleigh and Londyn have a great birthday we love you.

Adam Ferguson...A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend & husband Adam Ferguson! Enjoy your last year in your 30's old man! Love you so much! Love your wife, Sherril, plus Junior, Lealan, Isabelle & Rylan! :)

November 7..Happy Birthday!!!

Lyla Cooper...To my one and only sister!! I’m so glad I didn’t just have all brothers; mom was smart to have you. I hope you have the best day ever and we can can hang out sometime!! Love you so much Truly, hilly 

Brynn Wallin...Happy Birthday to our almost Teen. Love Nana and Papa (WINNER x2)

Kevin Regier...We hope you have a very Happy 55th Birthday and an awesome year, Kevin. Love from Rhonda, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Dexter, Wade, Karen, Hailey, Reid, Ron and Dianne. You are loved!

Kevin Regier..Wishing Kevin Regier a very happy 55th birthday today! Love Rhonda, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden & Dexter

November 6..Happy Birthday!!!

Sherryl Woods...We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year. From your family and friends.

Ashton Kendall...Happy 7th Birthday to" Ashton Kendall"! Have a Great Day and Party Love grandma and grandpa Kendall

November 5..Happy Birthday!!!

Kensie Reimer...Happy 7th Birthday, Kensie. Lots of Love from Grandma, Auntie Angela and Uncle Clarence.

Tom Sebo...Happy Birthday Tom!! Love Marlee, Serena and Vanessa

November 4..Happy Birthday!!!

Lorne Elias...Happy birthday from the gang!

Joe Boss...Happy 16th Birthday Joe Boss! From Mom, Dad, Lexi, Eve & Oaklee

Shirley Gryde...Have a great day as you celebrate this special birthday. Love from your family.

November 3..Happy Birthday!!!

Pat Olmsted...Happy birthday memaw. Lots of love Reese, Gord, Melissa & Eldon, Knox, Connor & Brooklynn. Chantal & Diana.

len Waker...Happy birthday my dear husband. Thank you for all you do for your family. I love you, hope you have a great day. xoxoxoxox God Bless You.

Josh Schultz...Happy birthday Josh!! I hope you enjoy your 30th birthday and many more birthdays to come! Love mom and family (WINNER x2)

Aleah...Happy 15th Birthday Aleah!, love Mom, Dad, and Emery.

November 2..Happy Birthday!!!

Leanne Ebner...Happy Birthday Nan! See you from the window to the wall. Love your family of weirdos. (WINNER)

Diana Ciona...Hi there mom… Here’s a magic birthday wish for you. Thank you for all of the care and kindness you give to our whole family and the community. You rock my socks! (WINNER)

November 1..Happy Birthday!!!

Connie Ginter...Happy birthday to the best gramma and Nana there is. We love you. Have a good day!! Love Nichole, Nevaeh and Skyli (WINNER)

Aurora Lacasse...Happy 10th Birthday to our Granddaughter, Aurora Rose Lacasse. Wishing you a great day and lots of fun throughout the year! Love Papa & Grandma Gillis

Christine Lax...Happy birthday to my mom, Christine! I wish for her to have a wonderful year ahead! (WINNER)

Dominik Schreiner...Happy 15th birthday to Dominik Schreiner from Grandma and Grandpa Schreiner, Mom, Dad and the girls and all the rest of your family and friends.

October 31..Happy Birthday!!!

Keilana Voth...Happy Sweet 16 Keilana! Love Mom, Kowen, Cadence and Mason

Cindy Lowe...Happy Birthday to a great daughter, you are a very dedicated person in everything you do, love you very much, mom & dad.

Ken Giesbrecht...Happy Birthday to Ken Giesbrecht!! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead! From Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen (WINNER)

October 29..Happy Birthday!!!

Mary klassen...Happy birthday grandma love Jeremy , Kim, Gunnar and Jaxon.

October 28..Happy Birthday!!!

Clayton Millar...Happy 38th Birthday from Dad & Mom, Steven & Lauren, Quinn & Asa! (WINNER)

October 27..Happy Birthday!!!

Kim...Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day and many more birthdays to come! Love Mom

SHEYANNE BOWDITCH...Happy Birthday Wishes from Shakey T and Bobi Bear!

Asher Cartwright...Happy 5th Birthday to my Grandson, Asher Cartwright. May the day be as awesome as u are. Love Grandma Patty and Grandpa Rick

October 26..Happy Birthday!!!

Sydney Grainger...Happy sweet 16 Syd! Have a great birthday! Love Uncle, auntie, Farrah & Emerson. (WINNER x2)

Dave Garthus @ Simmie...Happy birthday David From City cousin Craig

Dianna Klassen...Nana Dianna, we love you so very much! Hugs & kisses from Texas! Becky & Max

Darla Martens...Happy Birthday Cuz! Make it Special. Spoil yourself! Love Michelle

October 25..Happy Birthday!!!

Craig East...Happy Birthday Craig. Have a great day , Love your family

Wayne Moss...Happy birthday Papa!! We love you so much! Love: Elle, Jake, Oliver and Garrett

Jennifer Prychak...Happy Birthday Jenn! Love from Mom, Blaine, Amber, Brielle and Olivia. Hope you have a great day

Kalena Greenley...Lordy Lordy look who is 40 and FABULOUS!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALENA from the Super Scouters!! <3 (WINNER x2)

October 24..Happy Birthday!!!

Sheldon Bromley...Happy birthday from all of your Hanson relatives.

October 23..Happy Birthday!!!

Paityn Reimer...Happy 10th Birthday, Paityn. Lots of Love from Grandma, Auntie Angela and Uncle Clarence

Glen Little...Happy 42nd Birthday Glen! Love Kim, Raleigh and Keegan!

October 22..Happy Birthday!!!

Sarah Penner...Happy birthday to the most wonderful daughter and best hair dresser around love you lots from mom and dad

Ellery Janz...Happy Birthday from your Class of '79 friends!

Zach Coward...Have a Super day, love from The Brown family.

October 21..Happy Birthday!!!

Mary Wilson...Have a great Day Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma Love your family!

Sydney...Happy birthday from mom, Dave, Conner, Austin, Keyanna and Kerrilee.

Sydney Ginter...To Syd Love Dad, Meghan and the siblings.  (WINNER)

October 20..Happy Birthday!!!

Stan Stewert...Happy birthday Stan. From your team at work hope your day is great.

Robert Bakus...Happy 69th Birthday papa! Love Bentlee (WINNER x2)

Harvey Mantie...Happy birthday Dad on your special day I'm reminded that your the same age as Elvis have a great day love your son Mark.

October 19..Happy Birthday!!!

Jim Barber...Happy Birthday Jim - have a GREAT day and all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley (WINNER x2)

October 18..Happy Birthday!!!

Jody Duclos...Happy birthday to my much older friend, Jody Duclos! Have a great day. (WINNER x2)

Angela Brown...Best Wishes, Love from your Family.

October 17..Happy Birthday!!!

Hudson Banman...Happy Birthday Buddy! From Mom, Jay and Zayden (WINNER)

John Uglem...Happy happy 22nd Number Day to John! He’s part of the hard-working delivery duo with Voth’s Brand Source. Have a super, awesome day! Love mom, Justin, Sydney, Miss O; kacie, Tammi n crew! (WINNER)

Junior McAfee-Bananish...A very happy 13th birthday Junior, welcome to your teenage years! We love you and hope you have a memorable and full of love birthday!! Love you bud! Sherril & Adam.

October 15..Happy Birthday!!!

Gary...Happy Birthday to a great dad, and grandpa love from Your grandchildren Halyn, Shane and Ashton

Katie McLaren...Happy Birthday Katie! Love Bentlee and Rikki

Katelyn McLaren...Happy 9th Birthday Katie. You are our ray of sunshine and bring joy to whomever you meet. Love Mom, Dad and Ethan!

Ruby Wotherspoon...Happy Birthday to our dear Ruby. We hope you have a wonderful day and a fantastic year. You're an amazing lady and are so loved. From Lisa, Dallas and Family.

