A Saskatoon-based business, SaskAmper, has paired up with Saskatchewan Parks to create a unique apparel line. 

Folks can now show off their love for the province’s diverse terrain by wearing a bunny hug or t-shirt.  

Mike Roth, executive director of Park Management Services with SaskParks, said they launched the sales on Monday.  

“We're super excited to have this partnership with SaskAmper,” he said. “And collaborate on creating this unique brand to represent Saskatchewan Parks. Everybody can wear their pride and their passion for Saskatchewan Parks on their sleeve.” 

Available in various colours and sizes, the clothing all features a design which incorporates aspects and elements of the province’s diversity, such as sparkling lakes, abundant wildlife, and boreal forests.  

This is the first co-design the teams have done with each other and will be available for a year. Roth said that if things go well, they’d be excited to explore other ideas with each other in the future.  

“We tossed around a bunch of different ideas,” he added. “What we were really looking for is something that represented Saskatchewan provincial parks. You know, when you go out to a park, you mean you'll see those beautiful lakes and those beautiful forests and the wildlife. What we've come up with, I think expresses that.” 

Folks can order the limited-edition pieces through SaskParks’ website, with all proceeds from the sales going right back into parks around the province.