Freezing rain recently passed through the southwest, causing extremely dangerous driving conditions that led to highways closing in the area. 

As of this morning, highways are open again, though the province is still not recommending travel with reports of ice and drifting snow.

Highway 1 from Carmichael to Mortlach, travel is not recommended. 

Highway 4 from Cadillac to Elrose, travel is not recommended. 

From Gull Lake to Shaunavon on 37, winter conditions exist, and visibility is reduced. 

Between Morse and Hodgeville on the 19, as well as 363 from Neidpath to Shamrock, travel is not recommended, and visibility is reduced. 

highway_hotline_swiftcurrentHighway Hotline snapshot of Swift Current and surrounding area as of 6:00 a.m.

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