Scott Moss...Happy birthday, Uncle Scott! We love you! Love: Elle and Jake

October 14..Happy Birthday!!!

Les Shaw...Happy birthday to little Les Shaw turning 60 today this coming from your golfing crew welcome to CPP

October 13..Happy Birthday!!!

Emelia Radtke...Happy 9th birthday Emelia. Love mom dad lily and Allie! (WINNER x2)

October 12..Happy Birthday!!!

Colin Zacharias...Happy Birthday from all your family! Enjoy the 55 km/hr wind gusts today (WINNER)

Jenny Berg...Happy Birthday Mom. Love Hunter, Peyton, Ella and Tim (WINNER)

Alice Wall...Happy Birthday Alice - wishing you a FANTASTIC day and much happiness in the year ahead - love from “THREE” OF THE FOUR FRIENDS FOREVER”!!

Bill Oldhaver...Happy Birthday, to Bill Oldhaver on your 91st birthday! Enjoy your special day. With Love from your family!

October 11..Happy Birthday!!!

Kaylee Pinel...Happy birthday to an amazing Wife and Mother, enjoy your day. From Brent, Kiptyn and Kameron  (WINNER x2)

Ron Michaud...Happy Birthday to Ron Michaud, hope you have a great year! Love from Rhonda, Kevin, Jordan, Kyra & Kaden.

October 10..Happy Birthday!!!

Jeff Colenutt...Happy Birthday From Theresa, Dalton and Levi.

October 8..Happy Birthday!!!

Aftyn Bakus...Happy birthdau to our precious grand-daughter on her first teen birthday'love you lots,from your Grandma and Grandpa Bakus

October 6..Happy Birthday!!!

Keegan Little...Happy 8th Birthday Keegan! Love Mom, Dad and Raleigh (WINNER x2)

October 5..Happy Birthday!!!

Shannon Soparlo...Happy 21st Birthday Shannon, hope you have a great day Love Hunter, Hayden and Jayce (WINNER)

Levi Gerbrandt...Happy birthday to our grandson who turns 4 today. Happy birthday Levi Love grandma & grandpa

David Regier...Happy Birthday David - have a FANTASTIC day - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley (WINNER)

October 4..Happy Birthday!!!

Lorraine Hedstrom...Happy birthday Mom/Grandma! We hope you have a wonderful day. Love you! (WINNER x2)

Lena Cowan...Happy Birthday to Lena Cowan!! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead!! From Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen

October 2..Happy Birthday!!!

Jase Johnson...Happy 14th Birthday Jase! We are so proud of the effort you put into all you do. Love Mom and Dad

October 1..Happy Birthday!!!

Marshal...Happy Birthday from all your friends and family out in Herbert.

Sheldon East...Happy Birthday Sheldon , Love Mom and Dad and the rest of the family . Have a great day!!

Phoenix Lingenfelter...Happy 11th Birthday Phoenix Shay. Enjoy your special day. Love Mom,Dad,Ryden and Grace.

September 30...Happy Birthday!!!

George Tumback...A very Happy Birthday to George Tumback. Looking forward to celebrating with you later today!! Love Louaine and Colleen

September 29...Happy Birthday!!!

Dave Lemay...Happy 40th Birthday to Dave Lemay Love Vickie, Dylan, and Isabelle

Sarah Bradford...Happy birthday Sarah have a fantastic day Love Dad  (WINNER)

David Lemay...Wishing a Happy big 4-0 to my boy! Love you, Mom & Randal

Mark Mantie...Love from Dad Happy birthday son

Elaine Bothner...We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Elaine. Love from all of your friends, neighbors and family. You are loved!

Emmett Hardenne...Happy birthday Emmett! Love Mom, Dad, Connor, and Keenan

Mike Arling...Happy Birthday Mike , love craig and Debbie and the rest of your family

Emmett Hardenne...Happy 12th Birthday Emmett!! Have a wonderful day!! Lots of love from Grandpa and Grandma Bulbeck

September 28...Happy Birthday!!!

Maverick Friesen...Happy 12 birthday to Maverick! Love mom, dad, Matthew and Mitchell. Love you to the moon and back kiddo!!

Breanna Dyck...Hope you have a fantastic day!! Love mon, dad, Erin and Ginger

Lew Shafer...Happy birthday to a great man who’s always there Enjoy your day  (WINNER)

Lochlan Dewar...Happy Birthday bud. Love Mom, Dad, and little sister Madeline

Jaxon Anderson...Happy Birthday Buddy! Wishing you a wonderful day. Love Mom, Dad and Keegan.

JoAnn Todd...Happy 16th Birthday to our Sasia. Have a wonderful day! (Pronounced Asia with an S in front.. Love Grammy and Grandpa

Alicia Kjos...Happy 6th birthday to our princess, Alicia. We hope you have a great day. Love you lots. From mom, dad, Nathan, and Lukas.

Jaxon Anderson...Happy 12th Birthday to a sweet young man. Hoping you have a great birthday. Love Grandma, Grandpa and all the family

Natasha and Jason Prefontaine...Happy 20th Anniversary Natasha and Jason, Love Mom, Dad, Draydon, Slayte, Steele, Aspyn, Carlie, Jeremy, Carla, Curren.

Justin Uglem...Happy 27th number day to an amazing young man! Part of the kind & courteous delivery duo with Voth’s Brand Source! Have a super awesome day Justin! From mom n John, Tammi n crew, Syd n miss O!  (WINNER)

September 27...Happy Birthday!!!

Ciara Heard...Wishing you the happiest of birthdays today Ciara! Here’s to another trip around the sun! Your sister would also like to know if you will share some cake today! Love mom, dad, and Quinn

Henry Giesbrecht...Have a great birthday. Love Jewel, Sharlene, Jack, Ben, Samantha, Kim, Tim, Jasmine and Kalyna!

Natalie Reimer...Happy 4th Birthday, Natalie. Lots of Love from Grandma, Auntie Angela and Uncle Clarence.  (WINNER)

Hank Giesbrecht...Happy Birthday Hank - have a GREAT day and all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley  (WINNER)

September 26...Happy Birthday!!!

Linda Westrom...Happy Birthday Linda - wishing you a wonderful day and a GREAT year ahead - Stan & Shirley

September 25...Happy Birthday!!!

Quinn Shepherd...Happy birthday Quinn! Hope you have a great day! Love Mom and Dad

Jack Lewan...Happy birthday Jack love mom dad and Madison

September 24...Happy Birthday!!!

Kayden Meyer...Happy Birthday Kayden. Love Mom, Dad and Ashlynn

Jackson Simpson...Double digits.. Happy birthday Jackson .. love Mom and Dad (WINNER)

Kyle Palmer...Happy Birthday, Kyle! Have the best day! Looking forward to celebrating you this weekend! Love: Brooklyn, Hudson, Griffin & Georgia (WINNER)

September 23...Happy Birthday!!!

Lacey Bochek...Happy 40th To Lacey Bochek!! Hope you have a great day! Love Alison and your running friends!

Slayte and Steele Prefontaine...Happy 19th Birthday Steele and Slayte (off at University) Love Mon, Dad, Draydon, Aspyn, Carli, Guk, Papa, Jeremy, Carla, Curren.

Brock Sebo...Happy birthday Brock Sebo. Have an amazing day little man!! Love dad, Jelena and lily!!

Stan Klassen...Happy Birthday Stan, have a great day. From Hank and Jewel.

Serena Sebo...Happy Birthday Serena!! Hope you have the best day ever!! Love Mom, Dad and Marlee

Stan Klassen...Happy Birthday to Stan Klassen!! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead! From Leonard, Sheila & Danelle

Stan Klassen...Happy Birthday to my husband Stan - wishing you a FANTASTIC day and a WONDERFUL year ahead - love Shirley

September 22...Happy Birthday!!!

Evelyn Sankey...Happy Birthday to 'Mom' from: Roy and the girls: Dallas, Glee, Amy and Amber and their families.

