Author: GWR Ag Network
The Canadian Cattlemen's Association is pleased with the country's new feed ban.  Earlier this week the federal government announced, beginning July 2007, specified risk materials will have to be removed from all livestock feed, pet food, and fertilizers.  Vice President Brad Wildeman does have a concern in regards with harmonization with the U.S., noting it would have been nice to see both countries announce similar bans at the same time.
He says this would avoid any potential trade issue down the road.  Wildeman is also concerned about the impact the new rules will have on smaller slaughter operations which may not have the capability to segregate S.R.M.'s like larger plants do.   He hopes the combination of the $80 million in transitional funding provided in the announcement, and the extra 6 month phase in period will help lessen the impact.   The new feed ban will come into force in July of 2007, with a phase in period of one year following for regulated parties.   An additional 6 months will be provided to smaller operations.