The tea-house over at Docs Town in Kinetic Park is open for business for the summer and has been a big success so far.

Especially last weekend, with all the events taking place in the park, they saw a constant stream of folks seeking reprieve from the heat of the sun, as well as a refreshing treat to pick them up before heading back outside.

Barbara Lindsay, the supervisor for the tea-house, was managing the store's influx of activity during the weekend.

"We've had a few events taking place this last weekend," commented Lindsay. "So yeah, we we've been fairly busy."

Lindsay says the biggest items that get sold, outside of the various teas that they offer, would have to be the Saskatoon berry pie and the flapper pie.

"Flapper pie is my favourite," said Lindsay. "It's one of the first pies to go, aside from the Saskatoon pies."

As far as their teas go, they are a staple of the tea house of course, but in the hotter weather for the summer the king is of course iced tea. Folks last Sunday alone had packed the dining room of the tea house to stop and cool down with a tall, cold, sweet glass of the summertime classic.

"Yes, we're getting all sorts of ages coming through," remarked Lindsay. "It's been quite a success this summer."

For folks who really love the setting, the tea-house is available as a private venue for functions and events. The whole of Docs Town is set up the same way it would have been in the 1920s, lending a nostalgic, feeling to anything taking place in the town.

In a given weekend, the tea-house will serve a minimum of 100 people. If you're new in town and looking for a great way to experience a uniquely Swift Current venue, be sure to head out to the Docs Town tea-house this summer.