John Eidem...Happy Birthday John hope you have a wonderful day from Melody, Glen and Evan  (WINNER X2)

September 21...Happy Birthday!!!

Emily Reid...You you have an amazing day! Love Lana, Jonathan, Erin & Breanna

Lisa Jacobsen...Happy Birthday Lisa. Have a wonderful day. Love mom, Matt, Lincoln and Liam.

Amanda Martens...Happy Birthday Amanda - wishing you a “FAB”ulus day - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley  (WINNER X2)

September 20...Happy Birthday!!!

Harlee...Happy 15th birthday Harlee - love mom and dad

Cal ( Crutch) Krause...Many happy returns! Love from Colleen, kids, and grandkids Aarin, Jason ,Vedder, Beckett; Amy, Kevin, Carter, Brady; Cal, Laurie, Olive, Theo; & Chad.  (WINNER)

Colleen Mielke...Wishing a Happy Birthday to Colleen Mielke. Have a great day. With love from Wacey, Tylan, Kayde, Draesyn, and Charlie and Chase too.  (WINNER)

September 19...Happy Birthday!!!

Shelbie Arling...Happy Birthday Shelbie ! Have a great day , Love Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family

Marian Nagel...Happy Birthday, Marian! Love from Kevin and Caleb

Nicole Tumback...Happy Birthday Nicole - wishing you a FANTASTIC day and much happiness in the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Vanessa...Enjoy the last year of your twenties.. From Mum and Dad. Happy Birthday Vanessa Thorburn.

Tom...Happy Birthday Tom, Have a Great Day. Love from your Bride of Many Years

September 17...Happy Birthday!!!

Hailey Lowe...Happy 17th on the 17th to our smart, happy, wonderful, sporty daughter Hailey. Have an amazing year with new adventures!

Hailey Lowe...Happy Birthday to our wonderful granddaughter, We love you very much!! Memere & Pappa

Ken & Denise Giesbrecht...Happy 28th Anniversary to Ken & Denise Giesbrecht!! Have a great day and wishing you many more years of good health and happiness together! From Leonard, Sheila & Danelle

Chad Salter...Happy Birthday Dad! Hope you have a great day! We love you Mia, Jaxon, Lexi and Lisa

September 16...Happy Birthday!!!

Sherry Unger...Happy 59th birthday for the 3rd time mom. Love Amanda, Tyler, Evan , and Talia.  (WINNER)

Ashlynn Meyer...Happy Birthday Ashlynn! Love mom, dad, & Kayden.


Stevie Wheeler...Happiest of birthdays to Stevie Wheeler who is 5 years old today! May all your wishes come true! Love from grandma and grandpa!

Holden Duckworth...Happy 8th Birthday to our not so little boy! Love Mom and Dad!

Jaxon Salter...Happy Birthday Jaxon! Love Grandma and Grandpa

Lexi Salter...Happy Birthday Lexi! Love Grandma and Grandpa

Jaxon Salter...Happy Birthday Jax! Good Luck at try outs this weekend! Love Mom, Dad, Mia, Lexi, Sophie and Cornelius.

September 15...Happy Birthday!!!

Judy Ross...Happy birthday to Judy Ross. Have a special day. Love Terry, Kevin, Rhianna, Sierra

Blaine Peters...Happy birthday to our son, Blaine. We hope you have a great day. Love from mom, Troy, Nathan, Lukas and Alicia (WINNER X2)

September 14...Happy Birthday!!!

Jeremy Brumwell...Happy Birthday Jer Bear! I hope you have a great day and the best year to come. We love you so much son! Love mom and Dallas

Luke Martens...Happy 34th Birthday Luke, Love Deedee, Dayton,Claire. Have a great day, we love you! (WINNER)

Claire Martens...Happy 5th Birthday! Love Mom, Dad, Dayton (WINNER)

Lindsay Regier...Happy Birthday Lindsay - wishing you a FANTASTIC day with family & friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Laikyn Schreiner...Happy birthday to Laikyn Schreiner from Grandma and Grandpa Schreiner, Mom and Dad and all the rest of her family and friends.

Lexi Salter...Happy Birthday Sweet Lex! We love you Mom, Dad, Mia, Jaxon, Sophie and Tarzan

September 13...Happy Birthday!!!

Carter Blahey (Bluh-hey)...Happy birthday Carter from Grandma, Grandpa, mom, your sister and all your family and friends. (WINNER X2)

September 12...Happy Birthday!!!

Douglas Kalenchuk...Happy 17th Birthday with love from Mom, Dad, and his brother Devin.

Moira McBlain...Happy birthday, Love mom and dad.

Kandice Moss...Happy birthday Auntie Kandice! We love you! Love: Elle and Jake.(WINNER)

Luke Schlamp...Wishing our son, Luke a Happy 18th Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!! (WINNER)

Rhonda Dawn Regier...We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Rhonda. Love from Kevin, Jordan, Kyra, Kaden, Dexter, Wade, Karen, Hailey, Reid, Mom and Dad. We love you lots. Have a wonderful day!

Rhonda Regier...Special Happy Birthday wishes for my special wonderful friend, Rhonda! You are the best!! Love from your friend Rita.

Moira McBlain...Happy Birthday Mom love Jayden, Tanner, Tiana and Taryn.

Leslie Steer...Happy 9th birthday Leslie. Hope u have a good birthday. Love from Mom, Dad, Sisters Rosemary and Lexi Momma and Papa Aunties and uncles.

Isabelle Simpson...Happy Birthday Isabelle! We hope you have a wonderful day! Love your family.

September 11...Happy Birthday!!!

Karidee...Happy birthday to Karidee (care-a-dee) Schreiner from Grandma and Grandpa Schreiner, Mom, Dad and all her family and friends.

September 10...Happy Birthday!!!

Kelsey Beisel...Happy birthday kelsey! Hope you have an amazing day and an even better year ahead! Love your family and friends!

September 9...Happy Birthday!!!

Chris Stroud...Happy Bithday with love Phoenix and Nicole (WINNER)

Ady Todd...Happy 10th Birthday Ady wishing you a fun filled day. Also Happy belated 6th birthday for your sister Brinley on August 30th Love Grandma Gayle

Ady Todd...Happy 10th birthday Ady!! Love Mom, Dad, Kaylei & Brinley

Ady Todd...Happy 10th birthday to our funny, busy and delightful granddaughter Ady Todd. Have a great day! Love Do’na and Grampa

Jarrod Schellenberg...Happy birthday Jarrod love Dad, Mom, and all your family and friends.(WINNER)

September 8...Happy Birthday!!!

Allison Green...Happy Birthday Alli! Have a fantastic day! Love Grandma grandpa, Aunty Melissa, Dene, Jocelyn, kandace, uncle cam, Payton, Danae, Daniele, Emily mom and dad! Also the puppers: Bridgee, Duke, Leo


Jacquie Greenwood...Happy Birthday Jacquie - wishing you a FANTASTIC day and a year full of happiness ahead - from the “group” gang (WINNER)

Russ Blanke...Happy 4th Birthday Russ! Hope you have a fun day! Lots of love from Papa and Nana Roszell

Russ Blanke...Happy 4th Birthday Russ! We hope you have the best day with all your friends! Love: Mom. Dad, and Sadie

September 7...Happy Birthday!!!

Adam Huxted...Happy birthday babe I hope you an amazing day we love you love Betty and the kids, Jack and Bandit

Devin Kalenchuk...Happy 15th Birthday to Devin Kalenchuk! Have a Happy birthday and a happy first day of school! Love mom, dad and Douglas

Kevin Broccolo...Happy Birthday Dad. Hope your day is as good as you are!! Love Carter, Brady, Amy, and Sandy. (WINNER)

Bart Blanke...Happy Birthday Bart! Hope you have a great day, Love Tim and Shelley

Bart Blanke...Happy Birthday! Love Sadie Russ and Shantel

September 6...Happy Birthday!!!

Betty Pribyl...Birthday Greetings going out To Betty Pribyl! Wishing You A Wonderful Day! Lots Of Love! Frank, Tim, Brenda, Al & Dorothy All The Grandchildren!

