Wide open skies, fresh summer air, and incredible live music—the recipe for the Long Days Night Music Festival. 

Returning to the big hill on June 22, the folks with Blenders Events are excited to celebrate the four longest days of the year with folks in Swift Current.  

Amanda Girardin, executive director for the organization, said they’re now switching gears from their concert series at the Lyric Theatre, to their annual summer shows at their outdoor venue. 

“We’ll be needing [volunteers] right up until the festival,” she said. "If people want to volunteer for either Windscape or Long Days Night, we've got a ton of jobs, a whole variety of things. Whether you like to work with kids, maybe you prefer a sit-down job, you might like kind of a behind the scenes action job—we've got something for everybody.” 

Volunteering for the festivities doesn’t necessarily mean an eight-hour shift, according to Girardin. There are opportunities for folks to help for four hours in the mornings or afternoons; any help is appreciated by the team. 

Without the help of generous and hard-working volunteers, the Long Days Night festival wouldn’t be able to bring their fantastic lineups like this one.  

Kicking things off on the evening of June 22 is Arcana Kings with Garret T. Willie. Doors to the tent will open at 7 p.m., and the tunes will start playing an hour later.  

The Royal Foundry and Harehound rock the stage on Friday night, getting started a bit later in the evening than the preceding night; folks can find their dancing spot at 8 p.m., and start showing off their moves when the music starts at 9 p.m. 

Saturday’s headliner is Begonia, Winnipeg artist that Girardin predicts to be talk of the town for a long time to come. Joining her on the 24 is Robin Cisek, with the same time schedule as Friday.  

Wrapping up the weekend on Sunday is Mariel Buckley with a toe-tapping country-folk style. Entry for the last night opens up at 7 p.m.

To volunteer throughout Windscape Kite Festival and Long Days Night click here. To snag your tickets for one of these shows, click here.