Great Plains College is taking the next step in the development of its first residence.

The college recently applied to the City of Swift Current for a discretionary use at 45 Sidney Street East to allow for the former commercial property to be renovated into a 12-unit residence.

The vacant building is currently zoned under the transitional district, requiring approval for any more than five boarders.

"The applicant is proposing to renovate both floors of the building to create 12 boarding rooms for student residences along with shared kitchens, washrooms, laundry, and leisure areas," said Kathy Dand, the development officer for Swift Current. "Parking will be accommodated onsite as well as the college's parking lot at 277 1st Avenue Northeast."

Swift Current's zoning bylaw set in 2014 for discretionary use calls for a three-step process including city council's decision.

"The suitability of the proposed development will be reviewed by the planning division, other City departments, and external agencies," she said. "The application to consider discretionary use approval will also require additional procedures to allow consultation with the general public."

Public notice will be mailed to property owners within a 75-metre radius of the site informing them city council is considering the application. This will also be advertised in two editions of the Southwest Booster and posted on the City's website.

A public hearing will be held on July 22 during city council and on August 19 council will make their decision.