Pat Friesen...Happy birthday Pat!! You are the best mom and grandma!! We hope you have a fantastic day. Love from: Lucky, Wes, Jason, Erin, Cole and Haley

Nicole Kopperud...I would like to wish Nicole A Happy 37th Birthday And I hope she has an awesome birthday! Love/From your Family & Friends - Carolyn, Grandma Lucille, Willie, Trevor, Carol, Gary and all the pets - Bella, Star, Luna, Tips, Zeus, Chloe, Angel, Smokey, Simba And Duke (WINNER X2)

Nicole Kopperud...Happy Birthday to my friend Nicole who I share a birthday with today! Hope you have a great day! From Brenda

Brenda Saufert...I would like to wish my friend Brenda A Happy Birthday And I hope she has an awesome birthday! From your Friend Nicole!

September 4...Happy Birthday!!!

Troy Kjos...Happy birthday, Troy Hope you have an amazing day. Love from Justina, Nathan, Lukas, and Alicia

Wayne and Brenda Moss...Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! We love you so much! Love: Tanya, Chance, Elle, Jake, Scott, Kandice, Oliver and Garrett

Sadie Blanke...Happy 7 th Birthday to our sweet granddaughter Sadie. Hope you have a fun birthday. Lots of love from Nana and Papa Roszell

Wayne and Brenda Moss...Happy 40th Anniversary, Mom and Dad! We love you both so much! Love: Tanya, Chance, Elle, Jake, Scott, Kandice, Oliver and Garrett

Sadie Blanke...Happy 7th Birthday! Hope you have an amazing year and the best time in Grade 2! Love: Mom, Dad, and Russ

September 3...Happy Birthday!!!

Kathy Wanner...Happy birthday to Kathy Wanner, turning 85 years young on Saturday

Kathy Wanner...Happy 85th birthday to a wonderful mother, and my best friend Kathy Wanner! Looking forward to many more laughs and adventures in the future. Love you mom. Laure

Adam & Sherril...Wishing my husband Adam Ferguson a Happy 6th wedding Anniversary! I am so blessed to call you my husband! I love you!!

September 2...Happy Birthday!!!

Hunter Luepke...Happy 11th Birthday Hunter! Love Mom, Dad and Brixley.

Tyler Dickie...Happy 41st birthday, love Amanda, Evan and Talia

Randy and Colleen Arnold...Happy Birthday Dad and Mom love you from the whole family. Hope you both have a awesome day.

Jy Sewell...Have a wonderful day! From your family and friends out at Lac Pelletier.

Autumn Coates...Happy 17th birthday Autumn. Love from your family.

Tyler Dickie...happy birthday Tyler, love Jenita

September 1...Happy Birthday!!!

Brianna Cook...Happy 16th Birthday Brianna. I hope you have a great day. Good luck with your drivers test today. Love Mom and Dad.

Connor Hardenne...Happy 14th Birthday Connor!! Have a wonderful birthday!! Lots of love Grandpa and Grandma Bulbeck (WINNER)

Haley (Hailey) Soos...Happy birthday to our awesome Haley. Hope you have a great birthday and first day of school today! Love from: Mom, Dad, Cole and Lucky (WINNER)

August 31...Happy Birthday!!!

Calvin Gunter...Happiest of birthday wishes From your little sidekicks Quinn and Ciara. Hoping you have a great day and take some time to eat some cake tonight!

Dashel Klassen...Happy 13th birthday Dashel! Love from Mom, Dad, Rielle and Toby! (WINNER X2)

Blake Simpson...Happy Birthday to you Blake! Love your family!

August 30...Happy Birthday!!!

Gloria Johnson...Happy Birthday Gloria from your husband and family - have a great day! (WINNER)

Briar Dafoe...Happy 2nd Birthday Maizy Dafoe. Love Mom and Dad

Brinley Todd...Happy birthday Brinley Jean. Love: Mom, Dad, Ady & Kaylei

Brinley Todd...We hope you have a funtastic birthday “B”, and an even better year! Love and hugs from Do’na and Grampa

Jhoyce Marzan...Happy 40th Birthday mommy Jhoyce we love you Nanay love Daddy, Johann and Jiro (WINNER)

August 29...Happy Birthday!!!

Tiffany Powell...Happy birthday from Finn, pip and Lincoln.

Laurie Krause...Happy birthday to an amazing daughter and mom!

Owen Butterworth...Happy 10th Birthday Owen!! Love Mom, Dad, Ethan, Uncle, Auntie Rachelle, Ty Ty, Rylen,Jaden, Papa and Grandma.

Melissa Reimer...Happy Birthday Melissa. Lots of Love from Mom, Angela and Clarence.

Gayle Jamieson...Happy birthday Grandma Gayle. Love Ady, Kaylei & Brinley.

Lylah Cattell...Happy 14th Birthday. Love Dad, Mom, Morgan and Liam. (WINNER)

Jordan Regier...We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Jord! Love from Mom, Dad, Kyra, Kaden, Dexter, Karen, Wade, Hailey, Reid, Grandma and Grandpa. Love ya lots! (WINNER)

Jordan Regier...Wishing Jordan Regier a very Happy 22 Birthday & hope you have a wonderful year!!! Love Ya lots!!! Love: Mom, Dad, Kyra, Kaden & Dexter

August 28...Happy Birthday!!!

Jeremy Wilson...Happy birthday dad love your two mini me’s Gunnar and Jaxon.

August 27...Happy Birthday!!!

Melody Schwartz...Happy 15th birthday to melody. We love you schmoopie. Love mom, dad, Rya and all the critters.

August 26...Happy Birthday!!!

Brooklyn Fehr...Happiest of birthdays to Brooklyn love uncle Jer , auntie Kim , and your cousins. (WINNER X2)

August 25...Happy Birthday!!!

Yvonne Ginter...Happy birthday grandma. We love you so much. Love Nevaeh and Skyli (WINNER)

August 24...Happy Birthday!!!

Nathan Peters...Happy 18th birthday, Nathan. Hope you have a great day! We love you. Love. Mom and dad, and Lukas and Alicia

Davyn Lowenberger...Happy Birthday Davyn! Love mom, dad and Karsyn (WINNER X2)

August 23...Happy Birthday!!!

Krista Wilson...Happy birthday Regan from your buddies Farrah & Emerson.

Stan Greenwood...Happy Birthday Stan - have a great day - from the “gang” (WINNER)

Shirley Klassen...Happy 75th Birthday, enjoy your day. From Hank and Jewel. (WINNER)

Shirley Klassen...Happy Birthday to Shirley Klassen!! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead!! From Leonard, Sheila & Danelle.

August 22...Happy Birthday!!!

Sheila Klassen...Happy Birthday Sheila - hope you have a FABULOUS day and wishing you all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley (WINNER X2)

Sheila Klassen...Happy 69th Birthday to Sheila Klassen!! Hope you have a great day and a wonderful year ahead! Love from Leonard, Danelle, Darren, Tia, Colbie, Darlene and Terry.

August 20...Happy Birthday!!!

Greg Pastuck...Happy 60th Greg. Hope you have a great day. Love from Sharon, Baydin, Jordin, Bayley and Hughie.

Alyssa Schreiner...Happy birthday to Alyssa Schreiner from Terry and Penny. Also from Todd and the kids, and all your family and friends.

August 19...Happy Birthday!!!

Kaylee Anderson...Happy 14th. Birthday Kaylee. Have a super great day. Love you so much. Grandma Grandpa Katlynn and all the family.

Mike Lee...Happy birthday to my husband. (WINNER)

Zayden Getz...Happy 2nd birthday to our not so little boy anymore, we love you so much. Love mommy and daddy

Zayden...Happy birthday Zayden I hope you have a great day, grandma, grandpa loves you lots can’t wait to see you on the weekend. ❤️

Zayden Getz...Happy 2nd birthday to our not so little boy anymore, we love you so much. Love mommy and daddy.

Landis Reimer...Happy Birthday from the harvest crew!

Rya Horst...Happy 12th birthday Rya. Love mom dad mel and all the beasts. (WINNER)

August 18...Happy Birthday!!!

Emilie Poh...Happy Birthday Emilie!! Love Mom, Dad, Raylin, Tristan, and of course all the fur balls!! (WINNER)

Taylor Neufeld...Wishing you a happy 30th birthday. From mom, dad, Jordan and Paige (WINNER)

Taylor Neufeld...Wishing you a very happy 30th birthday.

Roberta Barber...Happy Birthday Roberta - wishing you a FANTASTIC day and all the best in the year ahead - love from your sisters, brother, sister-in-law and brother-in-laws!

Wendy Wagner...Happy 60th Birthday Wendy! From all the crazy cats on the unit.

August 17...Happy Birthday!!!

Rose Conn...Happy 1rst Birthday to a little sweetheart Rose! Luv Great Aunti Linda

Judy Reddekopp...Happy birthday to the most wonderful mom and nana we could ever ask for! Your strength, perseverance, and love are an inspiration to us all. Love Jaymie, Cliff, Sophia and Ava (WINNERx2)

August 16...Happy Birthday!!!

Mack Henderson...Happy 12th Birthday Mack - Love Mom, Dad, Grady & Bench!  (WINNER)

Jesse Gardner...Happy 18th birthday to our son. You have become the young man we all knew you’d become with a huge heart and joy for life. We love you beyond words Jess. Love forever Dad, Brandy, Wyatt and the dogs. XO (WINNER)

Jesse Gardner...Happy Birthday Jesse! So excited to see what is coming in the next year Love mom, Kim and your sisters

Tydon Button...Happy Birthday we love you! Mom, Dad, Aleaha and Reyna

August 15...Happy Birthday!!!

Helen Pinel...Happy Birthday Mom ! Have a great day , love dad and the rest of the family!!

Jelena Funk...Happy birthday Jelena funk. Love Vince lily and brock have a great day!!! (WINNERx2)

August 14...Happy Birthday!!!

Joe Puskarz...Happy birthday wishing you many more. Enjoy

August 12...Happy Birthday!!!

Lily Radtke...Happy 14th birthday Lily! Love mom dad Allie and Emelia!

Xander Lemire...Happy Birthday Xander! Hope you have a great day. Love Mom, Dad, Perrin, Hailee, and Skinny G (WINNER)

Hudson Hampton...Happy 8th birthday Hudson, hope your day is as wonderful as you. Love Grandpa Lynn, Grandma Chris n uncle Dakota

Marsha Kusisto...Happy Birthday Marsha - wishing you a FANTASTIC day and all the best in the year ahead - from three of the “Four Friends Forever”

Tanner Hyswick...Happy birthday to our best pal, hope you have the best day ! Cheers (WINNER)

August 11...Happy Birthday!!!

Ken Heffley...Happy birthday from Robyn and Mike.

Garet Harding...Happy 30th birthday Garet! Love from your Côté family!

Alison Nagy...Happy birthday Alison! Have a wonderful day! Love the Côté clan🤗😘

Robin Wall...Happy 50th birthday Robin love Reed, Brooke, Mom, Dad and all your family.

Rhyllah Gerard (pronounced Rye-Lah)...Happy 10th Birthday Rhy. Love Mom, Dad, Evie and Lainey. Xoxo (WINNER)

Jamie Lopeterrr...Happy Birthday love Kelly, Darcy, Grady, Mack & Bench.

Bo Ford...Happy 6th birthday to our Grandson Bo. Love you to the moon and back Grandma and Poppa Unger

Bo Ford...Happy Birthday Bo! Love sawyer and Brett

Gary Poh...Happy 50th, Gary! Love from Mom!

Kelsey Barsness...Happy birthday to Kelsey today! Hope Dawson spoils you and you eat lots of cake! (WINNER)

August 10...Happy Birthday!!!

Bentley Nymann...Happy 6th birthday, Bentley. Hope you have great day today. Love from grandma and grandpa kjos and from uncle Nathan, uncle Lukas and auntie Alicia. We love you so much.

Jenny Berg...Happy 20th Anniversary, Love Tim

Tyler Wegman...Happy Birthday to an amazing father and husband, hope you have a great day!! (WINNER)

Joe Snedden and Blaid Snedden...Happy 50th birthday Joe from Tilted Head Tattoo And Happy 21st birthday to your daughter Blaid.

August 9...Happy Birthday!!!

Brent and Karl Wilkins...Happy Birthday on Aug. 9th to Brent and Karl Wilkins. Wishing you both many more, from The Spetz's in Swift Current.

August 8...Happy Birthday!!!

Arnold Janz...Happy birthday Arnold, have a great day love all your family and friends.

Sherry Moberg...Happy Birthday Sherry - wishing you a wonderful day and a great year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley. (WINNERx2)

August 7...Happy Birthday!!!

Bill & Merle Oldhaver...Happy 68th Anniversary to Bill and Merle Oldhaver with lots of love from your family.

Sarah Johnson...Happy Birthday Sarah. Hope you have a wonderful day. from your super 8 family.

Stephanie Rutherford...Happy Birthday Stephanie. love Mom and Dad.

August 6...Happy Birthday!!!

Rocky Sabasch...Happy 65th birthday Rocky,hope your day is as fabulous as you. Love Morse highways family!!

Casey Packet...Happy 9th Birthday Casey! We love you! From Mum, Dad, Alli, Jordan and Whitney.

Haley Spetz...Happy 25th Birthday on Aug 6th to Haley Spetz. Love Mom, Dad, Craig, Shyla, Mark, Kaylee and Heidi. Hope you have a great one.

August 5...Happy Birthday!!!

Jayden McBlain...Happy Birthday love Mom, Dad, Tanner, Tiana and Taryn

August 4...Happy Birthday!!!

Jeff Schlamp...Wishing my husband, Jeff a wonderful birthday!! Love you so very much. Love your wife Trudy and your children Luke, Jason, Jaydyn,& Brooke.(WINNER)

Sydney Bulbeck...Happy 16th birthday Sydney. Love Mom. (WINNER)

Robert Hattum...Happy Birthday Love Michelle, Keegan and Jaxon. Hope you have a great day!

August 3...Happy Birthday!!!

Bev Ginter...Happy 29ish Birthday Bev!! Love Heather and Perry. (WINNERx2)

August 2...Happy Birthday!!!

Megan Simmons...Happy Birthday, Auntie Megan! Love Emberlyn, Mhyer and Voldemort!

Rene' Bourlon...Happy Birthday! Love Sharon, Braeden, Dori, Darby & Wags.(WINNER)

Kyra Regier...We hope you have a very Happy 19th Birthday and an awesome year, beautiful girl! Love ya lots. Love from - Mom, Dad, Jordan, Kaden, Dexter, Wade, Karen, Hailey, Reid, Grandma & Grandpa!

Andrew Martinoski...Happy Birthday Andrew have a great day.  Love from your family and friends.(WINNER)

Kyra Regier...Wishing Kyra Regier a very Happy 19th Birthday & hope you have the best year ever!!! Love ya lots: Mom, Dad, Jordan, Kaden & Dexter

Kyra Regier...Hope you have a very happy 19th birthday and a fabulous year Kyra Dawn Regier!!! Love you lots! Love: mom, dad, Jordan, Kaden & Dexter

August 1...Happy Birthday!!!

Bill Wiebe...Stop by Gauvin motors and wish Bill a happy birthday and is you're able some birthday bumps. Love you sweetheart....your wife Debbie.

Janet Friesen...Happy birthday to a wife and great mom. Love Richard, Nicholas and the furry kids.

Eden Larson...Happy 13th. birthday Eden. Have a great day sweetie. Love you Grandma, Grandpa and Katlynn (WINNER)

Eden Larson...Happy 13th Birthday Eden!! Love Mom, Dad and Brooke.

July 31...Happy Birthday!!!

Maielle (My-L) Cornelson...Happy Birthday Maielle! Enjoy your day at the lake with your family and friends. Love mom, dad, & Rachel.

July 30...Happy Birthday!!!

Leonard Ginter...Happy birthday to our favourite Papa tomorrow. We love you. From all the grandkids and great grandkids

Leonard Ginter...Happy birthday to our Papa today. We love you. Love All your grandkids and great grandkids Have a good day!

Phyllis Eben...Happy 82nd birthday mom. Have a great day. We love you Irene, Dana, Katlynn and all the family

Johann...Happy 9th Birthday Johann! We love you From: Mom, Dad and Jiro

Nora Thiessen...Happy Birthday Nora. Enjoy your special day. Lot of love from Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Landon, Auntie Tara, Ashton, Aidan, Avery, Ainsely and Archer.

July 29...Happy Birthday!!!

Levi Elder...Happy 5th Birthday to our little lady bug loving grandson. Levi Elder. Love Nana and Papa (WINNER)

Dean Froese...Happy Birthday Dean love from Julie, Marshal, Stacy, Brittany, and Justin!

July 28...Happy Birthday!!!

Barb Klassen...Happy 75TH Birthday Barb - wishing you a fantastic day and all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley.

Delta Martens...Happy 7th Birthday Delta - hope you have a fun day with your family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley. (WINNER)

Barbara Klassen...Happy 75th Birthday to Barbara Klassen !!! Have a great day a wonderful year ahead. From: Leonard, Sheila & Danelle.

Laura Nesland...Happy 60th birthday to Laura Nesland from her neighbours.

Blake Reiter...Happy 8th Birthday Blake!! We love you. Auntie Tawni and Uncle Doug. (WINNER)

July 27...Happy Birthday!!!

Bethany Schulz...Happy birthday Bethany hope you have a great day. From the Gardners. (WINNER)

Bethany Schulz...Happy Sweet Sixteen to our beautiful daughter Bethany. We hope you have a fabulous year ahead and a great day celebrating all that is our wondeful Bethany! Happy 16th Birthday Bethany! Love Mom, Dad, Jonas and Owen.

Aaron Bakus...Happy birthday to our wonderful son, love mom & dad. (WINNER)

Alex Tumbach...Happy 87th Birthday Dad! Hope you feel better soon. Love Tammy, Shayne, Vicky and Brian.

July 26...Happy Birthday!!!

Sunny Sebastian...Happy birthday Sunny! Have a great day , from your co worker Leann and family! (WINNER)

Kevin Alarcon...Happy birthday, have a great day! From Leann, David and family. (WINNER)

Gregor Farquharson...Happy Birthday from your Part Time family here in Swift Current. Rob, Holly, Dave. Kat Ben and Katie Myers.

July 25...Happy Birthday!!!

Sabrina Penner...Happy birthday Sabrina who works so hard at associate pet hospital. Have a great day Love mom and dad.(WINNER)

July 22...Happy Birthday!!!

Allen Howell...Happy birthday from your much younger friend from Moose Jaw (WINNER)

Anna Krieser...Have the best Birthday Anna! Love you to the moon and back! Love Mom, Dad, Kaitlyn, Ringo, Kramer and Cleo.

Ed & Marion Parkin...Happy 55th Anniversary Ed & Marion - have a wonderful day together and wishing you all the best in the year ahead - Stan & Shirley. (WINNER)

July 21...Happy Birthday!!!

Mikayla...Happy 13th Birthday Mikayla Love Mom Dad Kaitlynn and Cooper. (WINNER)

Dorothy Schwartz...Happy birthday Mom, Gramma ans Great Gramma. Love you lot and lots Bob, Mary Lou and your family.

Ben Reiter...Happy double digits Ben!! We love you! Auntie Tawni and Uncle Doug. (WINNER)

July 20...Happy Birthday!!!

Sean Finell...Welcome to the Fifties club Sean, enjoy your day and year to Brendon & Deanna. (WINNER)

Baillie-ann Johnson...Happy Birthday Baillie! Love Mom, Dad and Samantha. Welcome to the teenage years! (WINNER)

July 19...Happy Birthday!!!

Brett Ruf...Happy birthday Brett From mom, dad and sawyer.

Brett Ruf...Happy Birthday to Brett Jean! Love mom, dad, sawyer and Jade

Laner MacIsaac...Happy Birthday Laner, have a great day and year....Longhair

Michele schwartz...Happy birthday to Michele Schwartz. From grant, Ashley, Melody, Rya ,Dallas, Kalli, Kaydence, Jase, Hayden, Zach and Kyle (WINNER)

Ethan Button...Happy Birthday Ethan! Have the best day! Love: Uncle Ray, Auntie Mindy, Aleaha, Tydon and Reyna.

Brady Broccolo...Happy 11th Birthday Brady!! Hope your day is as good as you! Love Mom, Dad, Carter, Sandy, and all the rest of your family and friends! (WINNER)

July 18...Happy Birthday!!!

Michelle Harvey...Happy birthday. Love James, Alex and Tommy. (WINNER)

Twila and Rob Casselman...Wishing Twila and Rob Casselman a very special 35th anniversary today. Congratulations and lots of love from mom, Teddy, Tabby and Little Buddy!

Jordan Rindahl...Happy Birthday Jordan Love from mom and dad and gramma Dorothy.

Samantha Johnson...Happy birthday kiddo, finally in the double digits. Love Mom, Dad and Baillie-Ann. (WINNER)

July 16...Happy Birthday!!!

Brylee Penner...Happy First Birthday Brylee! Love mom and dad.

July 15...Happy Birthday!!!

Braydon Zacharias...Happy quarter century birthday, Braydon! Enjoy your special day. (WINNER)

Denise Giesbrecht...Happy Birthday to Denise Giesbrecht!! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead!! From Leonard, Sheila & Danelle.

Braydon Zacharias...Happy Birthday from ALL your family!! You're now 1/2 way to 50! Have a wonderful day!! (WINNER)

July 14...Happy Birthday!!!

Zeke Ludlow...Happy18th Birthday Zeke! Love you Mom, Dad and Ozzie! (WINNER X2)

July 12...Happy Birthday!!!

Brody...Happy Birthday Brody from mom, dad, Daxon and Bentley. (WINNER)

Florence Anderson...We hope you have a very Happy Birthday and an awesome year, Florence! Love from your family, all your friends and the Broncos!!! You are loved!!!!

Vicki Patterson...Happy birthday Vicki love mom dad Kenny cory Tucker and all of the animals. Have a great day. (WINNER)

Scott MacLeod...Happy Birthday!! Love from Colleen, Connor, Zach, Kaila, & Chase.

July 11...Happy Birthday!!!

Kylie Nymann...Happy 5th birthday, Kylie. Hope you have an awesome day. Love Grandma and Grandpa kjos. And from Uncle Nathan, Uncle Lukas and Auntie Alicia. (WINNER)

Robert Klassen...Happy 76th Birthday Robert - wishing you a wonderful day and a GREAT year ahead - Stan & Shirley. (WINNER)

Robert Klassen...Happy 76th Birthday to Robert Klassen!! Have a great day and a wonderful year ahead. From, Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen.

Reagan Scott...Happy birthday. Have a great day. Now you can get your learners. Love Mom, Katelyn. Lanny . Patrick.

Patrick Scott...Happy 15. Have a great day. Now you can get your learners. Love Mom, Katelyn, Lanny and Reagan.

July 9...Happy Birthday!!!

Kaitlyn kunze...Happy birthday Kaitlyn! Love mom dad and your sisters!

July 8...Happy Birthday!!!

Sabrina waker...Happy birthday to my sweet smart Sabrina our daughter !! We are so proud of you!! Have a blessed day and many more to come !! Love you mom dad and 3 sisters !!

Harper Robertson...Happy 5th Birthday, Harper! Love Auntie Jessie, Uncle Jeremy, Emberlyn, and Mhyer! (WINNER)

Harper Robertson...Happy Birthday Harper! Love Grandma Sheryl and Grandpa Dana!

Lana Stangland...Have a wonderful birthday my oldest friend! Love ya - Tracey (WINNER)

Lillian May...Happy Birthday Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma Love Kevin, Courtney, Tyler, Melissa, Riley, Sawyer, Maverick and Everett

July 7...Happy Birthday!!!

Jensen...Happy birthday Jensen. From Dad, Mom, and Keira.

Gunnar Wilson...Have a super 3rd birthday love grandpa and grandma.

Gunnar Wilson...Happy 3rd birthday to wonderful son that is so full of energy. Love dad ,mom and Jaxon.

July 6...Happy Birthday!!!

Rol Aeton...Happy 66th birthday to Rol Aeton of Swift Current from girlfriend Denise

Maddex Barber...Happy 15th Birthday Maddex - have a great day with family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Amber Belanger...Happy birthday amber love you kiddo love mom and dad (WINNER X2)

July 4...Happy Birthday!!!

Amanda Thoreson...Happy 21st Birthday Amanda! Wishing you all the best today and every day. Love Mom, Dad, Sammy, Oma, and Grandma. (WINNER X2)

Owen Regier...Happy 12th Birthday Owen - hope you have a fun day with your family and friends - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley.

Sandra Spasoff...Happy 48th birthday to my wife sandra coming from ur husband jason and the rest of the borea construction crew out in Medicine Hat.

July 3...Happy Birthday!!!

Rose MacFarlane...Happy Birthday my friend! Have a wonderful day! From Wendy H

Colleen Tumback...Have very Happy Birthday and I am sure we will celebrate with your relatives and friends. Hoping you many more years of happiness.

Lenni Lacasse...Happy Birthday to our daughter Lenni Lacasse. Wishing you a great day . Love from Mom & Dad Gillis,

July 2...Happy Birthday!!!

Emma McKenzie Larson...Happy 7th Birthday to our daughter Emma McKenzie Larson. Lots of love from mom, dad and Cole.

Susan Desjardins...Happy 58th Birthday Susan. Enjoy your day! Love Wes, Agnes, Wendy, Lisa, Matt, Lincoln and Liam.

July 1...Happy Birthday!!!

Aurelia Lacasse...Happy 12th Birthday to our beautiful Granddaughter, Aurelia Lacasse. Wishing you a great day and an awesome year! Love from Grandma & Papa Gillis.

June 30...Happy Birthday!!!

Luc Perrault...Happy 12th Birthday Luc! Love mom and dad. 

Frankie Arnold...Happy 30th Birthday Frankie!! Hope you have a good day and a wonderful year ahead. From Danelle Klassen. (WINNER)

Esther Wiens...Happy Birthday Esther - have a GREAT day with your family - Stan & Shirley.

Leila Hegglin...Happy Birthday Leila, we hope you have a great day. love Mom, Dad, and Jude. (WINNER)

Esther Wiens...Happy Birthday to Esther Wiens!! Have a great day! Wishing you many more years of good health and happiness! From. Leonard, Sheila, Darren, Tia, Colbie, Darlene, Terry and Danelle.

Ken Puskarz...wishing my young brother a happy 60th birthday.

June 29...Happy Birthday!!!

Laureen Kress...Happy big birthday ,Laureen. Have a fantastic day. Love, Patti & Lionel.

Kyle Osborne...Happy Birthday Kyle - Hope you are having a great day. Love Grandma and John.

Stan and Shirley Klassen...Happy 54th Anniversary Stan and Shirley, have a fabulous day. From Hank and Jewel.

Devon Ebner...Happy birthday Devon love mom and Rob. (WINNER)

Rachel Scheetz...Happy 16th Birthday to Rachel Scheetz! Love Mom, Dad, Brendan and Grandma!

Stan & Shirley Klassen...Happy Anniversary to Stan & Shirley Klassen!! Have a great day. Wishing you many more years of good health and happiness together! From, Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen.

June 28...Happy Birthday!!!

Andrew Lavallee... Happy birthday!!! (WINNER)

Lenni Neufeld...Happy Birthday Lenni - have a wonderful day and wishing you all the best in the year ahead - from a long time friend. (WINNER)

June 27...Happy Birthday!!!

Brent Pinel...Happy Birthday to the greatest Dad and husband around! Love Kaylee, Kiptyn and Kameron.

Brandon Casselman...Happy Birthday to Brandon Casselman who is turning 31! Wishing u a happy healthy prosperous year! Hope u have a happy fun filled day! Love from mom dad and family ❤❤ (WINNER)

Nicole Larson...Happy Birthday Nicole. Hope you have a great day. If you see Nicole at First Ave. Dental today wish her a happy birthday. Love Mom, Dana, Katlynn and family. (WINNER)

June 26...Happy Birthday!!!

Jaxon Wilson...Happy 1st birthday to a wonderful , smiley little man. Love mom and dad and Gunnar.

Jaxon Wilson...Have a super first birthday Jaxon love grandpa and grandma.

June 25...Happy Birthday!!!

Ashton Munro...Happy 15th Birthday Ashton! We Hope you have the best day- love Mom, Dad, Carter and Jace! (WINNER)

Ashton Munro...Happy 15 th Birthday Ashton! Have an awesome day Bud! Luv grandma & pa.

Brantley Haubrich...Happy 4th Birthday Brantley. We hope you have a great birthday. Love Mom, Dad and Blake.

Austin Sewell...Happy Birthday love Mom, Dad and Logan. Have a super Awesome Day!!

June 24...Happy Birthday!!!

Thurza Hayes...Happy Birthday Grandma/Great Grandma Hayes. We sure hope you have a great day. Love, John, Karly, Lilli and Iris.

Great-Grandma Thurza Hayes...Happy 95th Birthday Great-Grandma Thurza!! What an incredible milestone! We love you so much! Hope you have an amazing day! Love, Tommy, Katie, Adalyn, Jameson, and Wit

Thurza Hayes...Happy 95th Birthday, Mom, Grandma, Great-Grandma! We love you! Love, Charlene; John, Karly, Lilliana & Iris; Jane, Charles, Eli & Ava Thurza Rae; Tommy, Katie, Adalyn, Jameson & Wit.

Camden Newton...Happy 12th Birthday! From Mom, Dad, Declan & Nova.

Jessica Perrault...Happy Birthday Jessica! Love Mom and Dad.

June 23...Happy Birthday!!!

Lexi Côté...Happy 21st birthday Lexi! Have an awesome day love mom, dad and your family! Celebrate next weekend! (WINNER)

Dianne Janzen...Happy birthday Dianne from all your kids, grandkids, family and friends.

June 22...Happy Birthday!!!

Braelyn Irwin...Happy 15th Birthday, Braelyn! Love Auntie Jessie, Uncle Jeremy, Emberlyn and Mhyer. (WINNER)

Braelyn Irwin...Happy Birthday Braelyn! Love Grandma Sheryl and Grandpa Dana.

Bryden Schultz...Happy Birthday Bryden! Love mom, dad and Paisley.

Kevin May...Happy Birthday Uncle Kev. Love Mel, Riley, Sawyer, Maverick and Grandma Lil. (WINNER)

June 20...Happy Birthday!!!

Bentley Rogers...Happy Birthday Bean! Love from gramma & Grampa Hunter. (WINNER)

Jody Peters...Happy birthday Jody. We hope you have an amazing day. We love you. (WINNER)

Brandy Vaughan...Sending the biggest and warmest birthday wishes to an amazing women. Happy birthday! love coming from Travis, Wyatt, Storm, Marshal and Lexi.

Brandy...Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day. Happy birthday!

Teagan Palaschak...Happy 12th Birthday Teagan!! Hope you have a great day!! We love you to the moon and back!! Love: Mom, Dad, Alex and Raeleigh.

Marie-Ann MacIsaac...Happy birthday love from Rick Wendy and families.

June 19...Happy Birthday!!!

Shakira Waker...Happy birthday my sweetheart!! You are growing up way to fast ! You are a very special person and very intelligent and going to go far !! God bless you !! Love mom 💕 And dad

Julie Froese...Happy Birthday Julie. From all your family and friends out in Herbert.

Fay Olson...Happy birthday Mom/Grandma. We love you and wish you many more. Love Nicholas, Janet and Richard.

June 18...Happy Birthday!!!

Patience Dyck...I want to wish my girlfriend Patience Dyck a very happy birthday. I hope you have a great day! And I love you so much!

June 17...Happy Birthday!!!

Tara Lee...Happy Birthday Tara! Have a great Day and best weekend in Weyburn! (WINNER X2)

Tara Lee...Happy birthday to the best wife/mom EVER! Love Cory, Charlie and Ellie.

Jason Lowenberger...Wish our son Jason a Big Happy Birthday. All our love and best wishes Mom & Dad.

Madison Langen...Happy 8th Birthday Madison! Love, Mom, Dad & Grayson.

June 16...Happy Birthday!!!

Marshall Lowe...Happy birthday to Marshall who is a hard worker, who loves anything mechanical and farm related and who can visit with anyone anywhere! Have the best year ever! (WINNER X2)

Marshall Lowe...Happy Birthday Marshall, Hope you have a great day!!Love you Memere & Pappa.

June 15...Happy Birthday!!!

Melissa Turner Millar...Happy Birthday From all your Millar relatives!! (WINNER X2)

June 14...Happy Birthday!!!

Trudy Schlamp...Happy birthday to my loving wife Trudy. Have a great day lots of love from Jeff, Luke, Jason, Jaydyn and Brooke. (WINNER X2)

June 13...Happy Birthday!!!

Grayson Collier...Happy Birthday Grayson! Love Mom, Dad, Alexa & Ashton. (WINNER)

Michelle Anderson...Like to wish Michelle a happy birthday from Jaxon, Keegan and Rob hope you have a great day and we love you lots. (WINNER)

June 11...Happy Birthday!!!

John Chisholm...Happy birthday dad, love Donna, Jonathan, and Meghan

Mhyer Fritz-Irwin...Happy 9th Birthday, Mhyer! Love Mom, Dad, Emberlyn, and Voldemort!

Mhyer Fritz-Irwin...Happy Birthday, Mhyer! Love Grandma Sheryl, Grandpa Dana, Uncle Josh, and Braelyn.

June 10...Happy Birthday!!!

Nelson Slusar...Happy birthday (WINNER)

Linda Weinbender...Happy Birthday Grandma and mom! Have a great day and weekend! Love Jace, Ashton, Carter, Lindsey and Dave.

Linda Weinbender...Happy Birthday dear friend. Love Rob and Nancy.

Kamryn Kozun...Happy Birthday, from Dad, Mom and Kolton. (WINNER)

Emmersyn Wolfe...Have a great Birthday to our grand dau

fun day with your friends and family - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley.

Jenna Lowe...Happy 13th Birthday Jenna, Love Mom & Dad, Cassandra, Zeus, Zara and Winnie.

Teresa Ruf...Happy Birthday Teresa from all the Family especially Swayer and Brett.

June 9...Happy Birthday!!!

You are so kind, caring and supportive. Grandma and Grandpa love you forever! Lilah Regier...Happy 10th Birthday Lilah - hope you have a

Leah Cloutier... Happy birthday (WINNER X2)

Ryder Woods...Happy birthday to grandson Ryder from Nana and Papa and Izzy.

Ryder Woods...Happy birthday Ryder! Hope you have a great day! Love Uncle, Auntie, Farrah, Emerson & Nelly!

Anniversary Announcements

Click here to see Birthday Announcements

March 6...Happy Anniversary!!!

Gary and Melissa Whalen...Happy Anniversary Gary and Melissa. Here's to many more.

March 1...Happy Anniversary!!!

Robert & Barb Klassen...Happy 54th Anniversary Robert & Barb - have a wonderful day together and many more years of health & happiness - Stan & Shirley

Robert & Barbara Klassen...Happy 54th Anniversary to Robert & Barbara Klassen!! Have a great day and a wishing you many more years of happiness together! From: Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen

February 10...Happy Anniversary!!!

Jennifer and Darcy Prychak...Happy Anniversary - May you enjoy many more wonderful years together.

December 30..Happy Anniversary!!!

Harv & Bev Schulz...Happy 50th Anniversary to Harv & Bev Schulz ! We are all looking forward to celebrating both of you today ! We love you, Mom&Dad ! Love, Jen&Terris, Rahimay(Ra-may)and Rohan(Ro-an) , Curtis&Cecelia , Ava, Kade and Jace , Curtis&Michelle , Mikayla, Jake, Carter and Charlotte .

December 20..Happy Anniversary!!!

Terris and Jennifer Priebe...Wishing Jen & Terris Priebe a Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary ! Wishing you both the most love, happiness and laughter for years to come !!! We love you ! Love, Rohan, Rahimay , Mom&Dad , Curtis &Cecelia, Ava, Jace and Kade , Curtis&Michelle, Mikayla,Jake, Carter and Charlotte .

November 9..Happy Anniversary!!!

Ernest and Helen...Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad, love your family

October 24..Happy Anniversary!!!

Kim & Nick Giesbrecht...Happy anniversary Love mom & dad

Sept 21...Happy Anniversary!!!

Ryan...Thank you for the best 3 years of my life, and looking forward too many more!!

Sept 7...Happy Anniversary!!!

Joe & Lynne Unger...Happy Anniversary Joe & Lynne - wishing you a wonderful year ahead - from all your “group” of friends

Sept 6...Happy Anniversary!!!

Wayne and Gayle klassen...Happy anniversary from Jeremy ,Kim , Gunnar and Jaxon

Bart and Shantel Blanke...Happy Anniversary to Bart and Shantel Blanke. Hope you enjoy your day. Love and best wishes from Your family

Aug 31...Happy Anniversary!!!

Todd & Nicole Tumback...Happy Anniversary Todd & Nicole - wishing you a wonderful day and a fun year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

Duane and Melissa Reimer...Happy 13th Anniversary Duane and Melissa Reimer. Lots of Love from Mom, Angela and Clarence.

Aug 25..Happy Anniversary!!!

Chris & Cass Penner...Happy 4th anniversary Chris and Cass Love from mom and dad

Aug 23..Happy Anniversary!!!

Dave & Lindsey Munro...Happy Anniversary Dave & Lindsey! congratulations and cheers to 19 years!! Luv Mom & Dad.

Aug 15..Happy Anniversary!!!

Kendra and Cody Kendall...Happy Anniversary to these two A great couple with great children love ya mom and dad Kendall.

Aug 11..Happy Anniversary!!!

Tana and Dustin Auseth...Happy 15th anniversary! Enjoy your get away! Love uncle David and Auntie Leann and the rest of the Côté clan 🤗😘

Aug 2..Happy Anniversary!!!

Janet Friesen...Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife Janet. Love you lunkhead husband, Richard.

July 20...Happy Anniversary!!!

Sam & Linda Zanidean...Happy 54th Anniversary Sam & Linda - enjoy your special day and wishing you many more years together - Stan & Shirley.

July 14...Happy Anniversary!!!

Lloyd & Lena Cowan...Happy 61st Anniversary to Lloyd & Lena Cowan!! Have a great day! From: Leonard, Sheila & Danelle Klassen.

July 8...Happy Anniversary!!!

Cindy & Will Lowe...Happy 22nd wedding anniversary, Wishing you many more years of happiness.

Joe & Lynne Unger...Happy Anniversary Joe & Lynne - wishing you a wonderful day and a great year ahead - from “our group” of friends

July 6...Happy Anniversary!!!

Darrald & Lenni Zanidean...Happy 31st Anniversary Darrald & Lenni - wishing you a wonderful day together and much happiness in the year ahead - Uncle Stan & Auntie Shirley

June 17...Happy Anniversary!!!

Donna & Clifton Emms...Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Cliff & Donna Emms. Wishing you both a wonderful day and many more years of Health & Happiness. From, Dorothy, Larry, Lenni, Mike, Aurelia, Aurora, Aria, Kody, Laura and Avery.

Len and hollyWaker...Happy anniversary my darling Lenny ! Love you so much !! 💋 xoxo